What products to buy in Turkey

Each country has some unique interesting products or dishes that are definitely worth trying. Below I will give a list of products that I really liked in terms of composition and taste. Just make a reservation that there are much more specialties in Turkey, just not everything is to my taste;) And some of them I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

So, what do I recommend to buy in stores in Turkey:

1. Nut / seed pastes. I choose those that contain only a nut, or massimum, with a little salt added. Nothing else.

FitNut Fıstık Ezmesi (I bought it with an orange and blue lid).

It’s peanut butter. Orange-smooth, blue-with pieces of nuts.

Ladin Organics.

A variety of nut pastes with an ideal composition.


A very popular and large company in Turkey. Even when I was in Moscow on Ozon, I ordered their tahini, pekmez and the most delicious is a mix of tahini and pekmez.

Pekmez is the condensed juice of berries/fruits. In this case, no added sugar. It should be without added sugar, but many manufacturers sin.

And this is a super healthy nutella in Turkish. Tahini+hazelnut paste+pekmez = very tasty!

2. Young brine cheese (from cow’s, goat’s, sheep’s milk or their mix).

I liked these:

Tahsildaroğlu Ezine Peyniri (this is goat, very tasty) Altınkılıç Ezine Tam Yağlı Inek Peyniri (this is cow, also good) Doğruluk Truva Ezine Koyun Peyniri (mmm, sheep)

There was another very delicious cheese, but I forgot to take a picture of it, and I didn’t remember the name by heart. It was sold in the store A101, in a package with a black design, and it was written something like VIP or elite))

3. Thick Greek type yogurt.

Yörükoğlu Süzme Yoğurt

4. Tea! In Turkey, just awesome black tea. Not all of it, of course, but overall the quality is super. When I first tried it, I realized that I had already forgotten what a regular black tea should taste like…

I liked Doğuş Filiz Çayı the most

5. Pomegranate sauce (condensed pomegranate juice, should be without sugar!)

is good – Fersan %100 Nar Ekşisi. This brand of apple cider vinegar is still super!

6. Hummus Tat Humus

Probably, this is the only ready-made hummus, which does not contain any preservatives and incomprehensible additives. Even lemon juice, as it should be, and not citric acid, as it is usually put. 7. Sarı Leblebi-chickpea crunches.

A very cool non-harmful snack, it is made by many different companies. It happens without additives and with salt. You can take any manufacturer, I did not notice the difference.

8. Cantire Organik Yulaf Ezmesi

Delicious long-cooked oatmeal.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that I specify both the brand and the variety of a particular product, plus I attach a photo so that you do not make a mistake and buy exactly what I mean;)

Yellow curry paste Aroy-D, Thai Agri Food Plc.

I love this curry paste. First, the good stuff:

Second of all, amazing taste. Fragrant, spicy and not very spicy, unlike other toothpastes in the lineup. This allows you to adjust the sharpness of the dishes, adding chili pepper separately.

Use it for cooking various soups (pumpkin-carrot curry soup coconut milk, carrot curry soup with cilantro and lemon) and main dishes. My recipes often found in yellow curry, just refers to the paste or dry spice curry Madras. But the pasta is always fragrant powder, so would highly recommend her, but in hot dishes!

Oat milk, Probios, Italy

I have a favourite oat milk Granaroloand that I liked another from the company Probios, the Italian is also, it should be noted. It is an excellent composition, pleasant taste and consistency. Not settles to the bottom of a Cup of coffee and does not break down into flakes, smells good.

The company Probios produces organic food for people with special health (gluten free, lactose intolerant) and vegans. Of course, all this is suitable for anyone who just wants to diversify your diet. And they, as it turned out, doing all sorts of everyday things for the home.

Also found this drink (composition and nutritional value of the same) here in this package:

I will read the history and values of the company on their website (can watch here). I immediately wanted to try other products such a responsible manufacturer.

Also a good oatmeal milk here.

My recipe of oat milk here.

Recipes in which oatmeal without milk will not do: matcha/match latte, mango Lassi with coconut milk and lime.

Coconut yogurt The coconut collaborative

This is the most delicious coconut yogurt in the world! Amazing! You should try not to eat all this huge jar for 1 time)))

The composition on the photos below, it’s OK:

In addition, the company is socially responsible, which I respect.

P. S. In Russia, they are not yet available. Where can you buy these yogurts are specifically indicated on the manufacturer’s website.

Rice milk, Probios, Italy

This is the first rice milk, which I recommend because it is really nice neutral taste, not too sweet) and perfect homogeneous consistency. The composition is great, plus it is enriched with calcium as well.

This is the second milk from Probios, which I liked. About their oat milk wrote a detailed post here.

I will try another of their products. I think that to me most likely something else like it))

Pasta spaghetti Fleur Alpine

UPD. Unfortunately, this type of pasta (spaghetti) was removed from production, but other varieties remained, and they taste good too.

In fact, the Italian company Fleur Alpine organic specializiruetsya on children’s nutrition, but some products for adults they also have, and I want to tell you about pasta. She told me sooooo much!

First, the taste. Direct wheat of excellent aromatic flavor. The dishes are excellent. Secondly, how it behaves in the dish: never fall apart, even if you digested, and not glued into a single biomass. Recommend!

Turkish chickpeas Polezzno

This is the most delicious chickpeas, which I bought in Moscow. Great quality product, Nutini large and clean. It turns out the hummus with the perfect consistency, falafel turns fragrant and juicy. Direct would highly recommend!

The only downside is the relatively high price.