appeal to restaurateurs

I had an appeal to restaurateurs here. I don’t know how this information will get to them, but I’ll try 🙂


I used to laugh at those who made up the ratings of the high cost of water in restaurants, but now I’m just shocked by some places (I didn’t put them up in the story). Water should be available to people, it is a necessity for the body. This should not be a source of income. Author’s drinks, rare teas, etc. – yes, but not a simple bottle of water. I can roughly imagine what wholesale purchase prices are now, and a light mark-up from above is ok, but without overkill, comrades. It’s funny that the staggering prices were for completely banal water, not some super expensive exclusive. My suggestion in the menu is to include water of different price categories or offer budget/free simply filtered water.


I am still in favor of the fact that some manipulations on myself were private. For example: combing, correcting makeup, using dental floss, and so on. But today I got to a place (it’s not in the stories either) where there are no doors to the restroom, everything is perfectly visible from the restaurant hall. That is, it is most uncomfortable to be there, and watching others is not too appetizing)))

My suggestion is still to make the restroom more intimate. And ideally, at least do mini sinks in the booths themselves. Because I, as a person with experience wearing braces, can say that in the common room, especially if he brushes his teeth (and this is a necessity), it is very uncomfortable.

And also remove the stinky soap, otherwise eat later, but the smell interferes, and do not put the flavors on spraying every minute so that people do not smell with this composition all day…

In general, I have a million suggestions for improving not only toilets))) But that’s enough for now. This is the most pressing thing I’ve noticed in recent days.

PS The photo is just beautiful and aquatic, like the theme of the post. This is the source of the “Blue Eyes” in Alabnia.

Montenegro, my wintering experience

I am writing a post that would be useful to me before I decided to try wintering in Montenegro. I’ll even make two posts. This one is about all sorts of life hacks and nuances, and the second one is about food, shops and restaurants.

General information about entry:

During the off-season, Russians can stay in Montenegro continuously for up to 30 days, during the season – from April 1 to October 31 – for up to 90 days (it is better to check the exact dates in each particular year on the consulate’s website). Everything is changing.

That is, during the winter, you either need to make a residence permit, or go abroad every 30 days, this is called a visa. I love to travel, so during this winter I traveled from Montenegro to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. Also, the locals here offer a service – to leave and enter in one day.

After arriving in the country, according to the law of Montenegro, you must immediately register at the tourist center. They are in every city, there are 3 locations in Tivat. The cost of the service is approximately 1 euro for 1 day of stay in the country. To register, you need a residential address. Everyone is afraid that without this document there may be large fines, but in fact it has never been asked anywhere.

As for the covid topic:

❕For winter 21/22

To enter, you need either a PCR / atigen test, or a certificate of a previous illness or vaccination. It is also better to clarify this information right before arrival.

I don’t observe any special measures, no one goes in masks, only sometimes they ask in grocery stores. Everything is very unobtrusive. In general, in the Balkans you forget that a pandemic has been declared.

If you need to take a test in Montenegro, then I recommend the Moj Lab network of laboratories. A copy of the document is sent to the mail. With a seal, they are handed out if you need it.

About cities:

Before renting an apartment, I had to go all over the coast to figure out where I would like to stay. I have an impression of the cities. I’ll share it, but it’s very subjective, you know.

Bar is a port city. Architecturally featureless, quite large. From here there is a ferry to Bari. But the old town is cute, even though they’re cute everywhere.

Budva is our Sochi. There are a lot of high-rise buildings, a huge Russian-speaking community, in general it seems that there are almost no Montenegrins here. But all the “eyelashes”, “nails” and yoga are here.

The bar and Budva are in the open sea. All subsequent towns are located in the picturesque Bay of Kotor.

Herceg Novi – the spirit of the sanatorium is hovering here. Everything is so cute-dilapidated) This is a multi-level city and therefore full of stairs, that is, you can swing the back of your thighs every day without going to the gym.

Kotor is also on the mountain, and I didn’t quite understand it. It’s like there are just a lot of houses around the old town.

Tivat is my choice. Small, cozy, neat, cute, clean, there is some kind of separate garbage collection. Since a marina for superyachts (Porto Montenegro) has been built here, both the infrastructure and the service are slightly higher than in other cities. In Montenegro there are similar respectable resorts Luštica Bay and Portonovi, but there are very tiny towns. And there is even an airport in Tivat, which is incredibly convenient. There is also a fitness center, medical facilities, playgrounds, a park, a beautiful promenade, a few clothing stores in Porto, restaurants, food shops, small markets. Minus – no cultural program.

Ideally, to have a car here, but even without it it’s OK. Convenient taxi company Red Taxi. You can write to them in Viber, set a time, etc. They go by the counter.

How to choose an apartment

  1. The cutest selection of apartments on Airbnb and Booking. Local sites are clumsy, there are a lot of irrelevant ads. Realtors ignore your request, spamming unsuitable options, plus add their commission to the price. So it’s better to communicate directly with the owners.
  2. Before you rent an apartment for a long time, you should definitely live in it for at least a couple of days to understand how you are there.
  3. In Montenegro, construction sites are prohibited in the season, but out of season (November-May) they bloom in riotous color almost everywhere, so it is better to choose an apartment away from all this so that the noise does not bother.
  4. I recommend renting an apartment that gets maximum sun. I do this everywhere, but in Montenegro it is especially important, since the darkened areas of the apartment are prone to mold. The first floor is not recommended at all, only if there are Underfloor heating, the house is new and renovated.
  5. Heating. I recommend an apartment with several heating sources. For example, electric batteries /underfloor heating and air conditioning. This is in case there are suddenly very cold nights, so as not to freeze for sure. It is also very important to have a heat source in the bathrooms, otherwise it will be a cryo chamber. And another important point is good double–glazed windows. I highly recommend checking this so that there are no defects and no air / sound penetrates anywhere.
  6. Mosquito nets are not needed in winter, all flies are asleep, there are no mosquitoes. In the summer, I think this ppc is relevant.

If I still remember something, I will add it. If you have any questions, ask them, preferably in the comments, so that this information is available to everyone.

Stages of my development in the field of home gastronomy

1. Learn to cook very, very tasty!

At some point, the circumstances developed so that it began to happen as if by itself, from the heart, as they say) in Parallel with the study of the technology of cooking certain products, I studied their properties and effects on the body. Also not on purpose, but very naturally. I was interested in everything about food))

2. Item 1 + is more useful.

At this stage, I tried to make the calorie content of the dishes smaller, and the composition a little more healthy, but not lose the taste. Then I realized very well that fat and sugar are the coolest flavor enhancers. That is, dishes with sugar and / or fatty foods (cheeses, nuts, cream, avocado, butter, etc.) are almost always a success. But try to cook delicious, but with a small number of them, this was a real challenge.

3. Point 2 + compliance with the norms of BZHU (protein, fat, carbohydrates) and consumption of sufficient fiber.

At this stage, I understood the composition of products in terms of macronutrients( BZHU) and began to plan the diet in a balanced way, without skewing carbohydrates or fats, for example. And of course I started using more vegetables and fruits than before. And again, without losing the taste of the dish. The simpler / more useful the product, the more difficult and interesting it is to come up with a delicious dish from it.)

4. Point 3 + compliance with the norms of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

This is my current stage))) I used to brush off texts like ” what a beautiful fruit, it is rich in vitamins such and such…”, I have never delved into such things, but now very much. Example: let’s say I need more vitamin K, and it is in leafy greens, so I try to use it more often. But so that it is not just present in the dish, but coolly complements it.

What happens next? Most interesting))

I wish everyone to eat delicious food and be healthy!

Add a pinch of love

When I cook a meal, I add a pinch of love to each dish. Mentally, of course)) With this ingredient, everything turns out MUCH tastier! And during the meal or after, I express my intention that the meal will be for the good. You can even wish yourself something more specific, such as more energy or health.

It works absolutely, the main thing is to believe in it. Try it;)

And one more moment. Even, oh my God, fast food and alcohol (with adequate moderation) will not be postponed anywhere and, God forgive me, they will not lower any vibrations to you, or even increase if you set yourself up like that. Everything is in your head, in your thoughts, in your hands.

Post about the wrong cheese, champagne, cognac, the lambics

Friends, I have blood from my eyes and ears when I see and hear “Russian Parmesan”, “Russian Camembert”, “Russian champagne”, craft lambic, etc. Now I will tell you why I am very upset about this.

Parmesan has the right to be called only Italian cheese, marked with the DOP quality mark (Denominazione di Origine Protetta — a name protected by Origin). It’s like Cognac, Champagne, lambic, etc.

Similarly with French cheeses. They have an AOC certification-origin authenticity control.

I will not give many examples, but inadequate assignment of original product names occurs often, unfortunately.

I see two problems here – this is misleading people, many of whom do not even know that real Parmesan or champagne tastes different at all, and wild disrespect for the manufacturers of original products. They are made in a certain quality, which is often not available for copying in other territories due to differences in raw materials, water, climate and technology. And if someone still makes a copy, then its lack of quality denigrates the honor of the original product.

Fortunately, in Russia there are companies that make delicious foods and drinks with foreign names, but this is still a different product, and you need to call it a different word. I am for honesty and transparency.

My post may not change the wild naming, but I hope it will encourage you to be more thoughtful about buying products and better understand what you choose for yourself and your family.

Why I don’t want to open my own restaurant

I quite often ask questions on this subject that insanely nice. But I, somehow, have never experienced the enthusiasm for this idea, and so decided to find out why.

It turned out that what:

1. I don’t want to waste it.

I’m at home planning menus and grocery shopping , so nothing to throw out. Even all sorts of seemingly “waste” trying to use very reasonable. The restaurant utilization is inevitable, unfortunately. Even if you work in the concept of “zero waste”, it is still part of the food will not like a client, part of food will screw up cooks, some products can deteriorate for one reason or another, and it even need not to give, and a lot of moments where stuff will have to be destroyed((

2. I don’t want to open a restaurant in the city/country where there is no proper system of waste management at the state level.

Of course, waste from the restaurant – a lot. Unfortunately, if in Moscow to open a restaurant, the appropriate disposal will be made possible only if I organise this process, and this extra costs and quite serious. Starting with staff training this whole concept and organization of waste collection on the spot, ending its subsequent distribution to points of processing. In short, I’m ready to work only where the trash is possible to recycle and not to litter the planet.

3. I don’t want to be a chef.

I’m not a fanatic of cooking, I’m an artist) I worked long and hard to learn how to cook a particular product, try 100500 different ways to pick a set of spices for a recipe or perfect a cooking technique until you achieve what I like. But daily herachit in the kitchen in the restaurant so fast – OMG, no way))) And looking for a man that can and wants to cook as I say is the whole story. But to give guests dishes that are made is not my style, don’t see the point.

4. The price was too high.

Given that I plan to choose for your restaurant only the best quality products, not quite budget household chemicals that does not harm the environment (or almost never hurts), to properly dispose of garbage and to implement other my perfectionist troubles, the price of food will be prohibitive.

So obviously my restaurant is not about business, at least if we talk about present time and Moscow. But if all of a sudden works out and I will be available to excellent products, I will meet people who are with me on the same wavelength and share my aspirations, why YES!)

And while I am sharing my experience here so all interested could make at home “own a restaurant” like I do;)

How to search for posts on the website

The search differs slightly from the search in the “search engines”. If Google/Yandex you can afford to write a misspelled word, in any case, etc., and results are likely to be relevant in standard search on the website this trick will not work: here the system searches for exactly what you entered.

So to find all posts with a particular keyword, I recommend typing it in the search box without the ending. For example: instead of “strawberry” or “strawberry” to write “straw”;)

Thought of the day

Made me another loaf. Now for me it’s business as usual, and early to bake homemade soda bread was event for me and a huge achievement.

It really is now a great achievement and not something taken for granted, just getting the skills and life experience of perception and the value of the same events change.

I’m sure it happens at all. So often remember the joy of first successes, recognize your personal progress and always evolving;)

Sweet pepper, which tastes better

Finally I tried them all together and I can responsibly say that orange is the sweetest, and green is the most bitter. This of course depends on the variety and heaps of other factors, but globally so;)

My favorite apples

I decided to determine my Apple preferences. I bought all the varieties of apples that were available and arranged a comparative tasting.

Of these nine, my favorite was the variety Fuji, and in second place Pink lady even though I thought I loved Granny Smith and Golden Delicious the whole way. Maybe these specific apples are not an indicator, but the experiment is interesting) one thing I can say for sure is that for an objective result, you need to compare taste sensations simultaneously, and not at different times. Tastings are definitely not invented in vain)