Matcha latte (hot and cold options)

Matcha is the only green tea I dearly love. Of course, such tea requires ceremony and traditional use (brewing with warm water and whipping with a whisk), but many like to drink it with milk. I also like matcha latte, although the taste of tea is killed.

In general, the traditional recipe is basically the same everywhere you can google it, and lattes do everything in their own way. By trial I formed a simple but very tasty recipe.


* 0.75 tsp. matcha tea (half a spoonful is small, and the whole is strong),

* 50 ml. water, heated to 70C,

* 50 ml concentrated coconut milk (I like it best with Foco),

* 100 ml oat milk,

* Optional sweetener (best suited Jerusalem artichoke syrup).

Vegetable milk can also be taken in the following variants:

* 75 ml coconut milk + 75 ml water,

* 75ml Cedar milk + 75 ml of water.

The hot option:

1. Boil water to 70 C, No More, otherwise the tea will be bitter. If you do not have a thermometer on the kettle, just open it and let it stand for 20 minutes.

2. in a saucepan, heat coconut and oat milk to 70 C. If there is no thermometer, I touch it with my hand. Fleetingly with the edge of a finger – it should be warm, but not scalding.

3. Take a cup in which it will be convenient to whip tea (I have a wide and rather deep Cup), and pour tea there, I recommend doing this through a fine strainer so that there are no lumps in the drink. Next, pour 50 ml of warm water into a cup and whisk the tea until smooth and frothy. It does not necessarily need a special whisk, any that is convenient for you will do. Mechanical or electrical.

4. while the tea was being whipped, the milk was already hot. You can just pour it into the tea, stir and enjoy. But I still love foam, so I pour hot milk into a blender and whisk it at maximum speed for 1 minute, and only then pour it into a cup of tea. It turns out just a buzz! If desired, you can put a sweetener.

Express version (taste slightly different from long version): just heat the water and milk, put all the ingredients in a blender and whisk for 1 minute. Done)

The cold version:

The first step in the “hot version” is brewing tea. Heat the water to 70C, beat the tea with water, as described above. Then add cold milk, whisk all together until frothy. If desired, you can put a sweetener. Then pour the latte into a glass, add ice, let it cool a little, done!

I make ice from vegetable milk (wrote about it hereI recommend putting half of the ice from oat milk, half of the usual-from water. So that by the end of the match your drink is not too watery.

PS I highly recommend drinking tea without sweeteners. If the tea is quality, and the milk is delicious (mine oatmeal coconut has already indicated above), the water is good (without foreign odors), then the tea turns out very tasty and so. But if you still like sweeter, you can add a sweetener at the stage of whipping tea.