Shakshuka of my dreams with goat cheese

I love shakshuka and I tried it in different places in different recipes. In the end, I have formed a very clear understanding of what needs to be shakshuka of my dreams) I love to do it with lots of vegetables (traditionally with tomatoes and onions and roasted sweet peppers), spicy and use a whole bunch of spices for diversity of taste. Served with warm bread and goat cheese, well at the very least simply with curd. It’s so delicious!

My recipe is a bit complex, but I describe a more simple version of it, so don’t be alarmed and definitely try to prepare.

Ingredients for shakshuka (serves 4):

• 8 chicken eggs or to taste,

• 800 g (2 cans) tomatoes in own juice/tomatoes Pilati, or 6-7 large fresh tomatoes

• 2 PCs. onions medium size,

• 2 pieces sweet red pepper (take large fleshy),

• 2-4 pieces hot chili pepper (depends on the variety of pepper or your love of spiciness), can be replaced by 0.5-2 tsp. ground dry chili pepper.

• 6 cloves of garlic,

• 2 tbsp tomato paste (optional to enhance the tomato flavor),

• 2 tbsp of sweetener (I have Jerusalem artichoke syrup),

• 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar (it’s not for acid, but for the taste, it is not necessary to substitute other types of vinegar),

• 2 tsp ground paprika,

• 0,5-1 teaspoon smoked paprika (optional, try first to do without, and then with paprika),

• 1 teaspoon of ground cumin,

• 1 tsp ground coriander,

• 1 tsp oregano/marjoram,

• 0.5 tsp. cumin,

• 0.5 teaspoon of turmeric,

• 2 Bay leaves,

• 2 gvozdichki,

• Salt and black pepper to taste.

Ingredients for serving:

• Goat cheese to taste (you can substitute cottage cheese, cheese, feta),

• Bread/pita (preferably freshly baked, or heated in the oven),

• Herbs (parsley, cilantro, chives, mint), I like a little bit of everything to add

• Olive oil to sprinkle on top (optional).

Also it can be very helpful in hummus, the babaganoush was or grilled eggplant with garlic, you get a very satisfying Breakfast or even lunch, and maybe dinner;)

How to do:

I recommend doing sosus to shakshuk for the future. Some days he just lie down in the refrigerator, it can freeze and then just heat, beat in your eggs and enjoy.

1. The first thing you need to roast a pepper. My it cut in half, remove the seeds and again opolaskivaniem to accurately remove all unnecessary. Put on a baking sheet cut down. Bake at 200 C to a strong tan markings. Then remove the pepper in an airtight container, allow to cool. While it cools, make shakshuka on, and then come back to it, remove the skin and cut the flesh in small dice.

I baked the pepper and not just put it to obzhivatjsya with a bow for two reasons: so the dish won’t be tough pepper skin from the grilled peppers taste so much richer and more interesting. If you lazy to bother, then skip this paragraph and go directly to step 2.

2. Now prepare all the other ingredients. Onion peel and cut into small dice, chili pepper clean away the veins and seeds, the garlic, peel and punch in a blender along with red chilli in the paste. If blender will not cope, add a bit of tomato. If no blender, then finely chop the pepper, and the garlic through a garlic crusher.

If you decided not to roast sweet peppers, then wash it well from extra cleaned, cut into small-small cubes and fry together with the onion (see p. 3).

3. On a small amount of vegetable oil fry the onion with the Bay leaf and cloves to a caramel shade. It should not be burnt, but cooked should not be, so do everything on medium heat, do not hurry.

4. Then take out the cloves and throw out, and to the onions add the tomato, garlic, chili, cumin, coriander, cumin, turmeric and fry while stirring until the appearance of a garlic flavor (about 30 seconds), then add to the roasted peppers and tomatoes. Stir and tormented over medium heat stirring occasionally until the sauce is well thickened (about 20 minutes, maybe more).

5. When the sauce is ready, take out a Bay leaf and stock, and add the remaining spices (paprika, oregano, salt, pepper, Apple cider vinegar and sweetener). Try and balance the taste that was sharp enough to your taste, spicy and definitely not sour. Should be so delicious that you’ll want to eat the sauce already in this form. If so, then he is ready.

Important. Keep in mind that cheese and eggs slightly soften the taste, so it needs to be a little too much.

6. Make sauce of deepening and break them on the egg without damaging the egg yolk. Can leave it as is, or stir in a little protein to the sauce, and the yolk mix if you like. I love the whole yolk and stir with the sauce for a protein. Cook eggs on medium heat until whitening of the protein, the yolk should remain liquid. I recommend to cover the pan to make it happen faster.

Important. If you use cheese or hard cheese, then cut it into cubes and fold into the sauce, and then break in your eggs.

7. Serve shakshuka, posypav chopped herbs and a sprinkle of fragrant olive oil with a spoonful of cottage cheese goat cheese and warm bread. There are highly recommend by hand(!). Take a piece of bread and it as a spoon to scoop the egg with a spicy sauce and cheese. Just fly away!

Smoky roasted red pepper and garlic Hummus

Another hummus recipe in my collection. I was trying to make something new out of my favorite hummus with baked garlic, and it turned out to be an awesome paprika hummus))

The cooking process is exactly the same as the classicone, only the ingredients have changed:

• 200 gr. cooked chickpeas (how to cook chickpeas wrote here),

• 2 baked sweet pepper skinless (take any other than green, he’s bitter),

• 2 heads of roasted garlic (at your wieluniu can add fresh garlic, but for my taste he is going to interfere with its rich aroma),

• 2-3 tbsp tahini,

• 2 tbsp olive oil,

* 3-4 tbsp lemon juice (you can replace half of the juice with apple or wine vinegar)

• * 1 tsp coriander,

* 0.5 tsp cumin,

* 0.5 tsp smoked sweet paprika (without it, too, super tasty, try both options),

• Pinch of cayenne chili pepper,

* Salt/pepper to taste.

How to bake pepper and garlic.

Wash the peppers, get rid of all the excess, cut in half, put the skin up and on the grill mode in the oven until the skin is charred. We take it out, put it in an airtight container, let it cool down and then easily and easily remove the skin.

And I bake garlic like this: my head, cut off a little peel from above perpendicular to the slices, wrap in foil, spread on a baking sheet and bake at 180C for about 30-40 minutes. Then I simply squeeze out the baked garlic cloves through the previously made slices. This garlic is perfectly stored in the refrigerator for a week exactly, that is, you can bake it for several dishes at once.

It is delicious to eat in its purest form with vegetables and pita chips (put the pita in the oven until it crunches and breaks), even tastier with tahini sauce, you can spread it on crispy toast and top with goat cheese and dried tomatoes, in pasta and salad as a sauce, in bowls.

With sweet hummus (with carrots, bell peppers and pumpkin) I love to make such a shawarma: smear the “tanned” side of the pita bread with hummus, throw mushrooms on top, fried with onion, garlic and soy sauce (or baked with soy sauce and garlic and onion powders), a little goat curd cheese, coriander greens, a little mint and parsley. You can also put a pickled red onion. Wrap tightly, fry in a dry pan. It turns out VERY tasty!!!

Tomato soup with roasted peppers and chorizo

Coolest tomato soup and peppers with a secret ingredient. It can be done without the pepper, and feeds him a great multitude – not necessarily with merguez.

Ingredients for soup:

Tomatoes – 1-1.5 kg (1.5 kg if you make the soup without pepper). It is better to take fleshy, such as the variety “plum”, or replace them with Italian tomatoes in their own juice, especially if not the season. You need about 800g-1000g.

The usual onion/leeks – 2 PCs.

Carrot – 100-150g (+optional 1 stick of celery)

Bulgarian pepper – 3 pieces

Chilli – 2pcs (you can substitute 1 tsp. Cayenne pepper)

Garlic – 2 tooth.

Basil – 1 branch (or 1 tbsp dry)

Parsley/onion Zeleny (for submission) – 1 pooch.

Worcestershire sauce (my secret ingredient) – 2st.l.

Balsamic vinegar – 1 tbsp Jerusalem artichoke syrup (optional) – 1 tbsp

Paprika (optional) – 1H.l.

Turmeric (optional) – 1H.l.

Salt/pepper to taste.

For satiety and increase the amount of protein in the dish, you can add a couple of handfuls of white already cooked beans to the soup. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the taste will not be so bright. But don’t worry, it can be balanced by adding a little more spice;)

Ingredients for topping:

Chorizo sausage, or cheese ricotta/“quick Breakfast” in any quantity which you want.

Ingredients for croutons:

Bread, butter (olive or ghee), garlic, parsley.

How to do:

1. Bake sweet pepper.

My peppers, get rid of all the excess, cut in half, place skin up on grill mode in the oven before charring the skins. Take out, put in a sealed container, allow to cool and then easily remove the skin.

While the peppers baked you can manage to do everything else.

2. Preparation of tomatoes.

Tomatoes wash, make the skin cruciform incision, pour boiling water to fully submerged, and after 5 minutes they also peel them. Then cut into arbitrarily and personally I put them in a colander to drain excess moisture.

3. Onion, Chile pepper (seeds removed), celery and carrots wash, peel, cut arbitrarily and fry in the oil for frying (I have MCE) live in a pot for soup (I have 3l. a steel pan) until Golden, then add chopped garlic, stir briefly and once we get the aroma, add sliced tomato, roasted red pepper, Basil leaves and simmer for another 5 minutes.

4. Pushing the soup immersion blender or pour into a bowl and bring it to the desired consistency with water or vegetable/beef broth (to your taste). Personally, I do not add liquid – like thick soup. Now the most interesting – gradually put all the spices and bring the soup to your perfect spice.

Optionally you can add up to 100ml of milk or 10% cream, they will taste a little different. You can try on a small batch of soup as you like.

In the end the soup again, bring to the boil and switch off immediately.

5. Toast. To make French toast (4 slices), chop 1-2 cloves of garlic and a few sprigs of parsley butter. Oil need enough to lightly grease the croutons. Place bread on a baking sheet, and roast in the oven for a few minutes. Ideally, these toast more Parmesan to sprinkle, wheee

Either Express option is to toast the bread in the toaster and while it is hot, brush with garlic butter croutons.

Optionally they can be watered balsamic cream.

6. Chorizo. Cut into rings and fry both sides until it will turn brown. No need to hope that the rings are evenly cooked through if you put them randomly. Better store them properly and rotate one at a time. Drawn from the sausage fat in the soup do not recommend to put, lightly blot it with paper towels.

7. Feed. Soup pour into a bowl, sprinkle chorizo and/or cheese (very tasty this soup is served with a “quick Breakfast” and a small amount of Parmesan cheese), sprinkle with parsley and enjoy the taste of summer!

Salad with quinoa, vegetables, mushrooms and cottage cheese

All of us sometimes too lazy/have no time to cook but want to eat right now and preferably useful. This dish is a tasty and convenient option. Like all without exception, even those who don’t like certain ingredients;)

This salad designer, it can put quite a diverse set of products, so I will describe rather than prescription, and technology and list of ingredients.


Binding: quinoa, sweet tasty tomatoes, ripe avocado, salad mix/spinach, lemon juice/balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground pepper.

Optional: cream cheese/feta/goat cheese, any kind of mushrooms (I usually stir-fry them with the onions until it will turn brown), roasted vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, broccoli, etc.), sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, herbs (especially parsley appropriate here), various nuts and seeds, herbs (Basil, Italian, thyme).


I often make blanks for this salad for a few days, then for 2 minutes to prepare it at any time.

Quinoa is best to cook a little less time (cooking time for each specific type of seeds look on the package), so she definitely kept the form for a few days. This is true more for white quinoa. Inarenou cereal I keep in the fridge up to 3 days. Can mix it with a small amount of vegetable oil, so it does not stick together.

I cook quinoa as directed on the package, since the method of cooking depends on the variety.

But usually so: thoroughly wash barley, soak it for at least 30 minutes or for a few hours, the seeds swelled, and trash spil, and it can be removed with running water. And most importantly, even after a short soaking, the quinoa will taste bitter.

Then fill it with water in a ratio of 1к2, bring to boil and cook under the lid for 10-15 minutes on medium heat. The idea is all the water should soak into the grains, if this has not happened, and the quinoa is tender, simply drain it in a colander.

Vegetables I usually bake a lot. They can always be used in such salads, as a garnish in sandwiches. Recipe baked vegetables wrote here.

Mushrooms also fry a whole pan, because they are also great for many dishes: for Breakfast from eggs, to sandwiches, to pizza, to pasta.


For 1 serving, I usually put half an avocado, a handful of salad mix/spinach, 5 cherry tomatoes, no more than 100g. prepared quinoa 1-2 tbsp mushrooms, cheese, roasted vegetables, greens, sun-dried tomatoes, lemon juice/balsamic. Salt/pepper/nuts/herbs to taste. Oil sometimes do not add if it is enough of roasted vegetables and mushrooms. Mix everything and eat.

And such food can be taken by wrapping the salad in a rice paper in spring rolls. Very happy with it!

Roasted sweet peppers marinated in balsamic vinegar

Just a quick and very tasty!

The perfect side dish, snack or ingredient of pizza, pasta, salads. Not to put down!


6 large sweet peppers (nice if they are different colors)

3 tbsp olive oil,

6 tbsp balsamic vinegar,

4-5 cloves garlic, chopped petals

0.5 tsp. salt or to taste

Twig any herbs to taste (Basil, thyme, oregano) or 1 teaspoon dry.

How to do:

1. My peppers, get rid of all the excess, cut in half, place skin up on grill mode in the oven before charring the skins. Take out, put in a sealed container, allow to cool and then easily remove the skin.

2. Peeled the peppers, tear into 2-4 pieces lengthwise, put in a container with a lid together with all the spices, stir, close and leave overnight or for a day in the fridge. Your peppers are ready!

Chili con carne + vegan options

This is a simple hearty Mexican dish, and it becomes interesting when you pick up your perfect set of spices and serve it correctly.

Doing it is very simple. My recipe is:

1. in oil for frying (I have ghee in a deep frying pan/cauldron/saucepan over medium heat, fry 2 medium onions, 2 sweet peppers, 2-6 Chili Peppers (depending on the sharpness of the particular chili variety), cut into small cubes. From all peppers seeds must be removed.

Important 1. Chili Peppers can be replaced with 1 tsp cayenne pepper. Dry seasoning is much easier to regulate the sharpness, but with fresh peppers it is more flavorful. I recommend when first preparing this dish to add 2 fresh chili peppers and if necessary balance the taste with cayenne pepper. Subsequently, you can already adjust the degree of sharpness to your taste.

Important 2. I fry a little salt, so that the vegetables quickly give their juices and really fry, and do not languish.

2. as soon as the roast has become golden with a light brown, add 3-4 crushed garlic cloves, stir intensively, fry for 30 seconds until a bright garlic flavor and immediately add 500-700 g of ground beef, 1-2 tsp sweet paprika and 1 tsp cayenne pepper (if you use it instead of fresh chili peppers). Mince fry until brown, stirring constantly and breaking lumps.

For the vegan version, immediately after the garlic, go to step 3, and add tomatoes, vegetable broth and all the specified spices.

3. as soon as the minced meat is ready, add 200-300 ml. beef broth, chopped tomatoes (4-5 PCs.), peeled, and 2 tsp. marjoram/oregano. Mix everything, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 5-7 minutes.

Important 1. fresh tomatoes can be replaced with 1 can (400 g) canned in its own juice or tomanoy passata. These are even better to use when not in season.

Important 2. instead of broth, you can put a couple more large tomatoes or even water, but this is a less tasty option.

4. then add 200-300 g of boiled red beans (how to Cook described in recipe lobio).

For the vegan version, you need 2 times more beans, you can use 50/50 red and white for a change.

Important 1. If you are too lazy to cook beans, then you can put frozen beans or washed canned beans (1 can of 400 g), but canned food usually uses a lot of salt and refined sugar. In short, see the composition.

Important 2. at this stage, you can also put corn, if you like (about 200 g, for the vegan version – 300g). Again, fresh, frozen or canned with a normal composition (without sugar).

Mix everything, then cook for 5 minutes, try for spices and add salt, pepper and what is missing. If the tomatoes are very sour, then I put 2-3 tbsp. L. Jerusalem artichoke syrup. With sweetness, tomatoes get a more elegant taste.

Important 3. in chili also put cumin, cinnamon, cumin, even cocoa. You can play with the taste if you like these spices.

The dish can be considered ready, but it can still be cooked depending on what consistency you want. I prefer something between chowder and fried mince. Keep in mind that when cooling, the liquid will evaporate significantly. That is, the next day so much sauce will not be, do not overdo it.

When ready, ideally, let the chili brew, at least 10 minutes, but it tastes better the next day anyway)

5. My ideal serving: put hot chili in portions in bowls, serve homemade tortillas or nachos, sour cream, guacamole, grated cheddar, chopped cilantro and lime slices on a common table.

And here are the three best ways to eat it:

1. Take tortilla. heat it in a dry frying pan, if it is cold, then put the chili in it, on top sour cream, guacamole (the recipe is here), sprinkle with cheese and cilantro, and sprinkle generously with lime. Take a bite of a scalding taco and get into a gastronomic paradise;)))

2. tortilla cut into segments, dry in a frying pan until crispy, you will get nachos chips. On top of a portion of chili spread a little sour cream/guacamolesprinkle with cheese and cilantro, and sprinkle generously with lime. Eat while scooping up the spicy contents of the plate with crispy nachos. High!

3. Eat as a burrito. Chili, a handful of grated cheese, half an avocado, cut into strips, chopped cilantro and a little sour cream wrap in a large tortilla or pita bread. Fry on all sides in a dry frying pan, serve with lime, the juice of which is squeezed out as it bites into the filling. Bon Appetit!

P.S. the recipe for homemade cakes here.

Scrambled eggs Mexican-style

In Mexico there is a buffet Breakfast with eggs – Huevos rancheros.

I studied traditional dishes and came up with my own recipe on the subject. By the way, this is again one of those breakfasts that you can surprise, I guess, even Mexicans)))

Recipe for 2 servings:

1. Chorizo (150-200g), cut into rings and fry on both sides (no butter!) till crust. Catches rings of meat and spread on paper towel to stack excess fat.

2. On the other pan at this time, fry until Golden brown 1 sweet pepper, 2 onions and shallots (optional) 1 chili without seeds and veins, cut into small dice, seasoned with salt, pepper and optionally a pinch of paprika and cumin. Once the vegetables reached the condition, throw them 2 garlic cloves, minced, intensively stir a minute then add the tomato passata (100-150ml.) and fried onion rings chorizo, mix again and pour in the filling 4 eggs, sprinkle with a little grated cheddar. Make a quiet flame and close the lid. Fry until gets to egg white.

3. While preparing the eggs, make the topping. Wash, peel avocado, sprinkle with lime juice (not to dark), cut into slices. 6-8 stems fresh cilantro, remove the leaves and cut coarsely.

4. The finished eggs spread avocado, sprinkle with cilantro, sprinkles of lime, and is served directly in the pan. All the dish you need half a lime.

Phenomenally delicious to serve this dish with a cheese tortilla.

To do so: preheat the pan, put corn tortillas (my recipe here), her 20-50g of cheddar cheese (depends on size of tortillas), cover with second tortilla and fry this design with 2 sides until Golden brown. Cheese may leak out and bake on the edges is OK, and even very tasty. After 2-3 minutes, the tortilla is ready. Take out and cut into segments.


The recipe I invented for myself and sincerely believe that this is the best Taco!)) In order not to get tired of this dish, you need either all of the items below to do at the same time. The main thing to prepare in advance all ingredients and cooking utensils.

Either pre-cook the tortillas and sauces, and the next day the filling for tacos.

Recipe for 8 pieces:

1. The vegetable filling.

1 large onion and 2 bell peppers cleaned of all the excess and chop half rings, season to taste with salt/pepper and sauté on high heat until a strong degree of zagarenski. Transfer to a bowl.

2. Meat filling.

1 large onion and optional 1 chili pepper without seeds and veins, chop finely and fry (can be right in the same pan) until Golden, add 3 crushed garlic cloves and intensively stir until the appearance of a bright garlic flavor, then add 700g of minced beef (I have Black Angus) and cook, occasionally breaking up pieces of meat to a more homogeneous mass. It takes about 5 min.

Then add 200-300 ml tomato puree (I have Italian passata), seasoned with salt, pepper, herbs to taste (I do 1 tbsp oregano, 1 tsp sweet paprika, 0.5 tsp. Cayenne Chile pepper) and simmer for 10 minutes over low heat, until almost complete evaporation of liquid. It is important not to evaporate it all, otherwise the filling will be dry. At the end of the post on top of the 100-200g cheddar cheese or Manchego, stirred, covered the meat with a lid and remove from fire.

3. Tortilla.

Each cake fry on olive oil or on a dry pan with one hand(!) no more than 1 min. She got a little baked. Then very quickly (otherwise it will dry and become very brittle), you need to take any kitchen utensils with a maximum diameter and hang tortillas process to continue on its Board. Then, when the pellet is completely dry and will not lose shape, they can be removed.

4. Sauces. Serve with guacamole, tomato salsa and sour cream/Greek yogurt. The sauce recipes mentioned earlier, can be found here.

5. Assemble the dish. In tortilla, spread a layer of meat filling with melted cheese, then vegetable stuffing, sprinkle with cilantro and serve immediately with a slice of lime and sauces. Very tasty sauces to mix or each new bite is different;)

Salad with roasted vegetables and feta

A simple salad, but delicious: baked eggplant and sweet peppers, tomatoes, greens and feta cheese create an excellent taste harmony.

Recipe for 2-3 servings:

1. large eggplant cut into large cubes. 2-3 sweet peppers are cleaned from the core and bones, cut into 4 parts. Wash 4-5 cloves of garlic, crush with a knife without peeling. Vegetables and garlic spread on a baking sheet (preferably in 1 layer), lightly (!) sprinkle with olive oil, season with salt/pepper and, if desired, add your favorite herbs. I put the leaves with 1 sprig of thyme, a couple of pinches of dried oregano and parsley. Mix the vegetables and bake at 180-200C until a brown crust appears, this is about 30-40min. Cool a little. Peppers cut into pieces the same size as eggplants. Garlic can be thrown out, or you can chop and add to the vegetables.

Important 1. Ideally, remove the skin from the peppers. To do this, take them out of the oven, put them in an airtight container, let them cool down and then easily and easily remove the skin.

Important 2. The aroma of baked garlic is quite enough, while it will not be clearly felt in the dish, but if you like garlic, I recommend adding 1 fresh clove, passed through the press.

2. Cherry Tomatoes (10 PCs.) cut in half or into quarters. All vegetables in the salad should ideally be the same size.

3. a small bunch of parsley (10 sprigs) wash, separate the leaves from the stems, chop coarsely.

4. feta cheese (100-150g) cut into pieces slightly smaller than vegetables, or arbitrarily mash with a fork.

5. refueling. Beat 4st. L. olive oil, 2st. L. balsamic vinegar, 1st. L. maple syrup (can be replaced with another syrup or honey), ½ -1H.L. Dijon mustard, salt and pepper to taste.

6. in a salad bowl, put all the vegetables, cheese, and Greens, pour the dressing and mix gently. Let the salad brew (the longer, the tastier it will be) and serve.

You can add salad leaves (Romano or salad mix) to the salad, baked zucchini will also be appropriate. And if you serve this salad with quinoa, you get a full lunch/dinner.

Delicious bruschetta with goat cheese and roasted sweet peppers

1. 4 large bruschetta will need 2 sweet pepper (for beauty is better to take multi-colored). My peppers, get rid of all the excess, cut in half, place skin up on grill mode in the oven before charring the skins. Take out, put in a sealed container, allow to cool and then easily remove the skin.

I did with the skin without removing, is also good, but better off.

2. Peppers cut them into pieces approximately 2 by 2 cm.

Important. Generally always recommend pepper bake large pieces, and then cut it if needed according to the recipe. In the process of roasting peppers is greatly reduced in size, so after slicing it, you will not lose the size of the pieces. And even small pieces when baking burn quickly, but do not always have time to enjoy a delicious grilled as the pieces are larger.

3. On a baking sheet spread from peppers 4 medium or 6 small pieces of bread (I have unleavened wheat bran, even here, the baguette is well suited). A bit to mess them in pepper oil and bake until Golden brown.

4. While baked pepper bread and make pesto. Recipe pesto wrote here.

5. Collect bruschetta. On the bread spread the pesto, then goat cheese (soft curd of the desired grade approximately 100-150g), then spread the peppers, and very appropriate here balsamic but not mandatory.