Evora, Portugal

Pastelaria Conventional Pao de Rala is a wonderful place with a lot of traditional Portuguese and monastery desserts. Sweets of excellent quality, most importantly not cloying, like everywhere else.

A very pleasant atmosphere inside, decor with beautiful tiles and very interesting interior details.

Nazare, Portugal

Rosa Dos Ventos is a pleasant seafood restaurant, I really liked the local shellfish Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato. In general, it seems that you can order any dish here, and it will be delicious.

Porto, Portugal

Casa Guedes – now I think about these sandwiches all the time, even now. It’s very tasty! Soft crispy bun + roast pig + cheese, that’s it. No sauces and additives for you. It’s just that everything is so delicious that it doesn’t even require “decorations”;)

This is an institution on Foursquare: Casa Guedes

Mesa 325 – there is breakfast all day and very pleasant service. And a place without tourists is perfect.

This is an institution on Foursquare: Mesa 325

I liked the coffee in Porto in two places:

In Combi Coffee Roasters and in C’ALMA – Specialty Coffee Room.

WOW – World of Wine is an interesting, modern and beautiful space about Portuguese wine and not only. There is a museum, a wine school, restaurants, various expositions and a super beautiful view of the city!

Lisbon, Portugal

A Cevicheria – the name speaks for itself. The ceviche here is really excellent. This is a gastronomic place with an emphasis on seafood. In general, all the dishes are excellent, and cocktails too. I recommend booking, there is always a queue at the entrance.

Ararate is an excellent restaurant of Caucasian cuisine. I especially recommend khinkali.

Tomorrow at 9 is a great place for breakfast/brunch.

comobå is also a pleasant vegetarian place for breakfast/brunch. I really liked the burger!

Farès is a great Middle Eastern cuisine. There is always a full house! Another good place of the same orientation is Fusion Grill.

Zap Sushi & Ramen Bar is an inconspicuous eatery with excellent sushi. I wouldn’t have known about this place without a recommendation.

La Fugitiva is a great Mexican diner, which was opened by Mexicans. I highly recommend nachos with guacamole, beans, salsa, cheese sauce. This is a huge warm snack for two. Margarita is also beautiful. I liked the classic and chili.

Lupita Pizzaria is a chic pizza. Bravo!

Valdo Gatti is also a good pizza

Honest Greens – healthy, clear and delicious food. On my first visit, it immediately seemed that it was very Californian here, and not for nothing. It turned out that one of the founders of the institution is from the USA.

Leitaria Tejo is an inconspicuous classic simple Portuguese cafe where I found the most delicious bifana among all those tried in the city. True, its excellence strongly depends on who exactly cooks it. But most of the time she is really very good here. The bun is fresh and fried, pork tenderloin is beaten off and fried right in front of you (not blanks as often I see in beef). Roast meat with garlic, which gives it an amazing appetizing aroma. Served with mustard. Well, very tasty. Also, there are very tasty desserts (yellow mousse with lemon zest and mousse with boiled condensed milk).

Pastéis de Belém

I am not a fan of pastes, but nevertheless I have tasted many pastry shops. And this famous one in Belene seemed to me really the most delicious.

I also found a vegan alternative. The taste is very similar to non-Vegan, it’s even amazing how they achieved this – Vegan Nata.

L’Éclair – delicious eclairs.

O Careca (opened in 1954) is an authentic bakery/cafe. There are practically no tourists, they all stand in queues in the neighboring pate Belen. It’s definitely worth trying their croissant bagel, it reminded me of the buns we made with grandma. With a huge amount of butter and sugar. Ideally, if you come across a freshly baked hot one. I ate one and didn’t want to eat all day)))

I visited a lot of different famous (and not so famous) ice cream parlors, and I think the most worthy of them in Lisbon is the Gelato Davvero chain.


My favorite place is Malabarista.

The Folks and Repeat Bistro – there is also excellent coffee and very tasty breakfasts all day.

Bettina & Niccolo Corallo is a cafe that, in addition to perfect coffee, also offers amazing chocolate.

Palácio do Visconde has excellent coffee, which is roasted right there and served not just in a ceramic cup, but in a porcelain cup. The place itself is very beautiful, worth a visit.

As a special coffee option, you can drink coffee at Selva, MARQUISE, How About Coffee, Buna, Fábrica Coffee Roasters, Heim Cafe, Simpli Coffee and Copenhagen Coffee Lab.

Celeiro is a great store of healthy lifestyle products and cosmetics.

Pão com Calma is my favorite bakery in the city with sourdough bread.

And I highly recommend trying the local specialty – Cherimoya fruit (Latin Annona cherimola). It tastes like a mix of pear, banana, strawberry and feijoa)))

Algarve, Portugal

Quarteira, Portugal

The fish market (Mercado Do Peixe), it is small, but it has a complete abundance of seafood. It is better to come as early as possible in the morning.

Address: 8125-507 Quarteira.


Originato – coffee and brunches/breakfasts.


Al-Gharb Coffee – here is the latest coffee.