Where to buy groceries in Batumi and Tbilisi

In Batumi and Tbilisi, there are a huge number of small shops Nou neym, a small supermarket chains and large a few decent shops. And there’s a large produce markets and fish markets in Batumi, but it is on the outskirts of the city.

So, to purchased home, I slowly but surely studied the range of what where, and I have developed the following recommendations:

1. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, chickens, eggs, cottage cheese, churchkhela and sauce – buy the benches from this post (in Batumi). In Tbilisi the same recommendations, only fruit specific benches do not tell, every district has some the most decent and with a large assortment.

2. European food of good quality, rare here vegetable milk, fish, meat, spices, yogurt without filler (!) and something trivial (like Worcestershire sauce, nori and other ingredients of the cuisines of other countries) to buy in large supermarkets.

My favorite civilian – Agrohub. There is everything, or almost everything. Here I buy the pitted dates, nuts (fresh and decent), and fish and salad greens, spinach, wholegrain flour of wheat and rye.

And rye bread, which is called Estonian. This is the only delicious brown bread that I found in the city. The rest are either too rich or too sweet.

There is also a wine shop at every supermarket.

In second place after Agrohub I have is Carrefour, there is not so elegant, but in General you can find everything you need.

Well and in third place I have Goodwill. There is already much sadder range than in the first two stores, but still something you can buy.

It is also very important to me the store is Turkish Tursa (currently in Tbilisi, 1 store, in Batumi – 2). There is a great tahina, a huge range of beans, phyllo dough and a bunch of other products that you are unlikely to encounter anywhere else. I even copper Turku’s bought, quite good.

In Tbilisi there is also a small Turkish shop Ankara (78 Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave, Tbilisi). There is tahina and even pekmez. But tours of course much better))

The markets I did not go as far and inconvenient, and there is need to know who to go to, and you can be very disappointed in the product. Therefore, the markets in my recommendations are not included.

Below the links are the stores that I went. Actually in the shops anymore. Nearest address will tell Google.

Mentioned stores on Foursquare:

Agrohub Carrefour Goodwill Tursa Ankara

Grill Town, Batumi, Georgia

Rare institution in Batumi, where you can taste the steak. Not steak, not sirloin steak, not barbecue, not pot roast and not other meat dishes, namely the steak in the classic sense of what you expect to see on a plate when you come to a steak restaurant.

Another issue is that the ideal institutions in Batumi once or twice and miscalculated, so the steaks are not the best in my life, and the menu is a funny mistake, but still there is the most delicious meat I’ve ever had in the city, plus well they’re not wrong.

And two more plus. Since the institution claims to be the premium, the service here is pleasant, and all the other dishes on the menu (besides the steak) is executed perfectly. Delicious, recommend.

This place on Foursquare: Grill Town

Restaurant with the best view of Tbilisi

In Tbilisi many restaurants with a beautiful view, but from the mountains, where the property is located Funicular you can see the whole city, and not some part of it.

Unfortunately, the food did not impress me neither in a cafe nor restaurant, so I recommend to come here for sure (preferably at sunset), but not for dinner, for an aperitif;)

This place on Foursquare: Funicular Complex

Rhino Coffee, Batumi, Georgia

This is one of the few institutions in Batumi with Specialty coffee. Specialty coffee is the best Arabica beans, which are selected by the standards of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and prepared in such a way as to best reveal the taste and aroma of each particular grain.

The owners and staff know their stuff and really love coffee. And then offer alternative types of milk, which is also crazy rare in Batumi. In addition, there is cozy and great service.

For me, this is the place in town where I go to drink your flat white or match.

This place on Foursquare: Rhino Coffee

Dried persimmon

In Georgia, there are traditional sweets, such as baklava and brittle, but to my taste the most delicious local sweet is sun-dried persimmon. It is cleaned from the peel and dried in the sun. Only sold in season. That is, in the end of autumn and all winter, can spring be until the supply dried persimmon will not end in the bins from the traders.

Fruits and vegetables in Batumi

Fruits, vegetables, greens and fruits are sold in Batumi on every corner in the small stores, as well as in various supermarkets and on the market. On the market great choice, but it is on the outskirts of the city – to me she is too lazy to get there. Interesting large supermarkets are also located far from the center.

In the end, I found two shops that are located conveniently in the center, and the selection of them is very diverse and appetizing. Both places are located on Melikishvili street, one 39, the other on the opposite side of the house 12.

In addition to the vegetable/fruit I buy there sauces, homemade delicious eggs, cheese and chicken.

Where I recommend to buy everything, read this post.

Graph Sandwich IV, Tbilisi, Georgia

Delicious gastronomic sandwiches from the charismatic chef Konstantin Tedeluri, just a delight! Highly recommended, can also be ordered via Glovo.

P.S. I wanted to go to eat them in the afternoon to take pictures in good light, but it didn’t work out. Therefore, the photo only shows popcorn, which is served here with sandwiches instead of French fries;)

This place is on Foursquare: Graph Sandwich IV

Orangery, Batumi, Georgia

Arkady Novikov’s hand reached out to Batumi, and he opened an Italian restaurant Orangery on the coast. I will say that in Moscow I would not pay attention to it, but for Batumi it is an island of beauty, comfort, civilization and service. The food is OK, very selectively, with varying degrees of success, but OK. I want to go back, for example, for pizza 4 cheese and vegetarian, if you flavor them with truffle (there is such an additional option). Maybe they will finish the dishes, fill your hand, and it will be quite good.

This place is on Foursquare: Orangery