Poppy seed roll in pita bread

Once Upon a time I posted a recipe poppy seed oatmeal roll this option is much easier, because you do not need to make the dough, but it still turns out very tasty.


  • Lavash (the composition should be flour, water and salt)
  • Poppy seeds-200-250 GR.
  • 50-70 ml of any milk (delicious with almond and coconut)
  • 1 chicken egg
  • Jerusalem artichoke syrup / honey to taste
  • Optionally, you can add dried fruits, butter, nuts, lemon zest to the poppy filling.
  • A pinch of salt

How to do:

1. filling.

The most important thing in the filling is to grind the poppy. Either dry in a coffee grinder, or already steamed in boiling water, grind with a blender. I use the second way as it is faster. So:

Poppy pour boiling water in a saucepan or ladle, in which you will then cook it. It is better to pour more water, then salt the excess. Leave it for at least 30 minutes, I pour it at night. So it becomes very soft and malleable to grinding.

Then drain all the water that is above the level of the poppy and grind the future filling with an immersion blender for 2 minutes. It is not necessary to turn it into dust. After that, evaporate the remaining water over medium heat, then add 50-70 ml of milk mixed with egg white, a pinch of salt and Jerusalem artichoke syrup/honey to taste (try to your taste).  Everything is well and thoroughly mixed so that the protein is completely rastovrilsya in the filling, and not baked in pieces. If desired, you can add dried fruits, butter, nuts, lemon zest to the poppy. Just complete improvisation. When the mass is not liquid-remove from heat and let cool (this is important).

2. twist the roll.

First of all, turn on the oven to warm up to 180 degrees.

Lavash is better cut into small pieces. Because if you twist a large thick roll, then in the very center the pita bread will not be baked and will be too wet.

This filling is enough for me for 3 pieces of about 30 by 40 cm + to decorate the roll from above.

Evenly distribute the filling on the surface of the pita bread, quickly fold it until it starts to get wet, grease the top with egg yolk and decorate with poppy seed filling. Decoration is optional.

3. baking.

Bake the rolls on the middle shelf without a fan (and then they will break in the process) for about 25 minutes. On top should get a ruddy crispy crust, then immediately take it out, otherwise it will all crack.

Let the roll cool a little, cut and eat. But if you have the strength to wait, then it will be even tastier to completely cool it, cut it. And just before serving, warm up at 200 degrees in the oven for 5 minutes. Then it will not be hot inside, but very crispy and appetizing outside.

Gingerbread turmeric latte

I have a non-standard recipe “Golden” milk, there are so many different spices (composition close to the gingerbread mixture), but it’s a very versatile option I like the most.

Makes a great warming drink and very nutritious, by the way)

Ingredients (for 1 serving):

• 1 Cup (250 ml) of any milk. But I like the combination of fatty coconut (50 ml) and oat/soybean (200 ml).

• 0.5 tsp. ground turmeric without slides,

• 0.5 tsp. ground ground ginger without slides,

• 1 stick of cinnamon (can be replaced with 0.5 tsp ground cinnamon),

• Pinch of black pepper,

• Super mini pinch of nutmeg, Cayenne pepper and sea salt

• Sweetener to taste (I like a neutral Jerusalem artichoke syrup). Also suitable honey or maple syrup, but they give your taste a touch of look according to your taste.

• 1 tsp coconut oil (you can substitute butter, ghee),

• 1 box of green cardamom.

If you do not like any spice, they can not be used. Only the main ones are turmeric and ginger. Their number is also at your discretion.

In addition, if you don’t have any spices at home, but there is, for example, a mixture of gingerbread, it is also very go. Put the taste gradually.

How to do:

1. Heat the butter in a saucepan together with the cinnamon stick and cardamom, fry them until the aroma for a few minutes. Then make a quiet fire and add milk.

2. Heat the milk in a saucepan over low heat, until the state when it already is steam (about 60C). Most importantly – do not boil it.

3. Then take out the cinnamon stick and cardamom and whisk the warm milk with the rest of the spices in a blender (if using ground cinnamon, put it at this stage), add sweetener gradually to taste. Then again whipped. The longer you postpone, the more foam;)

Cardamom and cinnamon I usually throw away and put in the curry, if you cook it the same day because the spices after such a short heating is still very flavorful.

4. Pour the milk in your favorite Cup and enjoy, Bon appetit!

Freeze vegetable milk and cream in the form of ice

I used to have periodically left from cooking the coconut milk/cream, and if they couldn’t use it in the next few days after opening, all was spoiled. I was very upset, because I’m in a factory and don’t like to throw food. Then one day I came up with the idea to freeze leftovers milk in Lednice, which was incredibly convenient!

Now I’m thrown and have a portion of coconut cubes. Take out the right amount, defrost and use as directed. To cook porridge even easier, just throw the cubes straight into the hot saucepan. Even easier than pouring on the eye from the jar. I think this can be done with any vegetable milk;)

By the way, after complete freezing, the milk ice cubes can be removed and put into a container, so as not to occupy the centre of Lednice, and to have the opportunity to freeze her in something else.

Delicious cauliflower soup with nutmeg

I don’t like soups made from ordinary white cabbage, but with cauliflower – very much;) So immediately and do not understand what it is, just feel that vkuuusny!

Ingredients for the soup:

• Cauliflower – 2 small kachna or 1 large,

• 2-3 tablespoons – oil for frying,

• 3-4 large yellow onion bulbs (don’t spare the onion, it gives the desired taste to the soup),

• 400 ml – almond milk (can be replaced with cow’s milk or cream, depending on your love of fat),

• 800 ml – water/vegetable or chicken broth,

• 4-5 cloves of garlic,

• 0.5 tsp – nutmeg,

• Salt – 2 tsp or to taste,

• Pepper – 2 tsp or to taste.

Oregano and sage are also very suitable. I don’t always put them in, according to my mood.

For satiety and increase the amount of protein in the dish, you can add a couple of handfuls of white already cooked beans to the soup. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the taste will not be so bright. But don’t worry, it can be balanced by adding a little more spice;)

Ingredients for topping:

• Shredded cheddar cheese/cream cheese/blue cheese/Parmesan (you can also put the cheese in the soup itself, as you like).

For 1 serving 30-50 g of cheese. If Parmesan, 1-2 tbsp grated.

• Red caviar – 2-3 tbsp.

• Mushrooms baked or fried with thyme + pine nuts.

For any option, I recommend serving toast from bread

How to do:

1. peel, wash, and chop the Onion and garlic. Wash the cabbage, divide it into inflorescences, cut the stalk, and wash it again.

2. in a large saucepan, heat the oil and add the finely chopped onion, passer until very browned, then add the crushed garlic, fry for 30 seconds until fragrant and throw the cabbage with water/broth. Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and cook for 15-20 minutes, until the cabbage is soft.

If the cabbage is not completely immersed in the liquid, it’s okay, it will still be steamed. To speed up the process and cook evenly, stir the contents of the pan periodically.

3. after the cabbage is cooked, add the milk/cream and all the above spices to the soup. Grind the soup with a blender until smooth, taste, add more liquid or spices if necessary. Bring to a boil over low heat and turn off immediately.

4. Pour the soup on plates, sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and put any topping to your taste. If using cheese, let it melt a little.

In my photo, the soup is simple with croutons, balsamic cream and truffle oil. The simplest version, but it is no less delicious than the more complex versions)

By the way, if you put less liquid, you will get a great puree on the side dish or sauce for a hot dish.

Low carb sugar free pumpkin/apple pancakes

Traditional pancakes, I prefer to replace Apple, pumpkin, plum, carrot etc. the Principle of this recipe is similar to the cookie recipe, which I make based on Apple, carrot and pumpkinpuree.

Feature of such dishes is the inclusion in the diet more fruits/vegetables and the ability to cook them without added sugar due to the natural sweetness of fruit.

The recipe for pumpkin pancakes (about 20-25 pieces with a diameter of 8-10cm):


Whole wheat flour – 100-120 g of tsz or 50/50 wheat with buckwheat flour (General flour you can and should experiment, but then its scope may vary),

Milk 250-300 ml (any, but very tasty with coconut low-fat),

Puree of pumpkin – 300 g

Egg – 3 PCs.,

Coconut oil (you can substitute any vegetable oil that you like) – 2 tbsp.

Salt – 0,5 tsp,

Ground vanilla – 1 tsp or seeds of half a vanilla pod

Cinnamon – 3 tsp,

Ground ginger 0.5 tsp.,

Nutmeg – 0.5 tsp.,

Optional zest of half an orange and half a lemon.

Spices can add any of your own. Pumpkin is very good combination of cardamom and star anise, but I don’t use them.

How to do it.

1. Pumpkin puree.

Pumpkin wash, cut in half, remove the seeds (you can leave them and very tasty bake), put the skin down and bake in the oven without adding anything. Clean the pumpkin, you can either a tablespoon, scooping the flesh straight from the rind or hands to tear off the thin skin, it depends on the variety. After that the pulp need slenderite into a puree. If required can add water. Puree the consistency should resemble very thick cream.

Also, the pumpkin can be done steamed or saute in a small amount of water and then punch in a blender. I usually bake a lot of pumpkin and then use it to make completely different meals.

2. In a blender to send pumpkin all ingredients except flour, punch and gradually add flour. Consistency should be like yogurt.

Keep in mind that if you experiment with other types of flour, the quantity will be different, do not overdo it. It is better to add gradually and watch for consistency.

Ideally, let the dough stand for 15-20 minutes, stir and then bake. This is necessary in order to test the developed gluten, which makes pastry more elastic. But if you don’t have the time to bake immediately. Especially if you use flour without gluten.

3. Fry in a pan with good nonstick coating. The pan well to heat, and then fry on a medium heat. The first batch with a drop of oil, then on a dry pan.

On the first side to fry until the pastry top is not dry, and the pancake safely, it will be easy perevernutyi on the second side for 1-2 minutes until tender.

It is important each time to stir the dough before sending the crepe in the pan. If this is not done by the end of the bake the dough on the bottom will be very tough. Pancakes are different in texture.

4. Feed.

Insanely delicious to serve these pancakes with cream cheese/sour cream/Greek yogurt and nuts pecans/walnuts, a little watering them with maple syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon. Or hazelnuts with honey instead. Well, very tasty!

But most of all I love these pancakes warmed up. Usually bake a lot at once in the evening. Part frozenand part is heated in the oven in the morning and is served as described above)

The fact that my recipe is very little flour in this recipe and the pancakes turn out a bit first. But if you give them soak overnight, then reheated, they will be just perfect. High fruits and vegetables, at least flour. Like pancake, eat, and like or not;)

If you eat the pancakes right away, I recommend them after roasting bake for 5-7 minutes at 180C, but this is optional.

The recipe for Apple pancakes (about 20-25 pieces with a diameter of 8-10cm):

Everything is by analogy with a recipe for pumpkin pancakes, but instead of pumpkin puree, I use fresh sour-sweet apples, peeled carefully from the skin, veins and seeds, and spices, use salt, vanilla and cinnamon, plus a handful of raisins. Raisins can not put, but it turns out just incredibly cool!

That is, the ingredients for Apple pancakes will be as follows:

Whole wheat flour – 100-120 g of tsz or 50/50 wheat with buckwheat flour (General flour you can and should experiment, but then its scope may vary),

Milk – 300 ml (any, but very tasty with coconut low-fat),

Fresh peeled apples – 300 g

Egg – 3 PCs.,

Coconut oil (you can substitute any vegetable oil that you like) – 2 tbsp.

Salt – 0,5 tsp,

Ground vanilla – 1 tsp or seeds of half a vanilla pod

Cinnamon – 3 tsp,

A handful of raisins.

The cooking process is the same as the pumpkin pancakes (see above), all raisins should be put in the prepared dough is the latest and mix with your hands, but do not penetrate into the blender. It needs to remain whole.

Important. For this recipe you can make delicious waffles in a waffle iron if you have it;) it Turns easier and faster!

Poppy seed milk

If you like poppy, that milk of the poppy will love it even more! In pure form it is for me too fragrant, but nand him are totally bomber cereals, ice cream, etc., and of meal you can make at least bomber poppy seed fillings for Swiss rolls (recipe here).

Make it as simple as nutty, but there are nuances. The proportions are all the same 1 to 4, and the technology is a little different.

Ingredients. Mac – 0.5 cups (about 70g.),

Water – 2 cups (500ml.),

2-3 dates,

A pinch of salt,

Vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom and other spices to taste. I really like the poppy seeds combined with cinnamon.

How to do it.

1. The poppy seeds to soak for at least 2-3 hours but preferably overnight. Water gently to drain to the domes get away with it in the sink.

2. In a blender put the poppy seeds, dates, salt, and pour water to cover the contents. Punching a couple of minutes. This is done in order to maximize the crush of the grain. If you pour the water all at once, the crushing process of the Mac will increase significantly.

3. Add a little more water and whisk until the mixture becomes white. Add all the water and knock the milk to the consistency of milk. I whip milk of the poppy for a long time, about 8 minutes. Try it, add dates and spices if necessary.

4. Milk strain. I have this kind of milk is filtered a couple of times to get it exactly without black inclusions. Cake not throws! It is possible to make the poppy filling, as I wrote above, and in General to use in any recipe with poppy seeds (sauce, cheesecake, smoothies).

Important 1. Store vegetable milk, homemade microbiologists do not recommend, because it is not subjected to heat treatment and can potentially contain pathogenic microflora, which quickly grows over time. That is, there is as lucky. I keep vegetable milk up to 3 days in a sealed container in the fridge, and while I was lucky.

Important 2. This kind of milk is stratified, so before use I recommend to give him a good shake.

How to make nut milk + nut pulp cookies recipe

I used to think that to make your own plant milk is very difficult, and possess these talents and sacred knowledge only for vegans.

And I thought, what do I need to buy a lot of nuts or seeds.

It turned out to be in 100500 times easier than to find in the store vegetable milk with normal composition.

For milk only needed nuts/seeds+water or peanut butter/Urbach+water, all other ingredients are optional. By the way, some look at the composition of the milk in the store, what it is that it long kept and had a presentation, was not stratified.

Getting down to business.

First, let’s talk about how to make milk from nuts, and in the end the post will write a basic recipe of milk from the finished peanut butter.

Vegetable milk made from raw nuts/seeds (almond, hazelnut, walnut, Brazil, pine, coconut, sesame, Chia, quinoa, flax, poppy, pumpkin seeds. Sunflower seeds etc) and grains (mostly rice and oatmeal).

I like nut milk, rather than milk from the grains, so the recipe will be on it.

Usually the following proportions: 1 Cup of nuts/seeds need 3-4 cups of water. How much water to use for cooking, so much milk and get.

1. You must first soak the nuts (I do it overnight).

2. In the morning the nuts are washed, optionally cleaned from the husk and mix in a blender with a small amount of water until all the nuts are not crushed, then add the remaining water and again everything a good whisk until homogenous.

I necessarily put in the milk, a pinch of sea salt, a tablespoon of Jerusalem artichoke syrup or 1-2 dates (natural, without glucose syrup and vegetable oil) and half a vanilla pod. A little sweetness and a pinch of salt is very cool sets off the flavor of nuts and vanilla appropriate to almost any kind of milk.

Also you can add cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger and other spices that you like.

If you will make milk the first time, I recommend you first do the “base” and then a pinch to add to the blender with your favorite spices and taste.

You can also experiment with the mix of nuts and seeds that are not charismatic to draw milk from the same species of nuts.

3. Once you’ve brought the milk to perfection, it is necessary to strain through cheesecloth or a towel, carefully pressing out the cake. It is possible to make almond flour or add to baked goods.

I immediately after straining the milk make him an Apple-oatmeal cookies. Send the meal back into the blender, throw back 3 peeled apples, 1st.l. cinnamon, 3 tbsp of any Urbach, vanilla and punched, then add 150-200g of oatmeal, leave to swell cereals and baked cookies, as indicated in the recipe.

If you plan to make vegetable milk, you can buy a special bag for straining.

That’s all! The milk is ready! If you don’t count soaking, then do 5 minutes.

Now, the recipe of peanut butter/Urbach:

Paste then replace the nuts, I soak and do not need to wait. Milk can be done in a few minutes.

To 1 Cup of water, I put about 1-2 tbsp of the pasta, all the other ingredients in the same proportions. You can add pasta gradually to achieve the desired saturation of milk. Punch everything in the blender, taste, add spices or Urbach if necessary, again strikes and try. And when the taste you like, then you’re done!

Important. Store vegetable milk, homemade is not recommended as it is not subjected to heat treatment and can potentially contain pathogenic microflora, which quickly grows over time. That is the ideal to drink it immediately. I at your own risk keep vegetable milk a couple of days in a covered container in the refrigerator.

This milk is suitable for vegans and those who have lactose intolerance, allergic to cow’s milk.

And I drink different milk (animal and vegetable) because I love to experiment with flavors and add variety to the diet. Vegetable milk I like to cook cereal, make Chia pudding, smoothies, shakes, ice cream and hot chocolate.

Grilled shrimp with avocado cream

I wrote earlier about the subtleties of cooking shrimp, you can read here.

Now I was cooking pre-prepared (red) medium size shrimp without a shell. Such a better cook no more than a couple minutes.

Recipe for 2 servings:

1. Prawns (300g), wash, dry.

2. Heat a pan, preferably of such size that all the shrimp lay in 1 layer, either fry in batches. While the pan heats up crushed flat side of a knife a couple of cloves of garlic, peeled and as soon as the pan is hot, put it in a little olive oil, a couple pinches of rosemary and garlic. Heated the oil until the garlic smell (it’s 10 seconds) and spread shrimp. I fried them for about 1 minute on each side over very high heat. So they get a crust, but don’t become rubber.

3. Serve with avocado sauce. If you eat without the sauce, I recommend immediately after cooking, a little seasoning them with salt/pepper to taste and drizzle with lemon juice/lime.

Avocado sauce for everything

This sauce is ideal for fish, seafood, pasta, for Brackett, or maybe as a dip. In short, the perfect sauce with the perfect avocado.

You can do vegan, dairy free.


Avocado – 1 big or 2 small. It should be ripe, firm options will not work.

Garlic – 2 tooth. I recommend you first put 1 clove, then add if necessary. The garlic cloves are different.

Juice, lime wedges and wedges of lemon. I put lime for flavor, and lemon for acidity.

Apple cider/wine vinegar – 1-2 tbsp, or you can substitute lemon juice.

Greek yogurt/sour cream/cottage cheese – 50-100 g

For a vegan version I use vegetable milk + 1 tbsp tahini/other unobtrusive Urbach or 2 tbsp neutral type of nut cashews. Cashews I pre-soaked in water 4-6 hours.

Add the yogurt/cheese/sour cream gradually, the mood. Sometimes I even do without them. Keep in mind that the consistency of the sauce will be more liquid if you use yoghurt, and thicker, if you use cheese.

A vegan version of milk makes the sauce runny, and peanut butter thick on the contrary.

Parsley/Basil/cilantro/tarragon, in one word your favorite greens – about 2 tablespoons in powdered form, can be replaced by dry, then you need a few pinches. This time I did with Basil. Put 1 large branch direct with stems, because the blender will grind all.

Optionally you can put a couple of tablespoons fragrant olive oil. I love the Greek or the Portuguese, they add diversity to the taste.

Salt/freshly ground black pepper to taste. I recommend to add gradually.

How to do it.

Very simple. All washed and in a blender until smooth creamy consistency.

Feeding, as I mentioned above, as a sauce or as a separate dish-snack.

Spinach and green buckwheat pancakes

The theme pancakes limitless, of course!

These spinach you can do vegetarian, gluten-free and what you want.

It is only important to observe the proportions and the ingredients you choose to your taste:

1. Make the dough.

  • 250ml milk (cow or vegetable with a neutral taste)/yogurt/yogurt,
  • 1 egg (you can substitute 1 tbsp ground Flaxseed or Chia seed + 3 tbsp hot water)
  • 150g (about 1 Cup) of your favorite flour or a mixture of different varieties (even more interesting),
  • 40-60g of fresh spinach,
  • salt/spices/sweetness to taste.

In this case, I have a pancake 100g of yoghurt, 50g of milk, 1 egg, green 50g buckwheat, 50g. tsz rye flour, 50g. tsz spelt flour, 60g spinach, a pinch of salt, mix peppers, a little Parmesan for flavor and a little garlic.

If you want to make this recipe large thin pancakes, then increase all the ingredients by half, except the flour (it will need 150-200g), plus add 1-2 tbsp of vegetable oil.

All beat in a blender until smooth. Ideally, let stand the dough for about 15 minutes, but not necessarily.

2. Bake until Golden on a medium heat for a good pancake pan, then this can be done without oil.

3. Feed. These pancakes are combined with a record number of fillings and toppings. My favorite options: smoked salmon + poached egg + cream cheese/feta + avocado, Greek yoghurt with garlic and dill or tzatziki.

Important. For this recipe you can make delicious waffles in a waffle iron if you have it;) it Turns easier and faster!