The Cafe, Key West, USA

Very tasty cafe!!! Vegetarian, but serves eggs, and fish. The format is reminiscent of the Russian Fresh. The food is made from great products and everything is so in harmony that I will take on Board these findings.

I got a salad with grilled Portobello, roasted sweet peppers, goat cheese, micro greens and almond.

And this is the roll of spinach pita with scrambled eggs, black beans in some kind of narcotic tasty sauce and mushrooms. Served with spicy tomato salsa, Chile sauce and avocado, mmmm…

The only negative – a constant queue and the entrance, especially during “rush hours”. You can sign up on the waiting list have cute girls, but this time to drink close to a Cup of Cuban coffee or just walk around;) Or order the same takeaway.

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Buccan, Palm Beach, USA

I can’t quite understand why this place I liked. The food was for 4, trendy and bustling atmosphere – not really my thing, but here I was incredibly h O R O W About, as, indeed, throughout Palm Beach. By the way, the service here is impeccable!

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Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong, Los Angeles, USA

It’s Korean barbecue, and it’s delicious!

First about the district Koreatown.

After the garbage cans Little Tokyo and Chinatown I expected the same atmosphere from Koreatown, but no. It’s cool. Clean and nice.

Pro Korean barbecue.

This is when you have a brazier in the center of the table, and you are invited to fry on it (meat, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, etc.) yourself or see how professionals do it.

About this place.

I really liked how everything is organized here. At the table, a lot of snacks and sauces are immediately offered (by default, for free) – you can chew while you wait for meat, and with it all this goes well. In addition, you do not need to puzzle over what to order, there is a little bit of everything-well, very convenient!

Even the instruction as it all is attached.

I recommend taking a set to try more types of meat. Portions are impressive and they still bring soup. The smallest set can be divided into 3-4 people boldly.

Meat is magical!!! Each bite gave me a lot of pleasure.

P.S. hoods over braziers work very hard here. You need to dress warmly, no matter how strange it may sound.

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Spring Street SmokeHouse, Los Angeles, USA

If you want to visit a cafe as if from American films, then you over here but this is not the only reason for my recommendation – there is a very tasty bbq meat!

The last time such a juicy and magically cooked piece of beef brisket (brisket) I ate about a year ago in Berlin. I highly recommend it to all meat eaters. Only it is better to come by car, because this cafe is not in the most pleasant area.

By the way, apparently, many authentic and interesting places are in contradictory places, such is Los Angeles;)

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Gjusta, Los Angeles, USA

Then place where, despite my delicious vanilla croissant, magnificent croque madame, impeccable mocha with pink salt and other goodies, I wanted to taste every dish in the plates of others.

It is a cafe-bakery-ready-to-eat shop (ideal for breakfast). The food looks so tasty and appetizing that when ordering, the eyes run away))) And the building itself is very unusual. It looks like an inconspicuous shed, but inside you understand that this is a very trendy place)))

I really want to go back for a couple of dishes, and I recommend everyone to visit if you are in Venice.

PS here the system is as follows. Go in, take a paper number on the wall opposite the cash register, wait for your number to be announced, make an order, you are given a stand with the order number, you go to the table and put this stand on the table, wait for the order to arrive and then enjoy a great meal.

P. P. S. There are unusual toilets, they have transparent booths. And although they are a little clouded, but still everything is visible) Keep in mind)

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Poki Time, San Francisco, USA

UPD. The restaurant is closed but I don’t want to delete the post as these same guys have opened a new place Tuna Kahuna. I haven’t been there, but I’m sure it’s worthy of your attention because Poke was great.

I will now convert you to the new faith, the new faith. Because poke “that’s…”

I finally tried this dish in the form in which it should be, and now I can tell you about it. By the way, this can also be called fast food, Hawaiian.

Ahi Poke is a dish of sliced fresh raw fish/ seafood, vegetables/seaweed, spices and sauces. Usually served with a side dish of rice, but there are variations with noodles or salad leaves. At the bottom of the bowl spread the garnish, on top of the fish in the sauce, and then all sorts of additives. ingredients. I recommend mixing. The whole essence of the dish is in two things: the freshness of the products, especially fish, and the literacy of the combination of flavors.

There are a lot of poke cafes in San Francisco. Specifically this place very simple, but absolutely different people come here, because it’s fast, tasty, healthy and healthy;)

What I liked besides the food:

1. ordering system. All ingredients are listed on laminated menu sheets. Erasable markers lie nearby. You just need to take and mark in the check boxes in the menu everything that you want to see in the plate. After the order is accepted, the sheet is wiped and used again and again. Much more environmentally friendly than paper disposable leaflets, I believe.

2. food here is served in paper bowls, which are 100% biodegradable. If you eat on the spot, then they are stacked separately, and if you take food to take away, then this should be taken into account when sorting garbage. In Short, also environmentally friendly.

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House of Sushi, San Francisco, USA

Here is the sushi! (don’t mind the languid light from an evening signs).
The most fresh and tender, which I tried at all, anywhere, even a super fancy and expensive.
The cafe is small and very simple, it keeps the Japanese family. It looks very nice. Those who are older, working in the kitchen, who are younger – served in the hall. The atmosphere is homey and cozy. Tables entirely Japanese and sit, that for me is indicative☝
Besides taste and atmosphere very pleased with the prices;) First time here in this home is not a trendy Japanese place, love it!

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House of Sushi

Basik Cafe, San Francisco, USA

Another brilliant example of fast food

In the menu only smoothies (in the form of a drink, or his more dense version), on the basis of acai berries and plant milk (your choice) with the addition of granola/nuts/berries/fruit/honey/cocoa. There is not a single workpiece, all being done with you.

It was my Breakfast. Hearty and delicious;)

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