Tinto Fino Ultramarino, Valencia, Spain

Cheesecake is very important, and in this regard, I have a cheesecake ideal. This is when the cake is made of shortbread dough. Thin, but dense, without a side (why do we need extra dough), with a little cinnamon and vanilla for a spicy aroma, not sickly sweet. Cheese filling should be from curd cheese, such as Philadelphia, also dense and slightly salty. This combination of salty and sweet is just incredibly delicious. Oh yes, the cake must be baked. So, today I tried a cheesecake different from my ideal (here the dough is salty on the contrary, and the filling is creamy and sweet), and I liked it sooooo much!!! Best cheesecake I’ve ever had in a restaurant. Other dishes here also above all praise.

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Bluebell Coffee Co, Valencia, Spain

This place simply charming. Not the best coffee I’ve ever had, but the best I’ve ever had in Valencia. Breakfast is until 15.00, and in addition to baking there are other dishes on the menu (this is a rarity). Pleasant service, and most importantly-an internal veranda for two tables.

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How to buy jamon in Spain

In the photo above, recommendations for types of jamon that are worth trying in Spain. On the left-the names of manufacturing companies. On the right-varieties of meat. Both companies are world famous, of course. As I was told by experts, and as I read on the internet, Michelin restaurants are served most often Joselito

El Vaso de Oro, Barcelona, Spain

How cool place. Authentic, huge portions, nothing superfluous and delicious. There are only two main courses on the menu (tuna steak and beef steak with foie gras), but they are worth coming back for, and more than onceOh yes, there are no tourists here, well, almost;)))

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