Moscow 2022, Russia

During this visit to Moscow, I liked the following places:


This place became my number 1 in Moscow. An interesting concept of combining Peruvian traditions and traditions of the place where the restaurant is open, a talented chef, excellent execution of dishes, pleasant atmosphere, excellent service. I would give 2 Michelin stars. A must-visit!

MeGoBari is a great Georgian classic. I especially recommend Adjarian khachapuri tsomgamotslili, khinkali kalakuri, vegetable salad with nuts.

ZHIROK is a delicious place with a wide variety of dishes for every taste. Comfort food with a gastronomic bias. It has its own bakery and parking. Good service.

Lamb is a meat restaurant with a very thoughtful approach to its preparation. It is clear that they love this product here and know how to handle it. And not only with him! Here I happened to have the best cabbage steak. I also recommend trying pate, vitello tonnato, and broken cucumbers here. In principle, all the dishes are good here.

UPD. I just praised them, and on another visit they cooked my favorite Vitello tonnato very badly. If there is something similar, I will remove my recommendation from here.

Tea height. The house of tea and ice cream.

A wonderful place with great tea and unique ice cream. There are several hundred varieties, all from natural products, and not cloying. Seasonality of products is observed, which pleases. That is, in summer ice cream from persimmon or feijoa will not be offered to you, but it will be offered from mulberry or watermelon. I love it!

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Another portion of my favorite establishments from the gastronomic capital of Russia.

Bourgeois Bohemians – author’s gastronomy. Some dishes surprise with their combinations, I was very interested in learning something new for myself. I was especially impressed by the dessert with black pepper, chocolate and nuts (pictured). Delight! And this is taking into account the fact that, in principle, I rarely eat desserts and do not particularly like sweets.

Salone pasta&bar – Italian cuisine. Nothing special, but solid. I want to go back to breakfast)

Oh! Mumbai – Indian cuisine. Authentic and delicious!

Duo Asia is a very, very, very tasty Asian fusion.

Harvest is a menu with vegetables in the main role, but in fact they also know how to cook fish and meat. Exquisite, interesting, fresh and very beautiful.

OGGI Bistro is an Italian bistro. I really liked it, although it’s a little cramped and the hood doesn’t work very well.

Saviv is a really delicious Israeli cuisine. Excellent hummus and falafel.

I liked the cocktails at the Orthodox Bar, One And Half Room.

And the coffee is in the new Skuratov space on Vosstaniya 35. A very pleasant place, and attentive baristas.

Sochi, Russia

Of all the places in Sochi that claim high-quality and gastronomic food, this is the only restaurant that I liked – Ram-Rapan

Cozy Italian cafe, like a home institution. Svidu inconspicuous, but very tasty. They call themselves “A drop of Europe in the ocean of khachapuri”))) –Pasta Bar Parmesan

Delicious khachapuri and divine vegetables on the grill with herbs. If I had not been told how to get there and how to find this place, I would never have got there in my life. So, the exit to the Trout Farm, then the very last restaurant behind the bridge. If it seems that the road is no longer suitable for a passenger car, and in general you will pass through figs, do not worry – you will pass. The restaurant is named after the canyon in which it is located – the Akhshtyr Gorge. Maybe it’s not called at all, but it’s just the name of the gorge, but I didn’t see any other sign. I was in the winter, in the summer, apparently, the food is served in normal dishes;)

A chain of health food stores. The only place where there is a large selection of all sorts of eco-bio-vegan-healthy products – ABC of Nutrition

Krasnodar, Russia

The most delicious restaurant in the city, the concept of which is built around the oven. Almost all the dishes here are prepared in it – Ugli-ugli

Good specialty coffee (roasted by yourself) – Sweet Beans

Good coffee, too – Sgushenka (a chain of coffee bars in Krasnodar)

A chain of good premium-class grocery supermarkets – Tabris

Tula, Russia

Breakfast and coffee – Mr. Cup on Sovetskaya Street

Also good coffee and matcha – Coffee Cult (a chain of coffee bars in Tula).

As a souvenir and in general just for se, I recommend buying not gingerbread, which have a terrible composition, but Belevskaya pastille (I like the classic version without sugar). Very tasty and healthy!