Beet hummus avocado and goat cheese sandwich

Absolutely gorgeous sandwich, because it’s a classic combination of root vegetable with goat cheese is complemented by the soft avocado.

To do is very simple:

1. A piece of yeast-free rye bread to dry in a pan without oil or in the toaster. While it is hot and crispy, RUB with garlic clove (this point is optional).

2. Put hummus (recipe here), crumble the goat cheese (about 20g), put a quarter or half of avocado, cut into thin slices, and throw a pinch of pine nuts. Be sure to salt/pepper to taste.

For the photo I laid out the ingredients on the two halves of Butera, to be good to see, but actually I put cheese and avocado on the entire surface;)

By the way, if you put the poached egg it will be a hearty and delicious Breakfast.

A similar dish is now served in Coffeemania, but my version I like more, simply because the bread and hummus I make to your taste;)

Warm bruschetta with camembert, leeks and sun-dried tomatoes

1. 4 stalks of leeks cut off the dark green leaves and roots. The white part, wash, cut lengthwise and finely chopped. Fry until Golden in the frying oil (I melted butter) 1H.l. dry thyme or leaves from 2 sprigs of fresh thyme.

Leeks can replace so caramelized onionswould also be delicious.

2. 6 slices of dry bread in the toaster (I have unleavened rye-wheat with sunflower seeds and flax). If the bread is not pre-dried, it will soften the cheese. If you like soft bread, then this item is omitted.

3. On each slice of bread put the cheese Camembert or brie, top to distribute the onions in the oven at 180C until Browning the cheese, you can enable decide the grill. Get the sandwiches, spread on top of sun-dried tomatoes and drizzled with balsamic cream. The cream is optional.

Spicy pumpkin and goat cheese bruschetta with sage chips

Recipe (4 bruschetta):

1. 500-600g pumpkin cut into small pieces, spread on a baking sheet. 8 cloves of garlic crush with a knife (the peel) and add to the squash, add the sage leaves 3 stems, drizzle with olive oil, salt/pepper to taste, mix everything and bake at 180-200C until brown. Cool.

2. Pumpkin flesh separated from the skin, place in a bowl. Peel the garlic and add to the pumpkin 4 cloves and mash with a fork. To postpone for decoration a few leaves of sage, and the rest to add to the pumpkin with the garlic, mix well.

3. Dry 4 slices yeast-free bread in the toaster/frying pan until Golden brown. Spread on toast the pumpkin, then spread 125g cottage cheese goat cheese, drizzle with olive oil. Garnish each bruschetta roasted garlic cloves, sage leaves and serve.

Warm sun-dried tomato eggplant bruschetta with Mozzarella

The recipe is for about 4 bruschettas.

1. 1 large eggplant cut into rings about 1cm wide, bake at 180-200C on the grill until brown (you can season with salt/pepper/herbs and olive oil, but not necessarily, because the rest of the ingredients are quite fatty and spicy). Bake eggplant can be done in advance.

2. mozzarella can be used any (about 100-150g). If you use the one in brine, then pre-dry it on a paper towel.

3. 4 medium pieces of yeast-free bread (I have rye-wheat with Bran) dried in a toaster or in a frying pan, generously rub them with 1-2 cloves of garlic. While the bread is warm and crispy – it’s easy to do, in addition, the garlic will have time to undergo a little heat treatment, so it will not have a sharp smell. Then spread a layer of pesto sauce (recipe wrote here), spread the eggplant, top with mozzarella and bake under the grill for about 5 minutes at 180-200C until the cheese melts. this time, chop roughly about 8 sun-dried tomatoes and a couple of sprigs of fresh basil. As soon as the cheese melts, take out the sandwiches, spread the dried tomatoes on top, sprinkle with basil, Parmesan, a couple of drops of balsamic cream and Bon Appetit.

Bruschetta with guacamole and burrata in 5 minutes!

The moment when delicious despite the simplicity;)

Recipe for 2 large sandwiches:

1. Dry the bread in a toaster / frying pan or fry in a small amount of oil. I dry it so that it is not greasy and I like yeast-free bread.

2. at this time, we make a simplified version of guacamole: 1 ripe avocado mash with a fork, add 1 small tomato / 4-6 cherry tomatoes, diced, 1st. L. lime juice (I do not recommend replacing with lemon, it will be too sour and not so fragrant), season with salt and pepper.

3. spread guacamole on dried bread, burrata or strachatella on top (mozzarella is not suitable, you need creamy liquid cheese), season with freshly ground pepper with a drop of olive oil and balsamic cream. And the dish will be absolutely bombastic if you drop a little truffle oil on top.

Delicious bruschetta with goat cheese and roasted sweet peppers

1. 4 large bruschetta will need 2 sweet pepper (for beauty is better to take multi-colored). My peppers, get rid of all the excess, cut in half, place skin up on grill mode in the oven before charring the skins. Take out, put in a sealed container, allow to cool and then easily remove the skin.

I did with the skin without removing, is also good, but better off.

2. Peppers cut them into pieces approximately 2 by 2 cm.

Important. Generally always recommend pepper bake large pieces, and then cut it if needed according to the recipe. In the process of roasting peppers is greatly reduced in size, so after slicing it, you will not lose the size of the pieces. And even small pieces when baking burn quickly, but do not always have time to enjoy a delicious grilled as the pieces are larger.

3. On a baking sheet spread from peppers 4 medium or 6 small pieces of bread (I have unleavened wheat bran, even here, the baguette is well suited). A bit to mess them in pepper oil and bake until Golden brown.

4. While baked pepper bread and make pesto. Recipe pesto wrote here.

5. Collect bruschetta. On the bread spread the pesto, then goat cheese (soft curd of the desired grade approximately 100-150g), then spread the peppers, and very appropriate here balsamic but not mandatory.

Bruschetta with porcini mushrooms, arugula and Parmesan cheese

Dry your favorite bread in a toaster, frying pan or oven, rub with a clove of garlic (optional).

Top with creamy mushroom sauce with Parmesan (fry any mushrooms until golden brown, add a little sour cream / cream and parmesan to taste, season with salt and pepper).

Top with a little arugula, finish with truffle oil and balsamic cream. Serve immediately.