Quinoa and water pizza crust

I already told you about unconventional the pizza crust from cauliflower. Today I’ll tell you about another unusual and very easy to prepare recipe with quinoa.

Ingredients to form about 26-28 cm, the layer turns the thickness a little less than 0.5 cm:

  • ¾ Cup quinoa (I make the usual white),
  • ¼ Cup water
  • Salt about 1/4 tsp., herbs to taste,
  • Olive oil for greasing the form.

How to do:

1. Quinoa rinsed and soaked for at least two hours (can be overnight), then rinse well again.

2. Preheat the oven to 140-160C.

3. Quinoa punch in a blender with water and salt until a homogeneous consistency of liquid sour cream. If you want you can put in the dough Basil/paprika or any spices to your taste.

4. Split form lay baking paper, grease it with vegetable oil and pour the batter. If you don’t have a split form – nothing terrible, just pour out the dough on baking paper and immediately remove the pancake into a preheated oven. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until done, which I think is necessary. I recommend using the convection, so the crust will be more crispy.

5. Slightly cool the cake, and you can do pizza directly on the form. Personally, I make pizza not according to the rules – I don’t leave the empty edges, I put a lot of toppings, and everything rests before baking only because of the bumpers shape;) So if you do too little dough and lots of toppings, then this is for you. But keep in mind that the cake quinoa still loses the crunchiness from it. So, if you want thin crispy dough – do not put a lot of ingredients, especially wet (sauce, cheese, vegetables, mushrooms).

In this case, I made homemade tomato sauce for pizza (recipe already wrote), top with grated cheddar, then pre-cooked chicken breast, mushrooms, roasted zucchini, blue cheese and some cheddar. It’s got delicious! Bake about 10 minutes until cooked mushrooms and melt cheese. Gently remove the top of the form, and the pizza turns you on baking paper in free access. Cut it with pizza cutter and enjoy.

Bon appetit!

Simple tomato pasta with mozzarella, Parmesan and burrata

Recipe for 2 servings:

1. Pasta. Put on the fire a pot of water (about 1 liter), bring it to a boil, then throw a pinch of salt and lay 150g pasta (I recommend whole wheat).
Do the fire, waiting for the resumption of the boiling point of water, low down the heat and cook for 7 minutes.
Cover the pot do not cover the pasta does not interfere.

2.Sauce. While cooking pasta, fry until zolotisty 3 finely chopped bulbs of shallots or 1 medium onion, once ready, add onion 2 cloves garlic, passed through the press, intensively stir the onion garlic and wait stunning garlic flavour. As soon as he appears almost immediately in the pan add 400 ml. of the trade winds (tomato puree) and herbs to taste (olive, thyme, Basil, oregano). Further, the sauce should bring to mind the spices: salt, pepper, sweetener (I have Jerusalem artichoke syrup), paprika, Cayenne pepper to your taste.
I added herbes de Provence 2-3 pinches, a mixture of 4 peppers and sea salt.
Simmer for a few minutes, then add 200g of cherry tomatoes. You can leave them whole or cut. Cut the tomatoes in the process can lose shape, and the whole probably not.
Heat the sauce for 5 minutes, the cooking process of the sauce should coincide with the end of cooking the pasta.

3.Assemble the dish. After 7 minutes of cooking the pasta, drain off water, put pasta in sauce, add 2-3 tablespoons of flavored olive oil, stir and tormented on low heat.

The paste is usually cooked to a maximum of 12min to the state of Al Dente, it depends on its size and composition. Whole-wheat pasta to cook longer. Therefore, to avoid mistakes and not to turn delicious in porridge, in the water we cook pasta the minimum time necessary, and in the sauce we bake it until ready.
As soon as the paste to your taste, add to the pan 50g mozzarella pizza, couple tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese, quickly stir and after 20 seconds you can put it on plates.

4. Feed. On top lay a ball of burrata, some fresh tomatoes, sprinkle with olive or truffle oil, balsamic, sprinkle with Parmesan and herbs, can even pine nuts to throw, which I have not) And Bon appetit!

PS This pasta can be done vegan simply by not adding cheese;) Also it’s gonna be really good.

Cauliflower pizza and homemade tomato sauce recipe

Anyone who loves pizza, here’s her cabbage version! If you do not warn consumers in advance, many may not recognize that the Foundation of a bit unconventional;)

The ingredients I brought 2 pieces, so you like to make a couple. One is right, and the second pizza to freeze. Excellent optimization of your time. If you want 1 pizza, divide all ingredients in half.

Ingredients for the base (for 2 pizzas with a diameter of 26cm):

1 large head of cauliflower (about 1kg),

100 grams of delicious cheese (Gruyere, cheddar or whatever you like),

2-3 tbsp of Parmesan cheese (Parmesan if not, can not put, but it goraaazdo delicious),

2 eggs,

3-4 tsp dried oregano/Basil/herbs of Provence,

3-4 garlic cloves,

0,5 tsp sea salt

Optional a couple of pinches of freshly ground black pepper

Optional 3-4 tbsp buckwheat/almond/whole wheat flour (to give greater hruskoci test).

If you don’t eat dairy products, instead of cheese put more flour (about 150g) 1 egg.

Ingredients for sauce:

400 gr. tomatoes in own juice or tomato trade winds,

1 Chile pepper (can be replaced with 0.5 tsp. Cayenne pepper),

1 onion medium size,

1 clove garlic,

1 tsp dried oregano/Basil/herbs of Provence,

0,5 tsp. dry thyme

A couple of pinches of salt

1 tbsp Jerusalem artichoke syrup (if tomatoes are sour)

0,5 tsp oil ghee for frying vegetables.

How to do:

Sauce. It can be made in advance or in store.

The onion and chilli finely cut into cubes, fry on medium heat until Golden on the drop of oil ghee. Add the chopped garlic, fry for another 30 seconds until garlic fragrant, then immediately add the tomatoes. If you are using tomatoes in their own juice, then mash them with a spatula.

Simmer the sauce for 15 minutes, then add the herbs and leave on the heat for another 5 minutes. Only at the very end of cooking, when the sauce Uvarov and has become thick, add salt/pepper/sweetener to taste.

The sauce is ready, but I strongly recommend to break it in a blender until smooth.

This sauce can also be used for pastaand meat dishesto sandwiches.

The pizza base out of cauliflower.

1. Rinse cabbage, remove outer leaves (you can use them for making vegetable broth) and cut into florets. The stalk is also not throw away, it is ground and goes to the cause.

2. Chop the cabbage in a blender to a wet snow. In principle, this is enough, but I have this small crumb was milled further immersion blender to puree (but he copes with it). It takes a maximum of 2 minutes, but then the basis becomes a very cool smooth texture.

3. Salt the cabbage and leave for 15-20 minutes. So it is going to give all of its juices, which will need to be carefully overcome. I do it using kitchen towel. Cauliflower contains a lot of water, no push-UPS the pizza base will be loose and wet.

4. Pressed cabbage, mix with egg, garlic, grated cheese and herbs, then optionally add the flour. Mix all ingredients until a homogeneous mass.

5. If you have a regular uncoated parchment or you bake directly on the baking sheet without paper, then grease the surface with cooking oil and lightly flour. If you have this paper here, nothing to lubricate and sprinkle do not need to it do not stick.

You can put the dough arbitrary, and can make a completely flat circle through split forms for cakes.

First snap the shape, put it on baking paper upper side (where there is no groove for the base shape), the dough it is not clogged. Carefully align closely inside, then the latch open and lift the form. In the end you have a perfect circle with a diameter of 26 cm and a thickness of about 3-4mm. I think the thickness of the dough is perfect, if you like thicker – please vary the point, but keep in mind that the thicker the layer, the harder it is grilled to crispy perfection.

6. The cake randomly prick with a fork and bake in the oven on the middle shelf for 25-30 minutes at a temperature of 190C. 180S on my cake baked through enough, it burns at 200C, 190C so – perfect. But all ovens are different.

The substrate must be rosy and elastic. Can freeze it for later use. Pizza can be prepared at once. Use any ingredients for the toppings you like.

In this case, I have 1 pizza used only ½ of tomato sauce, then a handful of cheese, half a pre-cooked chicken breast, half a sweet pepper, 4 cherry tomatoes, 2 large mushrooms and top with a couple handfuls of cheese.

Bake on top shelf for 10-15 minutes until cooked ingredients. The last couple of minutes on the grill mode. Incredibly tasty!

Pumpkin fondue with Gruyere, Gorgonzola and balsamic croutons

This dish is suitable for all cheese lovers and even pumpkin lovers. Here the sweet pumpkin pulp is so successfully combined with fragrant cheeses, spices and herbs that the taste is simply fantastic.

For this recipe, spherical varieties of pumpkin (for example, Hokkaido) are best suited, the most important thing is that the fruits are stable. So when baking, they will not be inclined, and the filling will not pour out. It is also important that the pumpkin has pulp, which when baked turns into mashed potatoes, and not fibers. It is such a smooth pumpkin substance that is perfectly mixed with melted cheese.


  • 1 medium-sized pumpkin (diameter approximately 20cm),
  • 200 gr. fragrant cheese (Gruyere/cheddar),
  • 100 gr. blue cheese (Roquefort/Gorgonzola),
  • Optional 2 tbsp parmesan (for flavor),
  • 100 ml. milk,
  • 50 ml. dry white wine,
  • 2 garlic cloves,
  • A pinch of nutmeg,
  • Salt / freshly ground pepper to taste.

Herbs such as oregano and sage, especially sage, are also suitable. But I recommend first making a basic recipe, and next time add a new flavor, and see how you like it more.

How to do:

1. my pumpkin, cut off the lid with a tail (do not throw it out, it is needed for baking), spoon out the seeds and all the excess (only the pulp should remain).

2. grate Gruyere/cheddar, break into pieces bluchiz, pass through the press garlic, add a pinch of nutmeg, salt, freshly ground pepper, mix and put in the pumpkin tightly enough. The amount of cheese vary depending on the appetite and size of the pumpkin. You need to fill no more than 3/4 of the total volume, otherwise the cheese filling will leak out. After the filling is laid out, pour the milk and wine so that the cheese is almost closed.

3. bake at 180C 1.5-2 hours until the pumpkin is ready and the cheese is completely melted. At the end of cooking, I recommend periodically removing the pumpkin from the oven, opening the lid, and stir the contents until the cheese mass becomes homogeneous.

4. serve with croutons. I have rye-wheat with olive oil and balsamic cream from homemade bread. That is, it’s just dried bread, on which you need to sprinkle olive oil and balsamic cream. You need to eat fondue, grabbing croutons at the same time and stringy cheese, and sweet baked pumpkin. An amazing combination of flavors!

PS I often cook this dish in the evening. That is, I bake everything as it should be, cool it and put it in the refrigerator, and the next day I just warm it up in the oven at 180C again until the cheese melts completely. On the second day, the flesh of the pumpkin is soaked with all the flavors of cheese, garlic and spices, and becomes incredibly tasty. I don’t even know which option I like more: eat right away or on the second day) Try and you both ways.

Unleavened whole wheat «Agapuri» (my style Ajarian khachapuri recipe)

I then accumulated all my knowledge and skills on the preparation of my ideal Adjarian khachapuri and realized that only the shape (boat) and the presence of Georgian brine cheeses in the recipe remained from the authentic version))) My agapuri is more of a thin crispy flatbread made from whole wheat flour with lots of stringy flavorful cheese. It looks like a rich classic Adjaruli only visually, butOh that’s how I like it best.


Yeast-free dough on matsoni (for 3 khachapuri).

  • 300 g whole wheat flour,
  • 200 g matzoni (can be replaced with yogurt without sweet filling),
  • 1 egg,
  • 0.5 tsp sea salt.

Filling (1 khachapuri).

  • 400 g Imereti cheese,
  • 200 g suluguni,
  • 20g smoked suluguni (for flavor).

How to do:

1. it is desirable to sift flour. Mix the flour with salt, add the matzoni and egg until smooth (you can not try hard — we will knead a little later), close the dough with cling film or lid hermetically(!) so that it does not dry, leave to rest for 25-30 minutes. This is necessary in order to strengthen the gluten and swell the coarse particles of wheat flour, since it is whole grain. After this time, you will notice that the dough will be slightly different, more plastic.

2. continue kneading with your hands. Knead the dough until smooth, roll it into a sausage or ball and put it back in an airtight container so that it does not dry, and leave to rest for 30-40 minutes at room temperature.

3. then divide the dough into 3 equal parts (each weighing about 180g), roll them into buns and put it back in an airtight container so that the dough does not dry and let it rest for 20 minutes. This is necessary to make the dough more pliable and roll out well.

I immediately make this dough in large quantities and store it in portions in food film in the freezer.

4. While the dough is melted, you can start preparing the filling and preheating the oven to 240C.

Imereti cheese I pre-cut into small pieces and soak in water for 3-4 hours, changing it every hour so that extra salt comes out of it. This is optional, but highly desirable. You can deal with this issue the day before.

Next, grate all the cheese on a coarse grater, set aside a handful of suluguni separately for sprinkling the sides, mix everything else. The filling is ready.

5. Assembly

Spread the dough on the floured surface, sprinkle it with flour on top and roll it into a thin pancake (about 2 mm) with a rolling pin. In the process, the dough should be turned over a couple of times so that it does not stick to the surface. This is a very quick process because the dough is pliable, but it can tear if you put too much effort, so tenderer;) We wind the dough on a rolling pin and shift it to a baking sheet with baking paper.

Next, lay out the filling (2/3 of the cheese go to the sides, 1/3 in the middle). Take the grated cheese, squeeze it in your hand, it turns out something like a cheese stick, put them along the edge of your dough blank with an indentation of 3 cm, then wrap the edges, hiding the cheese and forming the sides in the form of a boat. I fold the tips in a circular motion, tear off the excess dough, and glue the top together so that the cheese does not flow out. In the center of the finished boat spread the rest of the cheese.

6. baking

In this case, a lot depends on it, since the dough is very small, and there is a lot of cheese, then with the wrong steps the whole structure will turn into a puddle.

You need to do this:

5-7 min at maximum temperature (240C) on the middle shelf on the standard mode (so the dough will quickly set and become a strong frame),

10 min at 200C on the middle shelf in standard mode (here we let the dough bake),

5-7 min at 200C on the middle shelf on the mode with a fan (here we remove the remaining moisture and make a crispy crust).

If the oil/liquid from the cheese began to flow out of the khachapuri, blot the moisture with a kitchen paper towel, otherwise the crispy crust will not work – the dough will get wet.

Now that the sides have become crispy, take out the khachapuri, sprinkle it on top with a handful of suluguni, put it in the oven on the grill mode on the top shelf for 3 minutes at 180C. At this time, break the egg, separate the yolk and put it in the center of the boat after the end of the cheese and bake for another 1 min. Done.

7. you should get the thinnest, baked dough on top and bottom, crispy sides with fragrant grilled cheese on the outside and tender stringy inside, like the filling in the middle. Eat immediately, after stirring the yolk in the cheese filling. With red wine/ coffee you will get just unearthly pleasure!