Mind-blowing Shawarma with falafel

This dish is perfect for parties because it can be requested to procure parts and then just twist Shawarma with ease.

You need to prepare the babaganoush was, hummus, falafel with yogurt sauce (click on a word and go to the recipes).

You will also need: pita bread, lettuce, any what like, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, red cabbage, if you like red sweet onions. It is good to wash. Lettuce and onion slice, carrot and cabbage finely shred. Tomatoes to cut and it is desirable to remove the seeds to reduce the moisture. Cucumbers cleaned and cut into strips.

How to make Shawarma:

1. Preheat the grill pan well, or a regular non-stick pan, preferably with a thick bottom. I put the fire 7 of 9.

2. While it heats, take the pita, spread the entire surface of the yogurt sauce, leaving a clean distant edge, so that when you minimize the sauce does not leak outside of the gyro.

3. Next, put some lettuce and other vegetables, then spread a thick strip of babaganush, hummus, put in a row falafel, pour more yogurt sauce and turn the Shawarma more elastic.

I edge not wrapped on the sides, the filling is in principle not particularly falls. You do as you wish. Plus, at its discretion, can add tomato sauce, hot sauce, who he loves. But I have such a recipe, no extra sauces, because then all the ingredients are pretty spicy.

4. Put the Shawarma in a very heated pan and fry until crisp lavash with 2 sides. If you have a grill pan, the pita bread should appear Golden stripes.

5. When ready put in a plate, cut in half and enjoy the juicy Shawarma. Well, it turns out very tasty!

Baked falafel with yogurt tahini sauce + an important life skill

Falafel is patties of chickpeas. The most delicious falafel a deep-fried, anyway. Frying I eat in the café, a home cook less fatty baked version. It is also delicious, especially until piping hot.

Ingredients for the falafel:

• 250-300g dry chickpeas,

• 1 medium onion,

• 3-4 garlic cloves,

• Bunch fresh cilantro, medium size,

• A bunch of parsley in a medium-size

• 1 tsp ground paprika,

• 1 tsp. ground cumin (cumin),

• 1-2 tsp ground coriander,

• 0.5 tsp. ground red chili peppers

• 1 tsp. black pepper,

• 1 tsp. salt,

• Optional water.

Ingredients for sauce:

• 200-250 ml of Greek yogurt without additives,

• 3 tbsp tahini,

• Juice of half a lemon,

• 1-2 cloves garlic,

• Pinch of cumin and coriander,

• Salt/pepper to taste

• Water to bring the sauce to the consistency of sour cream.

How to make falafel:

1. Wash the chickpeas and soak overnight in clear cold water, or at least for 8 hours. Then drain the water and rinse him well.

2. Garlic and onion peel and rinse with herbs.

3. Now all the ingredients you need to punch in a blender, but not to the cereal. Chickpea should be wet snow grains. But if you punch it all together, the garlic, onions and herbs can also be quite large, and believe me it is not very tasty in the end.

So I came up with the following hack: first punch all the ingredients except the chickpeas until smooth, and then add the chickpeas. I prefer to grind herbs and spices immersion blender. If the mixture is very thick, add a little water. Then add the chickpeas and bring it to the consistency that I described above. Not until the porridge!

Your gram “farsh” ready!

4. Sculpt his balls with a diameter of about 3cm. Can bake, and can the raw Flatline to freeze for the future. Freeze, spread out in a row. Already frozen meatballs can be folded into a container. Or just put in a container, but each layer to lay the oiled baking paper so they don’t stick together.

Bake in well-heated to 180C oven for about 40 minutes. Or 20 minutes at a maximum temperature of oven (I have 240S). I have not decided which way I like more. Try both;)

Falafel must purchase a savory crust, but the inside to remain soft, will not overdry it.

Keep in mind that if you make the meatballs more, they may not topicsa, and if it is less, then dry. Also the cooking time depends on the heat of the oven. Practice a couple of times and you will have a perfect falafel.

Store ready falafel is not recommended, because it loses its flavor. Cooked – eaten. Or that is not eaten immediately in the freezer. When warming up in the oven it is almost as svezhesdelannym)

To make the sauce couldn’t be simpler: all in the blender and bring to smooth consistency. To try spices, add what you need and you’re done.

Falafel served with vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers without peel). Vegetables pour a little sauce to dip the falafel in there. Very tasty!

But most of all I love Shawarma with falafel (recipe here).

Carrot cake with cream cheese and caramelized pecans + life hack for the preparation of a perfectly flat cakes

It’s bonkers!

My carrot cake is not cloying like in classic recipes. The cake itself is quite sweet from the carrots and raisins, and the cream I add the Jerusalem artichoke syrup. By the way, I love dense and moist cakes and not the air. So if you coincide with me in tastes, then catch the perfect recipe.



• 400 g carrots (about 4 medium size)

• 175 g whole wheat flour (or you can do 50/50 with oatmeal),

• 100 g of raisins,

• 50 g pecan or walnuts,

• 3 eggs,

• Juice and zest of a large orange,

• Zest of half a lemon,

• 4 tbsp vegetable oil,

• Optional 50 ml of sweetener if you like sweeter,

• 3 tsp ground cinnamon,

• 2 tsp. ground ginger,

• 0,5 tsp ground vanilla

• 0.5 tsp. ground nutmeg,

• 0.5 tsp. sea salt

• A pinch of ground white pepper, allspice and ground cloves.

You can also put the dough in cocoa, star anise, cardamom, coriander, if you like these spices.


• 1 tsp ground vanilla

• 6 tbsp Jerusalem artichoke syrup or any sweetener of your choice

• The juice of half a lemon (zest from a, put in the dough),

• 400 g cream cheese or mascarpone, or cream, or a mix of these ingredients. Or coconut cream (for wagashi version).

I like this pie with curd cheese, but to make the cream is not very greasy and caloric, I mix my schedule I cheese with Greek yogurt in the following ratio: 250 g of cheese + 150 grams of yogurt.


• A handful of pecans or walnuts (can be more)

• 1 tbsp Jerusalem artichoke syrup or any sweetener of your choice

• A pinch of salt.

How to do:

1. Carrots wash, peel and grate on a small grater or grind in a blender. Nuts (50 g) chopped, not super small. Rinse the raisins, a little dry. Grate the zest of orange and lemon, squeeze the juice of an orange and half a lemon. Lemon juice to set aside for the cream.

2. Mix all ingredients for dough except flour, bring to a homogeneous condition. Then add the flour, stir again.

3. Take a baking sheet, covers it with baking paper and distribute the dough with a spatula all over the surface.

The cake will be about 1.5 cm thick. Bake at 160C for approximately 35-40 minutes. For 5 minutes before the expected end of baking start to check the readiness with a toothpick (it should not be raw dough). If the cake inside is moist, and the top is flushed, close it with foil to avoid burning.

4. While baked cake, prepare the cream and nut topping. For the cream whisk all of the ingredients until smooth and put in refrigerator to cool. The cream will be dense, and easy to spread on cakes.

5. A handful of nuts dried in the oven at 160C for 10-15 minutes minutes or until it will turn brown. Still hot nuts and mix with a tablespoon of syrup and a pinch of sea salt. Cool, then coarsely chop.

6. Ready cake cool slightly at room temperature, then cut in half, then into 2 parts. Get a perfectly smooth cakes and size, and thickness.

If suddenly crooked cut, put all 4 layers on each other, trim edges, and trimming empty sprinkles cake, or eat;) the Cakes put in the refrigerator so they are fully cooled.

Can easily use this hack for other layered cakes.

Important. If you will bake a carrot cake in a standard round shape, it is better to use split. To cut the cake only when the cake is completely cool. And baking time will be different, because a thicker crust baked through longer.

7. After everything has cooled down, grease each cake with cream, do not forget about the sides of the cake. Put it in the fridge overnight or for a day. Before serving, sprinkle with sweet-and-salty nuts and crumb cakes.

I recommend either cut into 8 rectangles or thin piece along the whole pie, like so:

Enjoy your meal, try not to eat all at once. Pie is sooooo rich, keep in mind. Come for Breakfast and for evening tea;)

Spicy yoghurt sauce in Oriental style with a Georgian accent

I was preparing this snack it cheese labne. Labne is a delicate curd yogurt cheese. Roughly speaking, this is yogurt from which to remove the serum, and he became thick and dense.

Analogues of labne are thick(!) Greek yogurt or Icelandic skyr. In this recipe it is also possible to replace just the cream cheese.

For the first time labne I tried in Israel, and my love for him grew stronger in Turkey. There’s this cheese is often included in the set of snacks. It is served with olive oil, olives, herbs and fresh hot bread. In principle, this cheese nothing more is needed, but I decided to experiment with it, and it was versatile and delicious snack.


• Cottage cheese (labne) – 3 tbsp (100g),

• Greek yogurt – 3 tbsp (100g),

• 1 medium or 2 small fresh ogurchik,

• 1-2 cloves of garlic (depends on your love for him),

• 3 tbsp olive oil (2 tablespoons in sauce, 1 – add),

• 1-2 tsp white wine vinegar or Apple cider vinegar

• 0.5 teaspoon sumac (you can omit, but it is much more interesting),

• 0,5-1 teaspoon of good fresh Svan salt

• 1 tsp – dried marjoram (you can substitute oregano, Basil),

• Black pepper to taste.

How to do:

1. Cucumbers wash, be sure to remove skin. If the inside seeds of a large – remove them with a spoon. Cut into small dice. Garlic pass through chesnokodavku.

2. Mix all the ingredients (except the spoon of olive oil), put it in a nice bowl and top with sprinkle with olive oil and sprinkle a pinch of sumac. You can eat immediately, but can infuse. The tastes can be quite different. Try and so and so.

I love this sauce with rye bread or with hot pita bread. And very recommend to make Mesa, submitting along with this dish of babaganoush was and hummus.

Whole wheat quiche Lorraine with chicken breast and mushrooms

This post I will gradually be supplemented with recipes of quiches with different fillings, and now I will describe the basic nuances and cooking technique on the example of a recipe that is prepared most often.

Actually Kish is a high-calorie and fatty dish, so in the classic version I don’t eat, and home of “fat-free” it))

Kish consists of 3 parts, each of which I am optimizing to your taste (all the proportions bring to round shape dimetrom about 25 cm, height keisha makes about 4 cm):

1. The base/crust of dough (2 recipes).

You need about 200-300 g of the test, if you do not do bumpers. I have kisha bumpers do not.

A classic recipe (wheat flour + butter).

Typically, the proportions of flour and butter in shortcrust pastry 1 to 1, I’m in 2 times less oil. In addition, the dough I make from whole wheat flour and ghee (my recipe here).

Dough vegetable oil from buckwheat flour. Recipe here.

Important. I usually make a lot of dough, portion it and then freeze the food in the film, that at any moment you can quickly prepare this pie.

2. Filling.

The filling is cooked mainly from lean poultry/fish with the addition of mushrooms and vegetables. It’s mostly protein and fiber.

3. Cream sauce with cheese.

In creamy egg sauce traditional cream replace with low-fat sour cream/Greek yogurt or milk.

The specified form size I make about 500 g of sauce: 300 g of sour cream/yoghurt/milk, 150 gr. cheese (about 100 g of cheese type Gouda + 50 g aromatic Parmesan/gruyère/Roquefort) and 2-3 eggs. If you use less cheese, add the filling 1 egg to the quiche not lose shape.

The process:

1. On the bottom of the form lay out the dough, prick it randomly with a fork and 20 minutes at 160C in the oven. Get the form, silent cooled cake. Put the oven on to warm to 180C.

2. While preparing the cake cools, prepare the filling.

This variant of the filling consists of 2 large onions 5-6 large enough mushrooms or 10-15 small, 2-3 chicken fillets. Instead can use breast fillets chicken thighs. With him is delicious, and with the breast dietine.

Cut onion into cubes and fry on medium heat until Golden brown in a small amount of ghee oil (or any frying), then add the sliced wafers mushrooms and thyme a couple pinches (he is very cool goes well with mushrooms), salt and pepper to taste, wait until all the moisture from the mushroom will come out, and they are browned, then add chicken, cut into medium-sized pieces. Also wait until any excess moisture is evaporated and all the stuffing is ready.

The most important rule of preparation of the filling: it should be like you just like that, without dough and cheese. Made, tried. If delicious – so quiche you will like it. Put here anything you want, in any combination, if only you were good.

3. Cheese grate, mix. A handful aside for sprinkling on top.

Beat eggs with salt, pepper, 0.5 tsp. nutmeg and other spices at your discretion, add sour cream/milk/yoghurt and cheese, mix well. I mix straight into the blender.

3. Grease ghee the edge of the form with the crust. Spread the filling of chicken and mushrooms, pour cheese mixture and sprinkle with the cheese, which previously was postponed. Put into the oven for about 30-35 minutes at 180C.

You can certainly have a dish immediately, but I prefer it ostatici in the refrigerator, and then reheated before serving. So he’s like delicious and perfectly keeps the shape and not falling apart like freshly made.

Often I cook the quiche for the future. In this case, it is first necessary to fully cool at room temperature, then put into the refrigerator. Then I cut it in portions and freeze in a plastic container.

This little more is dietary the recipe in taste from the classics to differ almost not be checked;)

Oatmeal crumble with vanilla sauce (you can make vegan, gluten free)

Crumble is something like an upside-down cake when the crumb of the dough is baked on top of the filling, not the bottom in the form of a cake. The traditional recipe for sweet and fatty for me, so I made some modifications, and it was the option of oatmeal and a minimum of oil and sweetener, but with high fruit. This is a super simple, quick and delicious Breakfast or dessert.

The ease of the recipe is that all ingredients can be put on the eyes, and will still be delicious. Sometimes cakes just from what is in the fridge, and it turns out a culinary masterpiece. Below I will talk about the technology and its perfect proportions of ingredients.

The dish consists of 2 layers: fruit/berry/vegetable & oat layer.

I recommend to bake it in ceramic or glass form in order to bring to the table, but not necessarily.

The bottom layer.

In this case, the filling is what was in the fridge. You can use any fruit/vegetables (carrot, pumpkin), fruits that like. Most importantly they wash very well, go through and clean that in the process of eating you or the inedible parts of the fruit.

I have 500g of black currant and a handful of blueberries, juice and zest of half an orange, 2 tbsp Jerusalem artichoke syrup.

Optionally, the filling can add some spice. Apples, pears, plums, pumpkin, carrots blends perfectly with the cinnamon. Berries (cherries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries) are perfectly combined with vanilla. In the filling you can also add nutmeg, ground ginger, dried fruits, and nuts.

Frozen berries can not be defrosted. The extra juice will still evaporated in the cooking process.

If the filling is sweet enough, I recommend to sprinkle it with lemon juice, lime, orange. So the taste will be more complex and interesting. Currants, to my mind, very cool combined with orange juice, I used it.

Sweetener add 1st.l., stir and taste until the flavor will not be balanced for you.

The top layer (crumble).

I have about 200g whole grain blend of flakes “4 cereals”, 50g. buckwheat flour, handful of almonds, 3 tbsp butter, softened ghee (you can substitute vegetable with a neutral taste), 0,5 tsp ground vanilla zest and juice of half an orange, 2 tbsp syrup topinambur, a pinch of salt.

Important. First clean off with citrus zest, then squeeze the juice out of it. If you do the opposite – it will be very difficult)

Sometimes I add to oatmeal or 1 egg 100-150ml milk (coconut is very tasty), when I want a more uniform and dense layer crumble.

The cereals and the flour can use any. You can do without flour do. It is possible to grind the flakes smaller and add nuts/seeds/almond petals, lubie spices (cinnamon, vanilla, etc.). Everything is optional.

Mix in a bowl all the dry ingredients, add liquid and mix to a consistency where all the weight is evenly moistened. Direct wet mass is, it is not necessary, since it will impregnate the juice from fruits and berries in the cooking process.

Slightly smear the form with butter, put the filling, spread the crumble on top and bake at 180C on the middle shelf until Golden brown. I have it took about 25 minutes, but all ovens are different – be careful. At the end of baking you can activate the grill so the crust was more crunchy.

Important. I often make crumble in the evening for Breakfast. In this case I baked it for 20 minutes, and in the morning I bring to readiness the remaining 5-10 minutes.

Serve with Greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream.

In Greek yogurt (1 jar 125g), you can add a quarter of a vanilla pod or half a teaspoon of ground vanilla, a few drops of lemon juice and 1H.l. syrup (maple/artichoke). It turns out incredibly delicious!

Cold this crumble I also really like eating as a snack)

Grilled shrimp with avocado cream

I wrote earlier about the subtleties of cooking shrimp, you can read here.

Now I was cooking pre-prepared (red) medium size shrimp without a shell. Such a better cook no more than a couple minutes.

Recipe for 2 servings:

1. Prawns (300g), wash, dry.

2. Heat a pan, preferably of such size that all the shrimp lay in 1 layer, either fry in batches. While the pan heats up crushed flat side of a knife a couple of cloves of garlic, peeled and as soon as the pan is hot, put it in a little olive oil, a couple pinches of rosemary and garlic. Heated the oil until the garlic smell (it’s 10 seconds) and spread shrimp. I fried them for about 1 minute on each side over very high heat. So they get a crust, but don’t become rubber.

3. Serve with avocado sauce. If you eat without the sauce, I recommend immediately after cooking, a little seasoning them with salt/pepper to taste and drizzle with lemon juice/lime.

Avocado sauce for everything

This sauce is ideal for fish, seafood, pasta, for Brackett, or maybe as a dip. In short, the perfect sauce with the perfect avocado.

You can do vegan, dairy free.


Avocado – 1 big or 2 small. It should be ripe, firm options will not work.

Garlic – 2 tooth. I recommend you first put 1 clove, then add if necessary. The garlic cloves are different.

Juice, lime wedges and wedges of lemon. I put lime for flavor, and lemon for acidity.

Apple cider/wine vinegar – 1-2 tbsp, or you can substitute lemon juice.

Greek yogurt/sour cream/cottage cheese – 50-100 g

For a vegan version I use vegetable milk + 1 tbsp tahini/other unobtrusive Urbach or 2 tbsp neutral type of nut cashews. Cashews I pre-soaked in water 4-6 hours.

Add the yogurt/cheese/sour cream gradually, the mood. Sometimes I even do without them. Keep in mind that the consistency of the sauce will be more liquid if you use yoghurt, and thicker, if you use cheese.

A vegan version of milk makes the sauce runny, and peanut butter thick on the contrary.

Parsley/Basil/cilantro/tarragon, in one word your favorite greens – about 2 tablespoons in powdered form, can be replaced by dry, then you need a few pinches. This time I did with Basil. Put 1 large branch direct with stems, because the blender will grind all.

Optionally you can put a couple of tablespoons fragrant olive oil. I love the Greek or the Portuguese, they add diversity to the taste.

Salt/freshly ground black pepper to taste. I recommend to add gradually.

How to do it.

Very simple. All washed and in a blender until smooth creamy consistency.

Feeding, as I mentioned above, as a sauce or as a separate dish-snack.

One minute curry sauce recipe

This sauce will help you out in a situation, when to fish, poultry, potatoes, rice, roasted vegetables in urgent need of some sauce. It will give zest and Asian touch to even the most boring dish.


170 g Greek yogurt or any other thick yogurt without additives,

3 tbsp lime juice (lemon will do),

1 tbsp olive oil,

1st.l. yellow curry powder,

1 tsp of Jerusalem artichoke syrup,

Salt, ground black pepper, ground cinnamon (!), turmeric 0.5 teaspoon,

How to make: all mix thoroughly until smooth. Try to add spices to your taste. Ready! On the second day the sauce is delicious;)

This sauce can be used as a marinade for kebabs or grilling fish/seafood/meat.

Salad with shrimp, papaya and avocado

Recipe for 2 servings:

1. Sauce. In a blender, mix 2-3st.l. Greek yogurt, 50g. grated Parmesan cheese, 2 cloves garlic 2st.l. olive oil, juice of half a lime, optional ½ chili pepper without seeds and veins, salt/pepper to taste, add after the whipped sauce. It should turn out like thick cream.

Also come based sauce tahini (like the one I did for salad with pumpkin and chickpeas) or the Asian style (with sesame oil, fish sauce, ginger, rice vinegar, garlic and Chile). Only in this case lettuce should be replaced by bean sprouts.

2. Avocado 1pc. cut into large cubes and immediately sprinkle with lime juice, not to dark. Papaya peel and slice similarly, the quantity of avocado or a little more. Add to this all a couple of handfuls of salad leaves (I like this salad with a mix of Romaine and the radicchio).

3. Shrimp cleaned from the shell and tail, then make a cut on the back and remove the intestines, wash them, dry on a paper towel. The pan good heat, pour oil on it for frying and add 1 crushed clove of garlic. Warmed the oil for 10 seconds, stirring the garlic in the oil. Garlic take out and put the shrimp in 1 layer. Fry 1 minute on each side over very high heat. If shrimp are very large and crude, then 1.5 min on each side. The main thing not to overdo, so they do not become rubber. Remove shrimp, sprinkle them with lime juice, season with salt and pepper, stir.

4. Collect salad. Combine all ingredients, dress with the sauce, stir.

5. Feed. On top of the salad sprinkle a little chopped cilantro and chopped roasted peanuts. This is the bomb!