Mustard tahini dressing (vegan)

I’ve already told you about my favorite sauce of tahini, this option well, very similar, just for spice add garlic, and mustard. It turns out incredible dressing for salads or a sauce for any dishes.


• 100 g tahini paste

• 1 tbsp grainy Dijon mustard (really any will work, but with this delicious French turns only),

• 1 tbsp Jerusalem artichoke syrup,

• The juice of half a lemon (you can substitute 2 tablespoons Apple cider, white wine or white balsamic vinegar)

• Salt/pepper to taste

• Water about 100ml or to taste, bring the sauce to the consistency of thick cream.

How to do:

Shake all the ingredients until smooth. The sauce can be any thickness to your taste and depending on what dish you are applying it, but it needs to be spicy-sweet mustard sour.

The sauce is suitable for leafy green salads, Cole slaw, fish, raw vegetables as a dip and sandwich. This sauce is generally a lot what is suitable;)

Stewed venison with cranberry sauce

To prepare the game, need or experience with talent, or this recipe. It is very simple and, in principle, suitable for any meat. Even from the “soles” you will be able to make divine delicate dish.

You need to come up with a marinade, pour it over the meat, put it in an airtight container (culinary sleeve, roaster, etc.), put it in the oven for 4-5 hours at 140C. As a result, you get something amazing!

By the way, ideally the meat first sear in a pan until brown and then bake, but do not always have the pan on which is placed this huge piece of meat that I had:) Even without frying, the taste turned out excellent.

In this case, I had deer ribs (2 lbs.), and the marinade is this:

50 ml olive oil

150 ml dry white wine

3 tbsp Dijon mustard,

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce,

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar,

3 garlic cloves, minced,

Spices: 1 tsp each:




Powder dried garlic,

Cayenne Chile pepper,


Freshly ground pepper (I have a mixture of peppers).

The marinade is a bit like a set of spices in the recipe of tomato soup with venison. This is all because I made some soup, wildly happy with the result and decided from this concept not to leave.

Here in this and this recipes is another good options of marinade.

After all, as I described above. Mix the marinade ingredients together with the meat removed in the oven. After cooking, allow the meat to relax a bit, then separate the flesh from the bones and serve with cranberry sauce (recipe here).

Ideally, if you have such meat will be two of sauce, some cream and berries. Then all the flavors will be revealed correctly and sparkle.

Garnish is perfect mashed pumpkin, Jerusalem artichoke puree, or sauteed mushrooms. Yes, any vegetables or light vegetable salad, and pickles.

P. S. According to this principle, and I cook beef ribs, but unlike the game, I have them at the end of searing to a crisp. Here this trick will not work – everything begins to dry up.

Sun-dried tomato Pesto Beef Bruschetta

I have a home at the same time were prepared my rye bread, pesto and roast beefand there was this insanely delicious recipe!

1. Rye dry bread in the toaster or in a skillet. While it’s hot, generously spread a piece of pesto.

2. Put sun-dried tomatoes, 3-4 pieces 1 sandwich. If the tomatoes are very large, it is better to cut, so it was there. Then a few pieces of roast beef, which I broke up for ease of eating.

3. Further optional, but very desirable to pour all of this mustard-honey sauce (recipe wrote here), balsamic cream, throw some capers and season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Mmmmmm

For those who do not eat meat, a great alternative to roast beef can be mozzarella cheese, and crackers will be absolutely beautiful, if it is a little pagelet in the oven to make the cheese baked.

This is a great dish for a party. Clocked pesto, baked a big piece of meat and you only need to assemble the sandwiches, and it is 2 minutes;)

My ideal ribs in BBQ sauce

Long ago I was looking for a recipe for ribs that was easy to prepare, without a lot of manipulation, like pre-roasting, the result has always been excellent and the sauce was prepared along with the meat. So that is invented for himself the best option. For this recipe, you can successfully cook beef and pork ribs.

Recipe about 2 kg of raw edges:

1. At first I ribs simmered until perfectly tender.

Ribs washed, to exclude the ingress of bone fragments in the dish and just to cleanse, cut into pieces 1-2 bones each, put in a deep cauldron/pot, preferably with a thick bottom. Pour ribs marinade-sauce of the future so that they were fully closed, bring to boil and simmer on low heat, covered for 2-4 hours. Time depends on meat quality. Once it became very soft and not falls off the bone – off.

My sauce usually consists of: 500-700ml of beer you like to drink just like that, it should be very cool (usually light lager, stout or their mix), 500-700ml tomato trade winds, 4 crushed garlic cloves, a pinch of Cayenne Chile pepper or a dash of Tabasco sauce, necessarily (!) Worcester/Worcestershire sauce 3-4st.l., 3st.l. balsamic or wine/Apple cider vinegar, soy sauce and pepper to taste, add gradually. Optionally you can put 2-3h.l. Dijon mustard.

Instead of beer you can use wine, water, Apple juice (strongly recommend to use freshly squeezed) or a mix of juice and water.

2. Cooking BBQ sauce.

When the meat is prepared, take it out of the pan spread out on baking sheet in 1 layer and temporarily set aside.

Give the sauce to cool completely in the refrigerator, then remove the top all dripping, it is usually very much. Throw. After that, the sauce should boil down to the consistency of sour cream. Then add herbs (thyme, rosemary, oregano, Basil, parsley, etc.) to taste, Jerusalem artichoke syrup and (if necessary to your taste) spices of claim 1.

Herbs I put about 2-3 tablespoons in total, as Jerusalem artichoke syrup 3-4 tbsp, but this is not accurate. I am guided by the situation, try the sauce several times and gradually add the ingredients. Cook for another 2-3 minutes and ready. In the end, you should get a stunning rich meat flavored barbecue sauce. Slightly sweet and spicy.

3. Sahelian ribs.

Put ribs in oven on grill mode at 180 ° C, and as soon as they began to get a savory crust, take it out and lubricate them with a thick layer of sauce, return under the grill for 3 minutes or until the sauce is also covered with crust, then repeat the procedure. And so until then, until the sauce is not over. Usually I can get 2-3 layers.

Ribs are ready! All this can be repeated on the fire, just put the ribs on the grille and similarly lubricate them periodically.

The result is tender meat that falls apart into fibers, and the top is mind-blowing crust with BBQ sauce. I like to serve with fresh vegetables or with grilled vegetables.

By the way, you can not use all the BBQ sauce when baking, and leave it for other meals, it can use independently, and the Prime rib grill in the Jerusalem artichoke syrup with mustardor any other sauce you like;)

Beautiful salad with quinoa, beets, Apple and avocado with ginger-mustard dressing

I have long and dearly love the same, which consists of only 4 ingredients (arugula, beets, nuts and cheese, plus sour dressing). But I wanted to balance the dish so that it became a full-fledged lunch/dinner. It turned out just delicious)) In the version with hummus it is also suitable for vegans.

Ingredients (for 3-4 servings):

• Cooked quinoa (can use any, I have tri-color) – I put 3 STL. per serving or approximately 10 tablespoons,

• 1 beet baked/boiled medium size (how to roast beets wrote here),

• 1 sour-sweet juicy Apple,

• 1 ripe avocado,

• Arugula (tastes the best)/spinach/Kale/any green leaves – 2-3 handfuls

• Parsley chopped – 3 tbsp.

• Cilantro chopped – 3 tbsp.

• Chopped mint – 2 tbsp,

• Optional goat cheese, feta, blue cheese can also, even cottage cheese can be granular – to taste, I put about 2 tbsp of cream cheese per serving, or hummus for vegan version

• Roasted walnuts or pine nuts 1 generous handful,

• For decoration (optional): a few pinches of herbs, crispy roasted pumpkin seeds or almond petals, pomegranate grains.

What else can you put in this salad: the beans of edamame, asparagus, raw young zucchini, fennel.

Ingredients for the filling:

You can make the most simple of the oil, lemon juice and sweetener, and it can be a little more interesting:

• 3 tablespoons Apple cider/wine vinegar,

• 3 tbsp lime juice (you can substitute lemon, but lime is more interesting),

• 2 tbsp olive oil (don’t put a lot because the salad already eat fatty avocados and nuts),

• 2 tbsp Jerusalem artichoke syrup, maple syrup or honey

• 2 tsp Dijon mustard,

• 1 tsp grated root ginger,

• Salt/pepper to taste.

How to do:

1. Prepare the base: beets and quinoa, you can even do this the day before.

I cook quinoa as directed on the package, since the method of cooking depends on the variety.

But usually so: thoroughly wash barley, soak it for at least 30 minutes or for a few hours, the seeds swelled, and trash spil, and it can be removed with running water. And most importantly, even after a short soaking, the quinoa will taste bitter.

Then fill it with water in a ratio of 1к2, bring to boil and cook under the lid for 10-15 minutes on medium heat. The idea is all the water should soak into the grains, if this has not happened, and the quinoa is tender, simply drain it in a colander.

I baked the beets.

Wash beets, wrap in parchment and bake for 50-60 minutes at 180C. Speed of cooking depends on the size of the roots, after 40 minutes pierce with a big fruit with a sharp knife if it is without crackle, and a Herculean effort — beets are ready. Let it cool and then you can clean. Cleaned recommend over a sink or bowl with water, so as not to paint all around;)

I usually cook a lot of grits and baked a whole pan of beets and then use them in various recipes.

2. All the other ingredients wash, dry, tear lettuce leaves into small pieces, greens grind. The Apple and beetroot cut into dice, avocados, cut into cubes or slices (depending on how you want to serve with a salad, on that later), immediately sprinkle with the lime or lemon juice, not darkened.

3. Nuts/seeds or bake in the oven (then wrote manul for roasting) or in a skillet. Allow to cool and become crunchy charm.

4. For a vegan version of the recipe for hummus here. In principle, cheese or hummus are optional in this salad, it is also great without them.

5. For the filling just all poured into a small jar, close lid tightly and shake intensely.

6. How to make salad (2 ways):

Method 1 (pictured above). Mixed lettuce, Apple, beets, parsley and 2/3 of the filling, taste for seasoning, add what you need, laid out on plates, top lay slices of avocado, sprinkle them with the remaining filling and decorate.

Method 2 (pictured below). Just mix everything in a bowl (avocado then just fit in the cubes), taste for seasoning, add what you need, lay on plates and decorate top (optional).

Bon appetit!

Green salad with apples, pecans and ginger-mustard dressing

This is my new favorite salad! Cook for 5 minutes (not counting the nuts stage)!

Recipe for 2-3 servings:

1. a handful of pecans. Rinse and fry in the oven at 160C until crispy. If the nuts are old or bitter, then soak them in clean water until they taste sweet, then dry iteratively at low temperatures (method wrote herePecans can be replaced with walnuts or almonds.

2. refueling. Carefully beat 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of honey or syrup (maple, Jerusalem artichoke), 2 tablespoons of apple/grape vinegar, 1 tsp of Dijon mustard, salt/pepper to taste, 1 h.l. ginger (grated or passed through a garlic chopper). I like the second method even more, because in fact you need ginger juice, and not the fibers themselves. Or replace it with a pinch of dry, but it will not be as fragrant as with fresh.

3. other ingredients.

Half a head of broccoli is divided into small inflorescences, rinse well and pour the dressing, mix so that the inflorescences absorb the sauce as much as possible, it is advisable to leave for 15 minutes.

1 avocado, 1 sweet and sour apple wash, peel, cut arbitrarily, add to broccoli. Toss a couple handfuls of fresh spinach, pecans and an optional handful of dried cranberries/raisins in a salad bowl, stir and serve immediately (until spinach is dull).

If the Berry is very dry, then leave it to soften along with broccoli and dressing. Vegetables can be changed at your discretion. Try it with zucchini, with asparagus. The main thing here is a combination of sour – spicy dressing, sweet notes from apple/berries and a nutty shade of pecan.

Just a bomb, not a salad!

The sauce of cashews, garlic, vinegar and spices

It is also called vegetarian mayonnaise. The sauce is suitable for fish, poultry, salads, soups instead of sour cream. In general, anywhere)

I adore it with vegetables, especially green ones (broccoli, asparagus, etc.).

Wash the raw broccoli, put the sauce on top, a little freshly ground pepper and paprika, sprinkle with lemon-very tasty!!!

The proportions are mine, you can experiment with the ingredients to your taste:

  • 250 g cashews (pre-washed and soaked in clean water for at least 4 hours),
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice,
  • 3 tbsp grape / apple cider vinegar,
  • 3 tbsp vegetable oil (either neutral to taste or olive),
  • 2 tsp Dijon mustard or 1 tsp mustard powder,
  • 2 garlic cloves (try the garlic-free sauce first, and then add a little to see how you like it),
  • A pinch of nutmeg,
  • Salt/pepper to taste (white pepper is more appropriate here),
  • Optional chili pepper-pinch,
  • 10 tbsp. L. water or enough to get the consistency you need (the more water you add, the more spices you will need to put in order to maintain the concentration of taste).

You can also add food yeast (they give a cheesy taste) or soy sauce instead of salt. Vinegar can be replaced with lemon juice, or vice versa. You can change the color of the sauce with sweet paprika and turmeric.

If the white color of mayonnaise is important to you, then use only light ingredients. In my photos in the recipe mayonnaise with paprika, so the color is creamy, not straight milk.

Do it very simply: put everything in a blender and whisk until smooth.

In the photo above, my sauce is thick and I kept the texture of the nuts a little, but you can bring it to an absolutely smooth state by adding a little water, and it turns out like this:

Salad with roasted vegetables and feta

A simple salad, but delicious: baked eggplant and sweet peppers, tomatoes, greens and feta cheese create an excellent taste harmony.

Recipe for 2-3 servings:

1. large eggplant cut into large cubes. 2-3 sweet peppers are cleaned from the core and bones, cut into 4 parts. Wash 4-5 cloves of garlic, crush with a knife without peeling. Vegetables and garlic spread on a baking sheet (preferably in 1 layer), lightly (!) sprinkle with olive oil, season with salt/pepper and, if desired, add your favorite herbs. I put the leaves with 1 sprig of thyme, a couple of pinches of dried oregano and parsley. Mix the vegetables and bake at 180-200C until a brown crust appears, this is about 30-40min. Cool a little. Peppers cut into pieces the same size as eggplants. Garlic can be thrown out, or you can chop and add to the vegetables.

Important 1. Ideally, remove the skin from the peppers. To do this, take them out of the oven, put them in an airtight container, let them cool down and then easily and easily remove the skin.

Important 2. The aroma of baked garlic is quite enough, while it will not be clearly felt in the dish, but if you like garlic, I recommend adding 1 fresh clove, passed through the press.

2. Cherry Tomatoes (10 PCs.) cut in half or into quarters. All vegetables in the salad should ideally be the same size.

3. a small bunch of parsley (10 sprigs) wash, separate the leaves from the stems, chop coarsely.

4. feta cheese (100-150g) cut into pieces slightly smaller than vegetables, or arbitrarily mash with a fork.

5. refueling. Beat 4st. L. olive oil, 2st. L. balsamic vinegar, 1st. L. maple syrup (can be replaced with another syrup or honey), ½ -1H.L. Dijon mustard, salt and pepper to taste.

6. in a salad bowl, put all the vegetables, cheese, and Greens, pour the dressing and mix gently. Let the salad brew (the longer, the tastier it will be) and serve.

You can add salad leaves (Romano or salad mix) to the salad, baked zucchini will also be appropriate. And if you serve this salad with quinoa, you get a full lunch/dinner.

Salad with pumpkin, arugula, dried cranberries and goat cheese curd

This is now my favorite salad❤

Recipe (for 2 servings):

1. Peeled raw pumpkin seeds (3-4st.l.) rinse, then dry in the oven at 160C until fried crisp.

Important. Pumpkin seeds can be replaced with pecans or use all together.

2. 500-600g pumpkin wash, peel, cut into small pieces (about 3cm), spread on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil, salt/pepper/herbs to your taste (I put a little oregano and sage) and bake at 180-200C until brown. Let cool a little pumpkin.

I used a variety of delicata squash. If you find this, then try to cook with it, but it is not critical. This pumpkin should be cleaned and it will taste more like a Yam/sweet potato. A good alternative for those who loves potatoes, but limits its consumption.

3. While preparing pumpkin, make the dressing. Beat 4st.l. olive oil, 1tbsp.l. balsamic vinegar, 1tbsp.l. maple syrup (you can substitute another syrup or honey), 1/2H.l. Dijon mustard, salt and pepper.

4. Collect salad. A couple of handfuls of arugula (50g) wash, dry, put in a salad bowl. Add to it the seeds, 3st.l. dried cranberry/cherry, pumpkin, crumble cottage cheese 100g goat’s cheese, the dressing and carefully stir. Goat cheese you can substitute feta or omit the cheese, but it will not be such a great salad☝

Serve immediately as arugula quickly turns into manure. If you have far-reaching plans, then do not mix the salad with the dressing and serve separately.

Tuna salad, mozzarella and tomatoes

A quick dish with a great game of flavors.

Recipe for 2 servings:

1. A small red onion is cut into thin rings or a quarter of a large onion is cut into half rings, marinated in wine or apple cider vinegar for 15-30min.

2. Filling “vinaigrette”. I have already written the recipe, but I repeat. Mix into an emulsion 5-6st.l. olive unrefined oil + 2st.l. balsamic vinegar + 2st.l. lemon juice + 1st.l. honey or any neutral sweet syrup + optionally 1h.l. Dijon mustard + salt and pepper to taste. The sauce should be oily, pleasantly sweet and sour with spicy notes of mustard.

3. We collect the salad. Salad mix (50-70g) or any neutral-tasting salad is washed, dried. We throw a generous handful of lettuce on plates, cut in half or into quarters 10 cherry tomatoes and spread on top, dry 10-15 mini mozzarella balls on a paper towel from brine, cut in half and spread to the tomatoes, season everything with dressing. Then 150-200 g of tuna in oil (you can take tuna in its own juice, but it will taste better in oil) we distribute it on plates, then pickled onions, olives of your favorite variety and 5 basil leaves for each plate. Optionally, you can put some capers. Serve beautifully just like that, but it’s tastier to mix it all;)