Sugar Free Lemonade

In the subject of the previous post;) If someone does not know how to make lemonade from lemons that life gives them, then I will tell you my favorite way.

Drink ingredients: water that you like, and fillers: lime, lemon (and other citrus fruits), fresh cucumber, mint, tarragon, Basil, ginger, berries, melon, watermelon, etc. etc.

The simplest and most frequent option I make (pictured) is with lemon, lime, mint and cucumber.

On 1 carafe (2l) I put:

• 2 fresh cucumbers,

• 1 lemon,

• 1 lime

• * 2-3 mint sprigs.

The proportions are conditional, I usually put on the eye or in the amount that is at home.

Wash everything, cut the cucumber with a vegetable peeler into thin plates, and tear the mint leaves a little. Cut the lemon and lime in half, cut off a few circles and the center of the fruit and set aside (they are needed for beauty). From the remaining “assholes” squeeze out the juice.

Put everything in a carafe, except for lemon circles (put them at the very end, so that the zest does not” upset ” the drink), add water to cover the ingredients and let the drink brew a little. Then mix, taste and add more water to taste. Then throw in the lemon slices and you’re done!

Prosciutto and melon

Having known this taste of combining ripe melon with prosciutto, he will never be able to forget it.

The recipe is simple: cut a ripe melon into arbitrary pieces, put Parma ham on top, pour balsamic cream and enjoy!