Mango Lassi with coconut milk and lime

I love mango Lassi, but I do it on the classic recipe (with yogurt and milk), and on its own. The milk I use coconut and oatmeal, since they too emphasize the mango flavor and acidity make lime. Too cool lime combined with the coconut, and mango.


• 2 mangoes (400 g of pulp),

• 150 ml coconut milk (I use fat),

• 200 ml oat milk

• Sparkling water optional and to taste, to bring the beverage to the desired consistency

• Juice and zest of half a lime (if the lime is small, it is possible and entirely to use it).

Also in Lassi, add spices to your taste, it may be the cardamom, chili pepper, ginger, salt, saffron, turmeric, cinnamon, mint, sweetener. Personally, I either add nothing, or choose one of the spices in the mood and most often it is ginger.

How to do:

1. Mango wash, peel and cut into pieces. And then you can make a drink, adding some ice or frozen mango. I make Lassi from frozen mango pieces, because it is refreshingly cold and crisp, which I really like. Spread them on a Board or the lid of the plastic container and put in freezer for a couple of hours.

2. Then all the ingredients except the spices and water are placed in a blender, whisk for a minute. Then if necessary, add water/ice, spices to your taste. Add gradually and taste what happens. Whisk again and serve. Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon, ground cardamom, garnish with fruit pieces or ice cream.

Obscenely delicious salad with shrimp, avocado, mango, chickpeas and quinoa

Refreshing, unusual and very nutritious salad that can come for lunch or dinner.

Ingredients: 4 servings

• 30 large shrimp (you can substitute crab meat but crab sticks, please),

• 100 g of quinoa (about 4 tablespoons)

• 100 g dry chickpeas or 200 g of prepared chickpeas

• 1 ripe mango,

• 1 ripe but still elastic avocado,

• 1 large cucumber or 2 small (about 100 g)

• 1 sour-sweet juicy Apple medium size,

• Cilantro leaves (about 4-5 tablespoons in powdered form),

• Mint leaves (about 3-5 tbsp crushed),

• Lemon juice of half a lemon (about 3-4 tablespoons)

• Olive oil – 3 tablespoons,

• 1 lime to serve,

• Salt and pepper to taste.

How to do:

1. I like this salad with the regular white quinoa. I cook quinoa as directed on the package, since the method of cooking depends on the variety.

But usually so: thoroughly wash barley, soak it for at least 30 minutes or for a few hours, the seeds swelled, and trash spil, and it can be removed with running water. And most importantly, even after a short soaking, the quinoa will taste bitter.

Then fill it with water in a ratio of 1к2, bring to boil and cook under the lid for 10-15 minutes on medium heat. The idea is all the water should soak into the grains, if this has not happened, and the quinoa is tender, simply drain it in a colander.

Chickpeas to boil in any convenient way (here described in detail, as I do). All to cool to room temperature.

I usually cook a lot of chickpeas and quinoa, because I often use them in various other dishes. Recommend for convenience to do so as well.

2. Shrimp cleaned from the shell and tail, then make a cut on the back and remove the intestines, wash them, dry on a paper towel. The pan good heat, pour oil on it for frying and add 1 crushed clove of garlic. Warmed the oil for 10 seconds, stirring the garlic in the oil. Garlic take out and put the shrimp in 1 layer. Fry 1 minute on each side over very high heat. If shrimp are very large and raw (gray-green), then 1.5 min on each side. The main thing not to overdo, so they do not become rubber. Remove the shrimp, season with salt and pepper, stir. 10 shrimp cut into 3-4 pieces, the rest 20 pieces leave whole.

If you are using frozen shrimps then thaw them beforehand in the fridge. Then do with them as described above.

3. Apple, cucumber, mango, avocado, peel and seeds, cut into small cubes about the size of chickpeas. All at once pour the lemon juice and stir so that the fruit did not potemnela. Chop the herbs coarsely.

4. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, except the whole shrimp and a pinch of greens (let’s leave it for decoration). Try the salad a taste and add more seasoning, oil or lemon juice if necessary.

5. Feed. Lay out the lettuce on a plate, top put 5 whole shrimp and sprinkle with herbs. On the edge of the plate place a quarter of lime. Before eating this salad is sure to generously sprinkle it with lime juice and enjoy;)

By the way, this salad can be wrapped in nori, and you get a snack Tamaki. Or wrap in rice paper, so you get something like spring rolls. Recommend to serve with peanut sauce, very delicious!

How to make chia pudding

I already wrote about my favorite Chia pudding with mango, and today we will talk about life hacks on how to make delicious Chia pudding with any berries or fruit.

Ingredients (for 2 servings):

  • 1 tablespoon of Chia seeds
  • 100 ml coconut milk (I usually have fat milk 16-19%). You can use less fat or any nut/cow’s milk, or even coconut water, but the proportions of seeds then will be different.
  • 200 g of berries/fruit that you like.
  • Optional pinch of ground vanilla,
  • Coconut chips, cinnamon, other spices, and sweeteners – optional and to taste.

How to do:

1. Pudding.

Mix the milk, seeds, vanilla and sweetener, if you use (I do not put), leave for 5-10 minutes to stand. After that, again mix the pudding to a uniform consistency, then close the container and send it to the refrigerator for a period of 2 hours (you can overnight). The pudding should be quite thick, not liquid. If it is not, add some more Chia seeds and let it stand in the refrigerator for about an hour.

2. Fruit puree.

The filler for the pudding should have about the same density as the pudding itself, this gives the dish a pleasant unified texture. How to do this:

The first method.
If we make it from dense, fleshy fruits such as mango, papaya, banana, avocado or with their participation.
For 1 serving, you will need the same proportions of Chia seeds and milk, and for fruit puree-half a small banana and about 100g of berries. A few berries can be left for decoration, and the rest is punched in a blender, and put in layers.

Second way.
If we want to make a puree of berries/fruits that contain a lot of liquid, then I recommend doing this:

Cut the berries at random, the main thing is that the juice can come out of them. Put in a saucepan, give 10 minutes to lie down and give the juices, then slowly heat over a low heat, bring to a boil, after a couple of minutes turn off and cool. The taste of fresh berries / fruits after such a short heat exposure remains almost unchanged. But their weight decreases significantly, that is, 200g of fresh berries turns into about 100g of processed + juice.

After that, we have only the pulp without juice in the blender (the juice can be used for cooking other dishes – in sauces, lemonades, etc.). you can optionally add a pinch of cinnamon and a sweetener (maple syrup, agave syrup, Jerusalem artichoke, etc.). Whisk until puree.

3. about 15 Minutes before serving, you need to get the seeds out of the refrigerator so that they are slightly warmed up and have a more liquid consistency. In a transparent glass, put any layers of Chia, fruit puree, berries, any toppings to your taste.

You can use frozen berries, they need to be thawed, thrown back in a colander, let the excess moisture drain, and then use or warm up according to the method described above.

Salmon, fried in their own juice with a spicy mango salsa

I’m very careful with combinations of fruits/berries+fish/meat, but this dish I very good choice. Cook 15 minutes, which makes it even cuter;)

1. Salmon. In this recipe you will need fillet with skin, which is cut in pieces 150-200g. The pan with good non-stick coating liberally sprinkle with salt and pepper. This is to ensure that the fish is not burnt in the initial stages of cooking.

Fish cut, opolaskivaniem from stray flakes, dried with a paper towel and spread on a cold pan skin-side down. Included a medium heat and fry it until the fish will not change its bright red color to a lighter one by about ½ of a piece. It takes 5-7min, but depends on the size of the piece and the intensity of the heat. Slightly season the fish with salt/pepper, turn over and fry until ready. The crust should be crispy, the middle of the piece to be very delicate.

This method allows you to cook without adding extra fat. The fish is fried in its own juice.

2. Sauce. Finely chop 1 mango, leaves 5-7 stems of cilantro, 1 shallot, 1 clove of garlic passed through a garlic press, add the juice of 1 lime (3st.l.), salt/chilli to taste. Stir the sauce is ready. This quantity is enough for 2 servings.

Ready to pour the salsa and serve immediately. For a side dish you can serve rice or a green vegetable (zucchini, broccoli, asparagus, etc.).

Coconut Chia pudding with mango

It is VERY tasty and VERY simple, I love it!

To begin with, I don’t like any of the puddings, jellies, souffles, mousses, jellies and other blancmange, and this dessert is like a pudding, but no. Ready to eat it at least every day.

Ingredients (for 1 serving):

1 tablespoon of Chia seeds

100 ml coconut milk (I usually have fat milk 16-19%). You can use less fat or any nut/cow’s milk, or even coconut water, but the proportions of seeds then will be different.

200 g ripe mango (1-2 pieces, depending on their size).

Optional pinch of ground vanilla,

Coconut chips, cinnamon, other spices, and sweeteners – optional and to taste.

How to do:

1. Pudding. Mix the milk, seeds, vanilla and sweetener if using (I don’t use), leave 5-10 minutes to stand up. Then again, mix the pudding until smooth, then cover the container and send in the fridge for 2 hours (can be overnight). Pudding is supposed to be quite thick, not runny. If he doesn’t, then add a little more Chia seeds and let it stand in the refrigerator for about an hour.

2. About 15 minutes before serving need to get the seeds out of the fridge, and while they are slightly warm and turn into a thinner consistency, clean mango, 1/3 pulp cut into arbitrary pieces, the rest whisk in a blender, puree. In mango puree, you can add maple syrup or any other, if mango got unripe.

3. In a transparent glass put layers of Chia, puree and mango slices. Top beautiful and delicious to put coconut chips (not the chips). I now threw some granola, which is also delicious. This crisp component in this dessert works as “the cherry on the cake”;)

This dessert can and needs to experiment, adding different fruits, such as papaya, is also very tasty:)

Coconut pancakes with vanilla yogurt and mango (gluten-free, sugar-free)

Pancakes made from coconut flour (without added sugar) with Greek vanilla yogurt (also without sugar), mango and berries. The lack of sugar did not prevent the dish from being very tasty.

First, a few words about coconut flour (more here):

1. coconut flour is gluten-free, so there is no gluten in it. This issue is solved by adding bananas or eggs to the dough.

2. coconut flour contains a lot of fiber, so its adsorbing properties are 3-4 times greater than in wheat, for example. That is, for the same amount of liquid ingredients, coconut flour needs 3-4 times less than ordinary grain.

This is a small part of what can be said about this flour, but enough for you to understand why there is so little of it in the recipe, and so many eggs;)

Now the recipe (for 2-3 servings). Ingredients:

4 chicken eggs,

100 ml of coconut milk (can be replaced with any other, but coconut tastes best),

4 tbsp coconut oil / ghee (in liquid state, but not in hot, so that the eggs do not curdle),

3 tbsp coconut flour,

1-2 tsp cinnamon,

1 tsp ground vanilla

½ Tsp ground ginger,

Sweetener to taste (I do not use, as the topping is already sweet),

A pinch of salt.

How to do:


Beat 4 eggs with a pinch of salt into a fluffy foam with a mixer/blender, then add the liquid ingredients: 100 ml coconut milk, 4 tbsp coconut oil/ghee and sweetener (if using), beat again. Then add the dry ingredients: 3 tbsp. L. coconut flour (ideally it should be sifted, and then measured, but I now have no such opportunity, and still everything turned out fine) and spices. Stir the dough until smooth.

I will immediately anticipate possible questions: it turns out not an omelet, but real pancakes (they have the structure of pancakes, by the way), and spices do not dominate the taste, only a light aroma of coconut remains.

2. Preparation.

Bake in a nonstick skillet over medium heat with a little oil for 2-3 minutes on each side. Turn the pancakes carefully, because the dough is airy and fragile. From this amount of dough I got 8 pancakes with a diameter of about 20 cm.

3. feed.

Coconut goes perfectly with vanilla and mango, and mango goes perfectly with lime, so I highly recommend stuffing pancakes with vanilla yogurt and mango, drizzling it with lime, or just lay it all on top in the form of a topping. Well, I just love blueberries.

Important 1. Cook coconut pancakes simply, but for a long time. Do them in the evening in parallel with other things, immediately put them in an airtight container (they dry out quickly in the air), and in the morning this beauty will be waiting for you.

Warm up and enjoy.

Important 2. according to this recipe, you can make delicious waffles in a waffle iron, if you have one;) It turns out even faster and more convenient!

These pancakes are an absolute scope for creativity.

Here’s an option with pecans and maple syrup:These are made with vanilla Greek yogurt instead of coconut milk.:

These I added poppy seeds and served with lemon curd and pistachios.:

Mango sorbet with coconut and lime

This is a post about the recipe for mango ice cream and my two life hacks on how to make fruit sorbets without ice cream maker not with a piece of ice, but creamy and delicious;)


  • 2 ripe mangoes (400 g of pulp), ideally Thai,
  • Juice of half a lime (do not replace with lemon),
  • 1 tsp dry ginger (you can use the root, but its fibers will disrupt the creaminess of the consistency),
  • Optional sweetener, its amount depends on the sweetness of mango (I put 2-3 tbsp Jerusalem artichoke syrup),
  • Also optional 250-300 ml coconut milk / Greek yogurt.

That is, you can make sobet completely fruity, or you can with the addition of milk/yogurt. Tastes are quite different, try both options.

Life hacks in cooking:

Method 1.

Whisk all the ingredients in a blender and put them in the freezer right in the bowl(!). then every hour take out and mix the mass, especially what is frozen on top and along the walls of the bowl. As soon as the consistency of your ice cream becomes dense enough, but still viscous (there will also clearly be small ice floes in it, which cannot be avoided and which I really do not like), then take it out and punch it again in the blender. After that, the ice cream can already be transferred to a storage container and put in the freezer. You can eat after 1-2 hours, after slightly holding it at room temperature.

Method 2.

Mango must be pre-cleaned, cut and frozen. Next, as in Method 1, beat all the ingredients in a blender, and put the ice cream in the freezer in a storage container. When you punch frozen fruit, the ice floes are already broken and do not form again.

Important 1. Method 2 is similar to powerful blenders, in which there is an ice pick function, otherwise the device may not withstand the load.

Important 2. when you add sweets or decide not to do it at all, keep in mind that in cold form ice cream seems less sweet.

I recommend serving with mango slices, sprinkling them with lime juice, and a little coconut chips on top, mmmmmmmmm

Coconut ginger oatmeal with thai mango

One of my favorite breakfasts, the combination is UNREAL!

Ingredients (for 2 servings):

100-120 g oat flakes,

100 ml coconut milk + water to taste, I usually make 50/50 and if necessary add water in the cooking process. The amount of water depends on the consistency of the porridge you like. I do not recommend cooking exclusively on coconut milk without water, it will be a very greasy porridge.

0.5 tsp ground ginger,

Pinch of salt,

1-2 tbsp. topianmbur syrup or to taste,

Optional 0.5 tsp ground vanilla,

optional 1 tsp coconut oil.

For topping:

1-2 ripe mangoes (depends on the size of the fruit, I like more))),

Juice of half a lime,

Coconut chips (not shavings). The shavings are not so tender and easy to chew.

How to do it:

1. Fill the oatmeal with water, add all the spices and cook until almost ready. Do not put a lot of water at once, you can always add it. Towards the end of cooking, add the milk and cook the porridge. I usually mix the milk into the porridge, turn off the heat, and let it cook under the lid for a couple of minutes.

I try not to boil the milk too much, to preserve more benefits and taste.

2. While the porridge is cooking, peel and slice the mango, sprinkle it with lime.

3. Try the finished porridge, if you need something from spices-add it to your taste, I usually add 1 tsp. coconut oil (this item can be omitted, but with oil it tastes better).

4. Put porridge on a plate, top with mango and lime juice and sprinkle with coconut chips.

Salad with mango, shrimp and peanuts

Dedicated to all connoisseurs of Asian cuisine, lovers of shrimp and mango!

This is a dump of the head, and cook for 5-7 minutes:

1. shrimp (300g) cleaned from the Shell and tail, then make an incision on the back and remove the intestines, wash them, dry them on a paper towel. Then they need to fry in sesame oil with 1 chili pepper without seeds until cooked (I had it for 3 minutes), put everything in a bowl, add red onion half rings according to the amount to your taste and sprinkle with fish sauce and sesame oil, mix.

2. Mango 1-2 PCs. (better Green is not sweet) peel, cut the flesh on both sides of the bone and chop along the thinnest strips.

3. spread the mango on a plate, top with shrimp sauce and already pickled onion, sprinkle with roasted peanuts and Bon Appetit!

But it will be tastier if you mix everything and wait for 2 minutes, and then there is;)))