Pistachio and raspberry cashew cake

Raspberry and pistachio is a perfect combination of flavors, which can be used for raznoobraznyh dishes. I love raspberry ice cream with pistachios, and now decided to make raspberry cashew cake.

About the nuances of vegan cooking, raw food desserts I have written in detail in this post. Here I will describe the recipe.

Ingredients are given for a rectangular silicone mold (27х13см). Cake height was about 5 cm.

This amount of ingredients will fit into a round shape about 21-22cm, height will be the same – 5cm.

If your shape is more or less proportional increase/decrease the amount of ingredients.

1. Shell:

1 Cup (about 100g) dry roasted pistachios.

If you have pistachios in the shell, keep in mind that the weight of kernels of peanuts is 40% of the total weight. That is, to obtain 100g of pure cores, you will need approximately 250g of pistachio nuts in the shell.

3-5 dates.

A couple of pinches of sea salt. If you are using salted pistachios, in addition to some salt is not necessary.

2. Cashew layer:

1 Cup (a little more than 100g) raw cashews, soaked at least 2 hours (I soak overnight).

100 ml coconut milk. You can substitute coconut cream or mixture of cream with water.

2 tbsp Jerusalem artichoke syrup or any other sweetener/dried fruit, which is eaten.

0.5 tsp. of ground vanilla or the seeds of 1 pod.

Juice of 1 small lemon (3-4 tbsp).

3 tbsp (30 g) unrefined coconut oil. The oil you need to ensure that the cake kept its shape.

A couple of pinches of sea salt.

Optional 1 tbsp of lemon zest.

3. Raspberry layer:

300 g of raspberries. You can use both fresh and frozen. Frozen berries need to thaw and live with the resulting juices.

2 tbsp Jerusalem artichoke syrup or any other sweetener which is eaten.

2 tbsp of Chia seeds.

1 tbsp coconut oil.

4. Decoration:

A handful ground to a crumb of pistachio nuts and a few raspberries.

How to do:

1. Training.

Pistachios are clean (if they are in the shell), wash and dry in the oven at a temperature of 100-140C on convection mode to crisp.

If you use ready dried/roasted nuts, dry again not necessary.

Soak the cashews in advance at least 2 hours in clean water to potable water. Before cooking, drain the water and rinse the nuts.

2. Basis.

Grind in a blender all the ingredients for the bottom layer. Usually 2-3 bike, and enough. The mixture should be sticky and hold its shape. If it crumbles – add another date.

Grease the molds with coconut/olive oil or lay in the bottom of the form baking paper or cling film, place and tamp nutty mass.

3. Filling.

Mix in a blender all the ingredients for the cashew layer. Try it, add more sugar or lemon juice if necessary. Knock the nuts to the consistency of cream.

Put the nut cream on the base, flatten and put in the freezer.

All the ingredients for the raspberry layer punch in a blender until smooth and place in a form, when the nut layer has hardened a bit. It’s about 20-30 minutes of freezing.

4. Decoration. A handful of pistachios crush up the crumbs and sprinkle over raspberry layer, then remove the dessert for 3-4 hours (or overnight) in the freezer until hardens.

5. Feed.

To get dessert you need 30-40 minutes before serving. After the end of that time slice, and there are even later. Take the time dessert needs to be cold, but not frozen, so reveal all the flavors. Can decorate it further, such as raspberries.

Important. The knife I recommend to hold it under hot water, wipe and then cut the cake. And I really love 1 time to cut the finished cake, and then just to get it out of the freezer and serving pieces. Very convenient.

I wish gastronomical pleasure!

How to make chia pudding

I already wrote about my favorite Chia pudding with mango, and today we will talk about life hacks on how to make delicious Chia pudding with any berries or fruit.

Ingredients (for 2 servings):

  • 1 tablespoon of Chia seeds
  • 100 ml coconut milk (I usually have fat milk 16-19%). You can use less fat or any nut/cow’s milk, or even coconut water, but the proportions of seeds then will be different.
  • 200 g of berries/fruit that you like.
  • Optional pinch of ground vanilla,
  • Coconut chips, cinnamon, other spices, and sweeteners – optional and to taste.

How to do:

1. Pudding.

Mix the milk, seeds, vanilla and sweetener, if you use (I do not put), leave for 5-10 minutes to stand. After that, again mix the pudding to a uniform consistency, then close the container and send it to the refrigerator for a period of 2 hours (you can overnight). The pudding should be quite thick, not liquid. If it is not, add some more Chia seeds and let it stand in the refrigerator for about an hour.

2. Fruit puree.

The filler for the pudding should have about the same density as the pudding itself, this gives the dish a pleasant unified texture. How to do this:

The first method.
If we make it from dense, fleshy fruits such as mango, papaya, banana, avocado or with their participation.
For 1 serving, you will need the same proportions of Chia seeds and milk, and for fruit puree-half a small banana and about 100g of berries. A few berries can be left for decoration, and the rest is punched in a blender, and put in layers.

Second way.
If we want to make a puree of berries/fruits that contain a lot of liquid, then I recommend doing this:

Cut the berries at random, the main thing is that the juice can come out of them. Put in a saucepan, give 10 minutes to lie down and give the juices, then slowly heat over a low heat, bring to a boil, after a couple of minutes turn off and cool. The taste of fresh berries / fruits after such a short heat exposure remains almost unchanged. But their weight decreases significantly, that is, 200g of fresh berries turns into about 100g of processed + juice.

After that, we have only the pulp without juice in the blender (the juice can be used for cooking other dishes – in sauces, lemonades, etc.). you can optionally add a pinch of cinnamon and a sweetener (maple syrup, agave syrup, Jerusalem artichoke, etc.). Whisk until puree.

3. about 15 Minutes before serving, you need to get the seeds out of the refrigerator so that they are slightly warmed up and have a more liquid consistency. In a transparent glass, put any layers of Chia, fruit puree, berries, any toppings to your taste.

You can use frozen berries, they need to be thawed, thrown back in a colander, let the excess moisture drain, and then use or warm up according to the method described above.

Spinach and green buckwheat pancakes

The theme pancakes limitless, of course!

These spinach you can do vegetarian, gluten-free and what you want.

It is only important to observe the proportions and the ingredients you choose to your taste:

1. Make the dough.

  • 250ml milk (cow or vegetable with a neutral taste)/yogurt/yogurt,
  • 1 egg (you can substitute 1 tbsp ground Flaxseed or Chia seed + 3 tbsp hot water)
  • 150g (about 1 Cup) of your favorite flour or a mixture of different varieties (even more interesting),
  • 40-60g of fresh spinach,
  • salt/spices/sweetness to taste.

In this case, I have a pancake 100g of yoghurt, 50g of milk, 1 egg, green 50g buckwheat, 50g. tsz rye flour, 50g. tsz spelt flour, 60g spinach, a pinch of salt, mix peppers, a little Parmesan for flavor and a little garlic.

If you want to make this recipe large thin pancakes, then increase all the ingredients by half, except the flour (it will need 150-200g), plus add 1-2 tbsp of vegetable oil.

All beat in a blender until smooth. Ideally, let stand the dough for about 15 minutes, but not necessarily.

2. Bake until Golden on a medium heat for a good pancake pan, then this can be done without oil.

3. Feed. These pancakes are combined with a record number of fillings and toppings. My favorite options: smoked salmon + poached egg + cream cheese/feta + avocado, Greek yoghurt with garlic and dill or tzatziki.

Important. For this recipe you can make delicious waffles in a waffle iron if you have it;) it Turns easier and faster!

Coconut Chia pudding with mango

It is VERY tasty and VERY simple, I love it!

To begin with, I don’t like any of the puddings, jellies, souffles, mousses, jellies and other blancmange, and this dessert is like a pudding, but no. Ready to eat it at least every day.

Ingredients (for 1 serving):

1 tablespoon of Chia seeds

100 ml coconut milk (I usually have fat milk 16-19%). You can use less fat or any nut/cow’s milk, or even coconut water, but the proportions of seeds then will be different.

200 g ripe mango (1-2 pieces, depending on their size).

Optional pinch of ground vanilla,

Coconut chips, cinnamon, other spices, and sweeteners – optional and to taste.

How to do:

1. Pudding. Mix the milk, seeds, vanilla and sweetener if using (I don’t use), leave 5-10 minutes to stand up. Then again, mix the pudding until smooth, then cover the container and send in the fridge for 2 hours (can be overnight). Pudding is supposed to be quite thick, not runny. If he doesn’t, then add a little more Chia seeds and let it stand in the refrigerator for about an hour.

2. About 15 minutes before serving need to get the seeds out of the fridge, and while they are slightly warm and turn into a thinner consistency, clean mango, 1/3 pulp cut into arbitrary pieces, the rest whisk in a blender, puree. In mango puree, you can add maple syrup or any other, if mango got unripe.

3. In a transparent glass put layers of Chia, puree and mango slices. Top beautiful and delicious to put coconut chips (not the chips). I now threw some granola, which is also delicious. This crisp component in this dessert works as “the cherry on the cake”;)

This dessert can and needs to experiment, adding different fruits, such as papaya, is also very tasty:)

Express smoothie with oatmeal for breakfast instead of porridge

A smoothie with a couple of spoonfuls of oatmeal is a great alternative to porridge, especially when there is no time to cook.


* 30g (small handful) oatmeal,

* 1 small ripe banana or half a large one,

* A generous handful of berries (I have fresh strawberries),

* 1 tsp sesame seeds, favorite nuts or nut urbech (this I add Not for taste, but for satiety),

* 1 tbsp chia seeds (this is also optional),

* A pinch of ground vanilla,

* A pinch of ground cinnamon,

* Any milk or water to taste, add gradually.

If desired, you can add a sweetener, protein or other spices.

Put everything in a blender and whisk until smooth. Adjust the thickness of the neck with the amount of milk/water.

Good Morning!