Marks and Spencer Food, UK

I’m going to tell it about the grocery store. It’s marvellous, here primarily ready or almost ready meals, meats, snacks, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, all “to go” format, pastries, nuts, dried fruits and much more convenient to buy and full to eat. Yes, it is delicious and quite a useful and balanced.

And then the food is well distributed in the stands. The cuisines (Indian, Italian, etc.), by categories (meat, fish, etc.), there is a vegetarian section. In addition, all of the most popular allergens in bold in the composition of the meals, so that one can see good for you a particular dish or not.

By the way, very convenient to take food from Marks and Spencer with you on the plane, the benefit that the airport has their stores with exactly the same prices as in town.

One of the stores on Foursquare: Marks and Spencer Food

Borough Market, London, UK

In London, all markets are lovely, but this is the most popular and seem to travel too. He is right next to London bridge, and is covered. It seemed to me that the bridge is the roof, but it’s not for sure))) anyway, very convenient, especially in bad weather.

What is there just no. All kinds of fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, dairy products, cheese, drinks, benches with strictum, flowers. Everything you can imagine.

All working days up to 17.00, except Sundays. Schedule and other useful info can be viewed on the website.

Market on Foursquare: Borough Market

Granger & Co., London, UK

This chain of restaurants reminded me painfully of Kofemania. There’s nothing unusual or wildly memorable, it’s just all very well and efficiently. Don’t know where to go in London – go to Granger & Co.

PS Actually they are his breakfasts are famous, keep in mind.

One of the institutions of the network on Foursquare: Granger & Co.

MUD, London, UK

It is not just the most delicious Breakfastthat I have ever tasted in London, it is in principle the most delicious Breakfast I’ve eaten in cafes/restaurants.

Small menu, everything is very simple, but so well done. Delicious food, interesting combination of dishes, perfect presentation. And the coffee is great! I want to go there)))

This place on Foursquare: MUD