Thai fruit

A few of my observations and recommendations:

In Thailand, the most delicious mangoes and pineapples in the world, after which there is no set teeth at all.

I recommend sprinkling papaya and mango with lime juice, just a different taste and a million new shades.

Do not buy necks in fruit shops, because they put a lot of water or ice in them, and also pour a lot of syrup or condensed milk, do you need it? By the way, the same thing is done at the Danilovsky Market in “Bô”, they put gallons of condensed milk in a mango shake, buee))) Buy better just fruit and enjoy.

Boathouse Wine & Grill, Phuket, Thailand

The restaurant is incomparable! All the dishes that I have tried are beyond praise. I especially liked the Yam Som O salad, it usually includes pomelo or grapefruit, shrimp, nuts, spices and an incredible sweet and sour dressing. For me, a new dish in the piggy bank. And it’s also a place with sunsets, but there are nuances: weddings, birthdays and all holidays in a row are traditionally celebrated on Kata Beach, which means that fireworks are set off under your nose every 2 minutes.

This place is on Foursquare: Boathouse Wine & Grill