Urban Deli/Takpark, Stockholm, Sweden

Urban Deli is a chain of grocery shops-cafes in Stockholm. Here to you and ready food, and a variety of foods. The range of a lot such that you wouldn’t find in ordinary supermarkets. For example, I was very pleased with the bars made of nuts and dried fruits with good composition. And the freshest fish (most fish stores only sell vacuum).

In the cafe you can order a La carte or eat something at the deli. Very nice modern furnished, all quickly and conveniently.

But one of the locations I want to highlight particularly (Urban Deli – Takpark) because this place has a rooftop with a stunning view of the city. In the summer it is very comfortable and beautiful! In the winter, perhaps, too)

In the Elevator you can read about all the attractions is very convenient;)

This place on Foursquare: Urban Deli , and the roof – Takpark

Falafelbaren, Stockholm, Sweden

Falafelbaren – the most delicious place in Stockholm for this trip!

I was in a completely different restaurants serving traditional Swedish food. In the home of a small institution or a large, and not very modern, but in the end the falafel won meatballs.

It was really tasty, and not “well, OK, fine.”

Even returned, but it is an indicator (usually in the plans to visit as many different places).

All fans of the hummus and the falafel – I recommend.

This place on Foursquare: Falafelbaren