AleWino, Warsaw, Poland

This restaurant was recommended in the latest Michelin guide. There are no stars, but it is in the category of Bib Gourmand guide.

For information: The Michelin guide is the most important restaurant rating in the world, I think everyone knows, but not everyone knows that in addition to stellar restaurants, which includes restaurants without stars.

This institution, which claimed to receive a sign of distinction and liked(!) critics, but for one reason or another the stars are not received.

They can be found in the sections of the guide Plate and a Michelin Bib Gourmand. The sections differ in that includes a Bib Gourmand restaurants with affordable pricing.

Personally, when I search for interesting restaurants I love to browse that category. Often at a regular price tag you get quite a Michelin food.

The only negative in such places is usually to plan a visit in advance to book a table, although in 90% of cases this can be done on the website;)

Now, about the restaurant.

It’s a wine bar, which is obvious from the title. In the summer there’s a lovely veranda, in the winter the space inside is not enough of course, but for this meal – and you can pouchitsya.

Menus change frequently in accordance with the seasonality of products. I love when so! I was lucky enough to enjoy zucchini flowers with goat cheese. I went out of my mind with pleasure))) Not all of the dishes struck me to the core, but everything was good.

The staff is wonderful, the unobtrusive music, the Smoking area away from the tables (no cigar flavors don’t hear). In General, I don’t even know what else to want.


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STOR, Warsaw, Poland

Nice cozy cafe☕ with decent coffee (generally in Warsaw is not very with it) and tasty desserts, there’s even vegan and gluten free.

Very good wifi, then you can work.

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Relaks, Warsaw, Poland

The latter is really delicious coffee I was in Lisbon, this one a little short of it, but still great! I recommend it;) Moreover, the place is located in a quiet quiet area, very entourage and old school.

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Zapiecek, Warsaw, Poland

What I love about Eastern Europe is this! Delicious and soulful places from the category”like grandma visiting”. In this establishments in addition to rich soups, rolls and other meat, the main dish are dumplings. Boiled and fried with 100,500 filling options. From Roquefort and goat cheese to classics – with bacon. I recommend taking assorted.

In fact, this is not one institution, but a network. And as in any network, the restaurant is different from the restaurant. I recommend choosing places not on tourist routes, it’s more cozy and not too many people.

One of the quiet restrans of the network on Foursquare: Zapiecek