Great tortillas out of amaranth flour Rafita

What I liked:
1. Taste and form. I prefer wheat tortillas, because corn have a very strong smell, which literally puts the flavor of other ingredients. And then like with corn, but the taste is almost not reflected. And yet they are very thin. It should be tortillas just help to keep the stuffing.
2. Composition: amaranth, corn flour, water. There are options to eat Chia seeds, quinoa, etc. for the Sake of interest look at the composition tortillas in any grocery store. I in Moscow have not found anything decent. Here, however, is also not good do not sell, only in the Department of bio products luck.
In addition, they are also gluten-free and kosher, if someone important. Seen in all the major supermarkets in Cancun.

Superama, Cancun, Mexico

Perfectly beautiful, civilized stores.

Clean, good choice, everything in its place – it’s a pleasure to buy products here. Besides, it was the first time I’d ever seen an orange mango. Yes, they are just such redheads with pink barrels, these are not filters!

Orange mangoes come in several varieties and have their own unique taste. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like a mix of very ripe papaya and yellow mango, exotic and tropical or something. The aroma is generally knocking off your feet, narcotic! The flesh is softer and more tender than other varieties that I tried. Now I really want to find a white mango.

This place is on Foursquare: Superama

The most fragrant Provencal herbs Terana

Suddenly these Mexican-made Provencal herbs (company Terana)- the best in my life. So fragrant that there is no strength.

Ingredients: thyme, marjoram, rosemary, basil, fennel, sage and lavender.

Bought in the supermarket Soriana.

La Orgánica, Cancun, Mexico

UPD. I don’t know what happened to the owners of the place, but instead of La Organica, there is now another place (see the link below). Either it’s just been renamed, or it’s something completely new. You can only find out by experience;)

Cozy, modern, clean and delicious place!!! Freshest products, cool combinations. The portions are large, it is worth considering when ordering. And the service is pleasant) I want to come back!

Basic Mexican cuisine

In Mexico, many national dishes are essentially the same set of ingredients (filling meat, seafood, vegetables, sauces + tortilla wheat/corn), just served differently:

Burritos – filling wrapped in a large tortilla in the form of a roll. Enchilada – the filling, wrapped in a large tortilla in the form of a roll, is baked and poured with sauce. Quesadillas – the filling is wrapped in a large tortilla folded in half, fried and cut into segments. Fajita – when all the ingredients are served separately (toppings + small tortillas) and you make the tacos yourself. Tacos are not the name of a dish, but a method of serving. Anything served on / in small tortillas tortilla/tortilla called tacos/taco, or in the plural – tacos/tacos. Nachos “it’s a tortilla cut into pieces and fried into chips, and served with the same filling ingredients. Chile con carne – filling (in this case, meat), but served as a hot dish with nachos/tortilla.

Variety of flavors is achieved by the set/combination of ingredients used and their quantity. Therefore, each chef gets his own unique dish, and his culinary talent plays an important role in whether you like Mexican food or not;)

What fruits and vegetables to buy in Mexico

If you suddenly plan to live in Mexico not in an all-inclusive hotel, but to rent an apartment or even move here, then this post will be very useful to you. Well, to everyone else, too, for general development;)

What is especially beautiful in Mexico is fruit. And they are local. I was captivated by the abundance of options and their taste, mmmm. Everything is so juicy, ripe.

I especially recommend melon, papaya, avocado and mango. Melon is so good that you can eat its flesh almost with the peel. Mangoes are exactly the same as in Thailand (my favorite), and both varieties (pictured) are very good!

Still, of course, it is important to choose the right fruit.

With melon, it somehow intuitively turns out, I choose some varieties by flavor, and with mango I have such rules: the fruit should be smooth and elastic visually, but soft to the touch (I slightly squeeze it when choosing) and with a pleasant sweet aroma. I choose “green” mangoes on the same principle, but so that they turn yellow as much as possible, and even better – red. If there are no super ripe mangoes, but the fruits are close to this, then they should not be stored in the refrigerator. So they will reach the condition in 1-2 days. Very ripe mangoes I keep only in the fridge. About the beauty papaya, which here is just awesome, I will say three points:

1. it turned out that this plant is native to Mexico (I always thought that from Asia).

2. I choose papaya/bring it to super ripe state just like mango (see above).

3. I love to eat papaya, sprinkled with lime juice, and nothing else.

Limes they are also very tasty and different. The one on the left is 2 times smaller than usual, with a bumpy ugly skin (like kaffir) and has an intense coniferous aroma somewhat similar to Juniper.

In a Mexican supermarket, a bunch of all sorts of things, the names of which I do not know, and which I did not even see in the picture)) So I decided to at least try something completely new for myself. And this novelty for me was the local nopal cactus (prickly pear).

I studied recipes with him for a long time and decided to fry. It turned out like a boiled sour-salted cucumber)) You can throw in a salad or taco, but I would not repeat the experiment)) And yet I recommend the Cactus too, simply because it is one of the symbols of the country. Suddenly you will like it, by the way))