Falafel Hakosem, Tel Aviv, Israel

My favorite restaurant in Tel Aviv. The most delicious hummus, eggplant, kebab, meat and falafel. here. Excellent service and a wonderful attitude to customers, will help to choose, etc. and a trifle, but how it brightens up waiting in line-here they are treated to the freshest hot falafel. Especially true when you are very hungry))

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Lehamim, Tel Aviv, Israel

This the most famous bakery in Tel Aviv. As it turned out, they even have a branch in NYC. Nice place. Most of all I remember the cheese stick and almond croissant. Here you can have a snack by ordering drinks. Conveniently, this place is open around the clock except Fri-Sat (Shabbat) If you like bread, pastries, desserts-it’s worth going here.

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Cafe Levinsky 41, Tel Aviv, Israel

An extraordinary place and the most unusual soft drink I drank. The institution is a small counter, where mainly drinks (coffee and lemonades) are served. There is no menu. If you can more or less decide on coffee, then things are more complicated with lemonades. They can include a variety of fruits, syrups, juices, herbs, while the barista makes a drink to your taste. It is very unusual to observe the process of making a drink and wait with trepidation for the result)

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Xoho, Tel Aviv, Israel

Wonderful place for European breakfasts in Tel Aviv. The cafe is vegetarian, but there are many dishes with eggs, fish and cheese, and in the morning this is quite enough, I think. The ingredients are interesting, combinations with a twist.

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Cafe Bezalel-Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel

In everyday life, I rarely eat pasta or pizza for two reasons:

1. I prefer to consume carbohydrates from other foods (cereals and legumes),

2. I love the filling in these dishes more than pasta or dough cake, so I usually eat a mix of similar ingredients in the form of salads or snacks.

But when traveling to countries where the national cuisine is very different from my usual diet, and there is no way to cook, Italian restaurants are the best places to relax from local food. Simple and understandable dishes are very helpful. And then there is such a nice cafe Cafe Bezalel-Jerusalem that I can even recommend. Nothing special, but somehow everything is fine)

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Tmol Shilshom, Jerusalem, Israel

The most delicious shakshuka that I met in Israel.

And the most delicious breakfast. Cafes Tmol Shilshom very nice, although not my style (like my grandmother’s apartment), but here it is appropriate and harmonious. Great service and music (hooray!) European unobtrusive 70-80s. The moment it all came together.

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My favorite dishes of the Israeli cuisine

Israeli cuisine has developed from several national cultures, so it is very different. I will write only about those dishes that I love:

Hummus – puree cooked chickpeas with spices, olive oil, tahini and lemon juice.

Tahini-sesame paste (often served with and/or mixed with hummus).

Falafel – deep-fried chickpea balls with spices and herbs.

Labneh-cream cheese (usually served with zaatar, zaatar is an oregano-type herb).

Baba Ganush – appetizer of baked eggplant on coals. Usually in the form of a not very punched puree with the smell of haze from coals. I also like fried eggplants, usually they are deep-fried here.

Shish kebab / kebab made of meat or fish. I especially love lamb kebab, because it goes great with hummus and eggplant.

М meze (snack set), pita or shawarma with all of the above. That is, with hummus, falafel, labneh, eggplant, etc. the main thing is that hummus and tahini were more)

Shakshuka – scrambled eggs in a sauce of tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, onions and spices. Served with cheese, herbs, Pitas.

Of course, I love it all, but I don’t get carried away, because the dishes are high-calorie and very different from my usual diet.

Ha achim, Tel Aviv, Israel

The post is not exactly about the restaurant Ha’achim (although he’s nice), namely about Friday and Saturday brunch (9.00-12.00), he’s just freaky!!!

A Super way to taste the most popular Israeli dishes in excellent quality and without restrictions. I recommend it very much, especially on Saturday, when it’s Shabbat, and almost all establishments are closed;)

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Moon, Tel Aviv, Israel

Gastronomic discoveries in Moon it didn’t happen, but I have nothing to complain about, and that’s good. I watched how the food was prepared, and I liked it, the fish is fresh, the service is pleasant. From the little things: ginger is simply pickled, and not with sugar and dye, as is often the case. Still surprised coffee! I drank espresso (and it shows the quality of grain, water, coffee machine), and I liked it. In short, if in Tel Aviv you suddenly want sushi, then you can go here.

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