Café Magvető, Budapest, Hungary

Cool and free coworking in Budapest.

There are nice, modern, you can rent a room for the event. There is both the stage and screen, and very good coffee. Not wow, but much better than many coffee houses.

If you have to spend the time to plane or work the perfect place.

I don’t see any cons! Recommend.

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Seasonal strawberries in Budapest

I can’t tell you how good I am in Budapest seasonal strawberries.

If you will be in the city in the strawberry season-I highly recommend it!

Chez Dodo, Budapest, Hungary

All macaron lovers definitely over here.

In France itself, you will rarely find this dessert in such a performance. It is better to come in the morning, because in the evening there are not all tastes.

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Taverna Dionysos Budapest, Hungary

This Greek restaurant he really liked me that’s why:

Quality fresh produce, perfectly cooked, generous portions. In short, the classic “Greece” in a cool performance. The appetizers, meat and seafood main courses were super. It did not come to desserts)

The feeling that you are in Greece is very atmospheric.

The service is excellent!

Sorry, but separately I want to tell you about the toilet. Touch light and water-it’s eco-friendly. The touch-sensitive drain Button and door are hygienic (personally, I don’t see the point in washing your hands if you then have to open dirty doors with those clean hands of yours anyway). The presence of dry and wet wipes in the booth, toothpicks and hygiene products in the common room, a changing room with everything you need – this is respect for customers. No, this toilet does not surprise me, I just think that it should be like this (in those institutions where all this is relevant and appropriate )

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Onyx (2 Michelin star), Budapest, Hungary

This is an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Some details about the restaurant:

Стол table is convenient to book via Sait (it is recommended to do this 90 days before the visit).

The site also indicates the rules for visiting the institution, which should be studied in advance.

About food. The guest can choose from a set (3 or 4 dishes for lunch, 6 or 8 for dinner). One set is the author’s from the chef, the second is modern Hungarian cuisine (I tried it).

In such restaurants, the Cook does not feed bread, give the dish a flower to decorate.

I once again discovered lavender as a spice.

Mushroom cream soup, my Seth favorite:

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Endorfine csokoládéüzlet, Budapest, Hungary

In the photo ice cream from stores with handmade sweets for vegans and adherents of paleo nutrition. Mango-passion fruit is just wow, a very interesting subtle taste of coconut with poppy seeds. And there is no chymose in the composition and all that is healthy. Nice service, by the way. I’ll come back and, perhaps, I’ll steal their taste ideas.

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For Sale Pub, Budapest, Hungary

I highly recommend at least one visit this place. It’s not that tasty, just fun and conceptual. There is no wi-fi, lighting is mostly candles, there is no living space on the walls (papers with reviews of visitors are glued), and on the floor there are mountains of peanut shells everywhere. Not having time to sit down, you put a basket of peanuts on the table (a compliment from the institution) and literally are not allowed to put the cleaning-everything must be thrown on the floor) And another compliment is a basin of pickles, here they are terribly tasty!!! Even if you usually do not like this-it is worth tasting) I love places of a different format, but it was sooo memorable.

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Első Pesti Rétesház — Strudel House, Budapest, Hungary

This one restaurant I have long and dearly love

Although the place specializes in strudels, as the name suggests, I mostly go here for foie gras. It is great here both in hot form (pictured) and in cold. My favorite menu items: main course, or a variant of cold appetizers. But this time it was a very Hungarian dinner. Finally, I tried goulash and retesh (strudel) – these are some of the most iconic dishes of Hungarian cuisine.

Goulash is not mine, Strudel is delicious!

He has a very tooooy dough. And here you can see how it is done)

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