Thessaloniki, Greece

ERGON Agora – my favorite place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cozy, excellent quality products, delicious combinations in dishes.  I especially recommend bagel with salmon from the breakfast menu.

The restaurant is located at the delicatessen store, so you can take with you delicious yeast-free bread, olives, cheese and other goodies.

The Grocery of Thessaloniki “another good delicatessen shop.

To Elliniko and Sebriko – two good tasty taverns with traditional Greek cuisine.

Marea sea spirit – another Greek restaurant, but with an emphasis on sea products.

Bougatsa Giannis – an inconspicuous cafe with a perfect bugatz (Filo puff pastry pie with filling). It seems to be the simplest dish, but having tried a huge number of them, I will say that the pie is different! There is the thinnest delicious dough, a lot of filling. Since the Pies are quickly disassembled, they are always fresh and warm.

Pulp – a bar with a record selection of beer for the city, including imported.

Cocoa from the Greek company Jotis

A random purchase, but it turned out to be a very, very delicious cocoa from the Greek company Jotis. After the purchase, I read about it and was pleasantly surprised by the solid age of the company (more than 90 years), the breadth of the range and approach to production. Recommend. I will try their other products myself on occasion.

What delicious to bring from Greece

In Greece a lot of delicious foods. Especially note the strawberries are in season, tomatoes, olives, halloumi cheese and feta cheese, fish and seafood, oranges. But to bring all of them. Well, anything can be put in a suitcase, but in what form it will come – XS. Therefore I for myself have identified the following positions:

1. Spices.

The spices here are also very delicious because it’s fresh. I brought a whole bag (pictured Malaguena part of): oregano, Basil, rosemary, thyme, different types of peppers and paprika and much more. Also picked up a ready mix for kebab and tzatziki sauce. Yet there is only local spices, for example, powder from the seeds of cherries, which put into holiday baking.

2. Olives.

Olives you can buy in a sealed package right in front of you fly safely and take them home. What are olives and their right to choose wrote here.

3. Cheese.

I recommend stay in Greece to try in stores different cheeses and already to take the most delicious. But if you fly home you very long, then that position I would have dropped.

4. Sweets.

If you’re a fan of sweet, I recommend to buy honey baklava with pistachios/walnuts or almonds. This product is also excellent drive, even on long distances. It can be of different visual types, but globally the taste is about the same. The main thing is to find a quality bakery in the place where you rest.

5. Chickpeas.

He’s excellent here, as in all countries where it is part of the culinary culture. Here wrote about the variety that I liked best.

6. “Zapresheno”.

This item is actual for citizens of the Russian Federation. So it shouldn’t take all of Greece, only Greek. Ham and cheese are waiting for you)

Also, many imported from Greece olive oil, honey and alcohol, but I don’t see the point. First, it may break. Secondly, in Russia there are elegant shops with a huge selection of olive oil and nowhere to put your things in danger. Alcohol Greek – shit. And to drag these cans bottles hard. So I don’t carry, what do you want;)

Here’s another useful article on the subject: How to store olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Fruit and vegetable mini-market Froutonea, Greece

Just supperski market/store. Excellent fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, dairy products and bread. From conventional markets, they are distinguished by the fact that here all the price tags in place, and you don’t make the prices random, you can pay by card, quality obsluzhivanie friendly and they work long hours and on weekends, which is a huge rarity in Greece. And what they have great strawberries, mmmmmmm….)

Here is their logo and addresses of the stores:

Greek chickpeas Larissa

One of the most delicious chickpeas, which I tried. The brand name comes from the place where it grows chickpeas. Direct highly recommended if you’re in Greece. I was even with him to Russia bought it, because rarely such a find, and I love chickpeas:)

Bufala Gelato, Greece

Delicious ice cream in Greece. I tried ice cream from other manufacturers, and it was something terrible. In comparison with them, bufala is just a fairy tale)))

This is a small network, but very popular with the local population, and not only local. Their trick is that they make several types of ice cream from buffalo milk and try to offer interesting combinations of flavors, in addition to the classic ones. Vegan options are also available.

One of the chain’s establishments on Foursquare: Bufala Gelato

Drossos/Δρόσος, Glyfada, Greece

This bakery is truly the most delicious bread in the suburbs of Athens! I highly recommend to take a non-yeasted walnut. I was warned that it disappears in 30 minutes, but in fact it happens even faster:)

Pour into a platter of Greek olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar and enjoy with a fresh crust of bread, dipped it in this aromatic mix. Divine!

This place on Foursquare: Drossos

Kayak, Greece

The best Gelato in Greece!

First, the taste, it is excellent. So natural and carefully checked that my buds are happy as ever.

Secondly, happy approach. Company Kayak competently combines tradition (use Greek products) and the most advanced production technologies and monitors trends in the world of food. There are variations of ice cream for people that hold different types of food (no lactose, no sugar, etc.).

Important. I don’t recommend cafe that sells ice cream, I recommend the ice cream.

One of the institutions of the network on Foursquare: Kayak

AB, Greece

The good network of grocery stores in Athens. Good range, clean and tidy. The store is also available of online shopping that is very convenient.

One of the stores on Foursquare: AB