Chez le libanais is, Paris, France

Sometimes (very rarely) I eat Shawarma, gyros and the like burritos, but not all.
And are looking for someone who loves his job, and that’s a simple meal cooks as the top dishes in the best restaurants.
The owners of this establishment twist Shawarma as gods. And that’s all consistently and sincerely.
Under this name from two places: full restaurant to sit, and the tent across the road to buy food to go. Here it is what I ate.
The products are great combination of awesome, but can ask for the filling to your taste. Homemade sauces with aromatic spices.
I write a post, but she had an irresistible want to eat this bag of photos many, many times.

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Chez le libanais is

Nuage Café, Paris, France

I did not think that I would write about coworking, but here. Beautiful place if you need to work in Paris, and the hotel or apartment does not have such an opportunity.

The space is divided into zones of different formats (for individual negotiations, a common area, a zone where you can sit in a relaxed atmosphere on ottomans). Visitors are as different as the zones themselves, but no one bothers anyone.

And this view!

Well, the rental price includes excellent coffee (I did not expect), lemonade and snacks for every taste. Even I found myself an acceptable snack, very tasty TS bread.

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Café de la Nouvelle Mairie, Paris, France

VERY traditional Breakfast and a VERY traditional French place.
I am not a fan of the old dark bistro with a specific atmosphere and smell, the creaking from the old worn chairs and mini tables, but this place was no exception.
Why liked:
1. Open early from 8.00 am.
2. Breakfast is served instantly because he the base and includes coffee, orange juice and croissant/baguette with butter and jam.
3. Coffee is very good.
4. Atmosphere. Come here for Breakfast mostly locals. Some bite behind the counter at the entrance, reading Newspapers (Yes, print newspaper, and not a gadget), someone comes in, orders a Cup of espresso 1 and grandly sit for hours with a book. There are men in berets, ladies with dogs, in short as in books and movies about the classic Paris.
5. And then in front of the entrance of a huge flower bed, now on her spring daffodils and a huge red tulips. You sit with your coffee and admire)
So for total immersion in the mood of the city, I recommend to look here.

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Café de la Nouvelle Mairie

Paperboy, Paris, France

Beautiful modern breakfast/brunch area especially if you’re an “owl”☕

The establishment opens at 12.00, and the menu has “breakfast” dishes all day (!), and everything is delicious. And they also serve their cool bread with butter, nutty hand made pasta and Cookie sauce. speculoos.

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Boulangerie La Parisienne, Paris, France


At first glance, every bakery in Paris is sweet and beautiful, but it’s not. As in all countries, the range of institutions varies from reference to mediocre. This bakery (in general, their small network), which for this visit to Paris I liked the most.

The bread is different, for all tastes. Croissants are fresh, they are taken out of the bakery as soon as the tray is empty, and this happens instantly;) There are all sorts of ready-made sandwiches and sweets for breakfast.

Everything is cool, but coffee is better to buy here.

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Berthillon, Paris, France

Until recently, it was it’s ice cream it was my favorite (now in the first place American). Humphry Slocombe), but still it is my number 2.

I especially recommend pistachio, chocolate and mango (flavors may vary depending on the season). I will specially leave here a photo of the view of the cafe itself, so as not to confuse and go to exactly the same place, because competitors do not sleep and call their establishments similar words, which can be misleading. Here is only one sadness: the size of portions. Previously, they were 2 times larger, which is visible to the naked eye.

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