Olde Hansa, Tallinn, Estonia

And this is mine pet restaurant in Tallinn The place is located right in the heart of the Old Town, authentic and therefore tourist, but it’s incredibly tasty!!! They serve game, pickles, homemade cheeses, fruit drinks, tinctures on berries, etc. Everyone who eats meat should definitely try moose here.

In the warm season there is a veranda, and in general inside the lighting is only candles, semi-darkness. But pleasant, not sinister. Service is great too. Very emotional. This place is on Foursquare: Olde Hansa

Leib Resto ja Aed Tallinn, Estonia

Leib Resto ja Aed is a great modern restaurant.

What we liked:

1. Location. Hidden in the courtyard, very comfortable, especially in warm weather. Inside not so pleasant to sit on the veranda.

2. Prepared with seasonal ingredients. I love and respect. Seasonal vegetables/fruits the best part, well, it’s great that the menu changes often, it’s interesting.

3. All the dishes were delicious and unusual. Supply beautiful and without frills.

4. Since this place is off the tourist trail and the prices are encouraging, although the level of institutions is quite high (for Tallinn). This place on Foursquare: Leib Resto ja Aed

About establishments of Tallinn in General

A large part of the establishments of Tallinn, I can be divided into 2 categories: “Hello middle ages” and “trendy place”. This includes restaurants and eateries, and coffee shops… everything. There are a few Asian, Italian places, but they are much smaller.

Authentic institutions that offer appropriate food (poultry, pickles, etc.). Some of them authentic to the hideousness.
Modern establishments offer dishes similar to the menu of gourmet restaurants (gala presentation, unusual combination of flavors, the author’s interpretation of classical dishes, etc.). But their problem is that many (not all) just showing off/trying to emulate someone and not make a really delicious meal.

Responsibly I walked a lot of institutions of different sizes to find something worthwhile. Some left immediately, somewhere ordered and not eaten in the end, where some remained longer, and in a few restaurants I came back. And this is for me the only criterion that place I like!
Talk about them separately)