Torvehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark

Torvehallerne – this is the first gastromarket-a grocery market that I sincerely liked! I have been in similar spaces in different countries, but only here I found really tasty and varied food for adequate money for Copenhagen(!)

Tasted were: the most traditional dish of Danish cuisine-smorrebrod from the most famous sandwich Hallernes Smørrebrød classic Danish snail with cinnamon from Lauras Bakery. delicious salad from Fresh Market (as if bought in my favorite Whole Foods) and coffee from The Coffee Collective.

I liked absolutely everything, but most of all coffee and salad. I liked the salad so much that I rewrote the ingredients for myself and I will certainly cook it at home, then I will post the recipe;)

Coffee deserves special attention, as this is the only place during the entire trip in which I enjoyed a drink.

By the way, they have a large separate cafe, not just a point on the market.

Market (grocery and flower) it’s small, but somehow everything is there and so beautiful that you want to buy a suitcase of food. And I was ready to admire the flowers endlessly and inhale this fresh delicate fragrance.

Of the minuses: dirty tables in some areas (I solve this issue with wet wipes, which are always with me) and not very convenient location of toilets.

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