1 Minute, Prague, Czech Republic

Now a very surprising recommendation, but a useful one. I at once will tell not about gastronomy or HLS place, and about where it is convenient and pleasant to eat at the airport in Prague.

In the arrival hall (that can also be reached from the zone of departure), in terminal 2 there is a nice cafe 1 Minute. It is located in a cozy corner right next to the store BILLA. Then you can take a choice of soup, main course, appetizers, salads and desserts. Each position 2-3 pieces, but this is enough. And the food is not disgusting stolobenskaya, and quite tasty. But it’s okay, then you can safely afford to sit and eat food from the Bill, and there are ready-made salads, sliced fruit and vegetables, hot food from cooking. In short, buzz!

And another huge plus is the timetable on the screen right in the cafe. For it is right now.

I was super hungry and in search of food went ALL over the airport, but stopped at this nice place;)

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Wine Food – The Italians, Prague, Czech Republic

Lovely Italian space with different zones. There’s pizza, and cooking, and a food store, and bIstro, where you can choose a meat or fish and you cook them as you like. On the menu, of course, can also be ordered.

Local bird lane is a separate attraction. At first I did not understand WHENCE come THESE sounds like a siren. It was loud and strange, I even jerked at first. Later he realized that it was from birds))) in addition, she sings songs and talks, mimics different sounds. No a parrot does not compare, believe me. No idea how its taught)))

P. S. the Place is cool, only it is in the suburbs and in so-so neighborhood, keep in mind.

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Lehká hlava, Prague, Czech Republic

Great vegetarian place with the sweetest staff!

Everything was tasty. Every time I like a child happy, when vegan meals are making such interesting and rich in taste.

Especially remember the pate cashews and miso paste with berry jam. Definitely going to cook something similar at home.

And they are really ethical comrades. The tubes are reusable, but with them all wrapped in paper and cardboard.

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Výčep, Prague, Czech Republic

This is my favorite restaurant in Prague! The moment when that does not take on the menu, all delicious. Have afabulous combination of flavors and colors traditionally Czech cuisine, I would call the kitchen – the new Czech.

What I liked: high quality ingredients; the menu changes often depending on the season, bake this bread and it is great; do pickles-Morelia and they are beautiful; skillfully prepare the meat and have my camera dry aging, good service.

Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth anyway try the desserts, it’s something!

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U Kroka, Prague, Czech Republic

This is a restaurant with excellent Czech cuisine, but not a direct classic, traditional and with a modern touch. The products are quality and fresh, all cooked perfectly, interesting combinations of ingredients, so everything is really delicious!

If you want to try the perfect Czech knuckle, I recommend to do it here, because the combination of such a tender meat at the same time with an incredibly crispy crust I more anywhere did not meet. In addition, the knuckle cooked without any marinades that I really appreciate.

P. S. I Recommend to book a table in advance for evening and weekend.

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