Food in China

Out of the unusual, I still tried jellyfish and a hundred-year-old egg. Jellyfish-nuttaaak, rubber something. And the egg is a traditional snack in China (just a business card). In short, it is done this way: take an egg and keep it for several months without air access, smeared with a special mixture. As a result of the chemical reaction, the protein becomes brown and transparent, and the yolk is green. It tastes unusual and like pickled. Nuuu, for an amateur)

In general, Chinese cuisine is one of the most diverse Asian cuisines☝ and all why, because the Chinese empire is no joke. Ancient traditions and a large area with a diverse climate influenced the fact that almost everyone eats here. Everything that grows and moves (vegetables, mushrooms, cereals, insects, meat of anyone….). And there are a Million Ways to cook it all: steam, cook, stew, fry, bake, marinate, dry, dry, try everything, you need to hang out here for a long time.

And in the photo-Chinese food, which I can only look at, and then with difficulty. By the way, viewing helps to tame the appetite, right?))