Brø Bakery, Minsk, Belarus

And this is suuuper bakery with croissants and bread.

You will not find it in life if you do not know the address (Maryevskaya 5A) and what the entrance looks like (in the photo just it). This is not your usual shop with a showcase, but a bakery hidden in a building next to the baths and fitness center.

Apparently, their main customers are restaurants, but they are also happy with people)

In general, who wants a hot croissant and fragrant yeast-free bread-all here.

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Old Tiflis, Minsk, Belarus

Found in Minsk cool place. It is not located in the center and outside as “Restoran”, but inside… it’s so warm and delicious that I drool even at the sight of my own photo. I did not find such Adjaruli in Moscow (such as peeled Batumi – without excess crumb inside), with a lot of cheese and a crispy crust. I didn’t really want to eat, but in such a situation I couldn’t stop))) I love Caucasian cuisine!

This place is on Foursquare: Old Tiflis