Mochi, Vienna, Austria

Good restaurant with sushi. Small but cozy, in a warm season, a large veranda. Great service and quality of food. The place is very trendy, so you should book a table in advance.

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Cha No Ma, Vienna, Austria

This place located next to the Naschmarkt and it is a lovers paradise matcha A cozy place with cute Japanese girls + a small shop with tea and tea ceremony accessories. I was captivated by the fact that there are even dishes and appliances from Japan. I love such a thorough approach! There are both hot and cold drinks, variations with coconut and chocolate, desserts and traditional Japanese onigiri snacks. Everything is delicious, only the dessert of mochi (rice dough) is not mine. No matter how many times I try, once again I am convinced of this.

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Le Loft, Vienna, Austria

This view! The best in Vienna! Actually, for his sake it is worth visiting the institution (the last floor of the hotel SofitelEverything else didn’t impress me. You can get to the bar at any time, and in order to have a snack, it is better to book a table in advance;)

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Joseph Brot vom Pheinsten, Vienna, Austria

Good place for breakfast and at the same time the best bakery in Vienna (they have 4 establishments in the city)

You can have breakfast until 15.00 (this is a rarity!). And I liked the coffee, and very friendly service (as in all of Vienna). One minus-the place is popular and therefore noisy.

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Julius Meinl am Graben, Vienna, Austria

Here you can live!” (C)

First of all, the cafe on the 1st floor has the best coffee that I met in Vienna. And what a piece of brownie is served with it, mmm

Second, this shop! An absolute must visit for foodies. I almost do not see the point in restaurants when there is such a store. I highly recommend buying all sorts of goodies and arrange a chic breakfast-lunch-dinner or picnic in the park at home.

There are so many boxes and jars with contents that I have never had in the kitchen that I immediately want to study and learn new recipes and cooking approaches. For me it’s cooler than any museum)

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