Wintering / vesnovka in Croatia (about food)

This is a post about where in Croatia to eat, drink, buy groceries, and which ones deserve attention.


In winter / early spring / late autumn, there are much fewer locations. Places from the Michelin Guide are almost all closed with a few exceptions. In especially tourist cities like Dubrovnik, Split and Sibenik, you can generally stay hungry, let alone get a gastronomic experience. There are closed doors everywhere, and there is no information about when they will be opened either on the website or on these very doors))) So, if you are visiting the country in the summer, then you will have a wider choice.


Dubrovnik (I wrote about it earlier here).


In this city, most of the establishments are closed in winter, since the coffee shops are open. Excellent specialty coffee can be enjoyed at 4 coffee soul food and at D 16.

Rovinj Augusto Specialty Coffee shop is a wonderful coffee shop, the coffee is amazing. Straight love❤️

Opatija Pizzeria Roko – I recommend pizza, it’s excellent here. And in all establishments of the Roko network.

Kaokakao – I recommend pistachio cake here.

Where did I buy groceries in and around Opatija:

The only decent big store in the city is Spar.

In addition to Spar, the city has a pleasant grocery market in the city center (Trznica Opatija) and a small Konzum store next to it. All other supermarkets have a very poor assortment.

Peanut paste, alternative types of flour and other useful joys are sold at the BIPA cosmetics store.

I also recommend a chain of healthy lifestyle stores – Tvornica Zdrave Hrane (I was in a store in Rijeka).

There is awesome sourdough bread in Cafe Romero.

Divine coffee (photo in the carousel) I bought in a very non-trivial place on the advice of the owner of the rented apartment, in the cafe Barocco. Moreover, it is ideal for Turks, it was burned out in a coffee machine to my taste.


There are many different products in Croatia, but they do not always have a good composition. Therefore, below I keep photos of exactly those positions that I have been selecting for a long time according to this criterion: