What is conscious consumption (consumer culture)

I am constantly talking about the consumer culture and conscious consumption, I decided to write what I understand by this.

I believe that human life is in fact constant consumption, first, the resources of his body, and secondly, external resources, i.e. resources of the Earth (water, plants, soil, minerals, etc).

Accordingly, to keep life going, then the resources should be used wisely (to protect them) and ideally regularly to replace it. Actually this is a fairly simple operation, which needs to be taken, to pay attention to them consciously.

What to do?

1. At the level of the body is a balanced meal (when the body consumes the necessary quantity of macro – and micronutrients), restful sleep, in sufficient quantity, regular physical activity, positive emotions and life satisfaction.

2. External resources (on this topic also wrote here)

This includes not only such labor-intensive activities like planting trees, cleaning areas of debris (cleanup), waste sorting and subsequent recycling, but also very easy things: use reusable bags, not plastic bags; turn off the water while you are it do not use it (while brushing your teeth, for example); the use of non-conventional energy sources in the home, using household Nehemie etc.

You can find huge and detailed lists of such “simple cases” on the Internet. Select at least a few of the items you going to do differently, and it would be a huge contribution to your present.

Start with yourself, and there to the salvation of the world is near;)

A little about ecology

I’m getting about 1 bag of garbage a day, that is 7 packs a week, 365 packs a year… You can continue to do the calculation by multiplying the number of days in year the number of people in the city. Imagine this pile of shit and getting scared. I’m not talking about the waste industry.

While I objectively understand that this is a reality of human life. Human life is the consumption of Earth resources. In any case, even if you live in a tent and are super eco life, you still litter the planet.

So I’m trying in my own life to save the Earth, and even better – fix it. It sounds pompous, but it’s quite simple daily rituals that are available to everyone: to use environmentally friendly household chemicals, go to the store with a reusable bag, recycle what you can take, etc.

In many civilized countries have long understood that once the resources run out and you need to restore them. In some countries this is understood, but do nothing about it. And in some countries do not understand and do not expect to understand.

In whatever country we live, I believe that much depends on one person. To introduce the culture of consumption in their lives, in family life, among his circle of friends. Here I am telling you, and this is more than my social circle.

Who of you knows all of this – well done who did not think – think, and probably also something to reconsider in your life, because I have read the people are smart and conscious.

I love the forest

Collecting mushrooms, please take care of the mycelium! If you for some reason did not bring the knife to gently slice the mushroom, then try to break it gently to the root or twist.

All findings recommend that set it to check for “cervicati” to, first, not to bring home extra, and, secondly, wormy mushroom can be an excellent source of spores for new mushrooms. Just hang it on the branch of a tree;)

PS About the fact that in the forest no need to litter, I am silent. Sure I only read those on is not much.