Olivier salad (our family recipe)

It is this salad that I have eaten since childhood, and honestly, I have not found a recipe tastier than it. Neither with caviar, nor with shrimp and squid, nor lean, nor with fish, and with anything else does not give me such a buzz as our family recipe.


  • Beef pulp-700 g.
  • Chicken eggs-5-6 PCs.
  • Potatoes-2-3 pieces of medium size
  • Carrots – 2 PCs. large or 3 pcs. medium size
  • Sweet and sour juicy apple – 1 large or 2 small (I like more apples, it tastes juicier and fresher)
  • Salted / pickled cucumbers-5-6 PCs.
  • Canned peas (without sugar) – 1 jar or 200-250 G.
  • Mayonnaise – to taste. I really ask you to buy delicious or make it yourself. Unfortunately, a stupid Mazik can spoil the taste of even a very tasty salad.
  • Horseradish (optional, but it will be much more interesting and tasty).

How to do:

1. meat, eggs and vegetables I usually cook the day before. Pour boiling water over the meat and cook for 2-3 hours until very soft. I cook without spices and salt because the salad will have a lot of spicy and salty ingredients. Cool completely, then cut into cubes about the size of peas. I like it when all the ingredients in this salad are the same size.

2. potatoes and carrots wash and cook in salted water for about 30 minutes. You do not need to clean them. Readiness is checked with a knife, it should easily enter to the middle of the largest vegetable. Immediately drain the water, completely cool, clean and cut into cubes.

3. eggs cook in salted water for 10-15 minutes. In salt, so that the shell easily departs. Fill the finished eggs with cold water, clean right in it. So it is easier to clean, and the shell all settles to the bottom, there is definitely nothing left on the eggs themselves. Cut into cubes.

4. apples need to be washed, cleaned and similarly cut into cubes.

5. cucumbers cut into cubes, like all the previous ingredients. I recommend buying them small. If the cucumbers are very large, they will have tasteless huge seeds and a lot of brine, and they themselves will be too sluggish, not crispy. In addition, small cucumbers can not be cleaned, their skin is tender.

6. peas are thrown back into a colander, drain the brine and rinse them a little. You can not rinse, the main thing is to drain the brine well, because there is a lot of salt in it.

7. combine all the ingredients in a large container, which can be hermetically sealed. I do not recommend all mayonnaise at once, unless you immediately eat it all. It is better to mix the required amount of salad with the sauce immediately before serving. Salad can be served in portions, laying it out in a culinary ring. I decorated it with mayonnaise, pickled cucumber straws and boiled egg yolk. I highly recommend eating this salad with horseradish.

Taking this opportunity, I want to thank my mother for this recipe (and also for the recipe Herring under a fur coat) and wish everyone a good appetite!

My perfect Caesar salad with chicken

I love trushny “Caesar”!

So that the salad leaves are exactly Romano, the freshest, the chicken meat is fragrant, tender, juicy, well-grilled, sauce with anchovies and Parmesan (real!), without decorations in the form of eggs and tomatoes.

Nuance. The traditional sauce for this salad is made on the basis of raw eggs, and I do not eat raw eggs due to the potential threat to health. Salmonella and that’s it…

If you share my views, then here is a recipe (for 2 servings):

1. chicken breast. Instead of breast, you can use chicken thigh fillet. With it it is tastier, and with a breast it is Dietetic.

For my taste, broiler chicken breast is a tasteless something, so I always try to transform it. In this case – marinated. Take 1 breast (2 fillets), wash, dry with a paper towel, remove cartilage, bones and excess fat (if any), add 1 chopped garlic clove, 2stl.olive oil, 1st. L.lemon juice. Juice can be replaced with kefir/yogurt/matzoni 3-4st. L. Leave for 12-24h in the refrigerator.

Then clean the marinade and either bake in the oven, wrapped in a sheet of parchment at 180C until cooked (about 25 minutes), or fry on all sides on medium-high heat until golden brown (about 20 minutes). There will be a lot of juice in the pan, this is normal. So the chicken will first be extinguished, become juicy and will definitely cook inside, and then it will acquire an appetizing crispy crust.

You can use Turkey for a change. I even like Turkey better!

2. refueling

While the breast is fried, make the sauce. It is necessary to beat with an immersion blender into an emulsion 2 tbsp. L. lemon juice and 3 tbsp. L. olive oil, then add 2 yolks of hard-boiled eggs, 50g of grated Parmesan, 1-2H. L. Dijon mustard, 1-2zub garlic, passed through the press, 1H. L. Worcestershire sauce and 4 anchovies, once again beat everything thoroughly until a homogeneous sour cream consistency. Taste and add salt/white pepper to taste. The sauce is ready.

Refueling can be prepared without eggs at all-on akwafabe this is the liquid obtained from cooking legumes (how to cook it wrote hereYou can also use aquafaba from canned legumes. The water in which canned chickpeas, peas and beans float – this is it.

For this sauce, we need about 4 tbsp. L. or 60ml of aquafaba instead of yolks, all other ingredients are unchanged. First, whisk in a strong foam aquafaba, lemon juice, mustard, Worcestershire sauce. Then sooo slowly add olive oil without turning off the blender. Should get a thick yellowish sauce. If this does not happen, add another 1-2 tablespoons of oil. Once the sauce is thick, add anchovies, cheese, garlic and punch until smooth. Done!

3. garlic croutons I make by this or this the recipe. Their number is at your discretion. You can not put at all.

4. Preparation

200g. Romano salad mixed with half the dressing, spread 100g of salad mixture on 2 plates, spread the chopped chicken fillet on top, pour it with the remaining sauce, in any order decorate with thin slices of Parmesan and croutons. Enjoy while the chicken is warm)

Salad with roast beef

Roast beef salad:

1. cook roast beef (recipe here):

2. dressing: 3 parts olive oil, 1 part Dijon mustard, 1 part honey, 1 part balsamic vinegar (can be replaced with lemon juice or wine vinegar), a little salt and pepper. Shake everything to the state of emulsion and try. There should be a sweet-sour sauce with a distant mustard tinge. I love this salad enough dressing (70-100 ml. per serving).

3. Wash, Dry and spread salad leaves on a plate (I like the mixture of arugula with chard), then throw fresh tomatoes, cream cheese/feta, sprinkle with ½ part of the dressing, then a layer of dried tomatoes, then thinly sliced meat, the remaining dressing, a little truffle oil. Finish with balsamic cream and capers.


If there are no ingredients – it does not matter, they can be omitted. But know – without them it will not be quite so.

I did not consider the exact proportions of the ingredients in the dish, but for 1 person approximately: a handful of greens, 1 small fresh tomato or 5 PCs.cherry tomatoes, 50 grams of cheese, 5-6 dried tomatoes, 150-200 gr of meat and a pinch of capers.

For beauty, I always leave a few pieces of meat and throw over the meat, already poured with sauce, (before the stage with capers), because meat with dressing does not look as aesthetically pleasing as without it;)

I do not know how cumbersome and florid the recipe sounds, but it is very simple and fast in fact. All Bon Appetit!