Vanilla coconut ice cream (vegan and sugarfree)

The recipe was born suddenly one of those products that was at home, and it was so bomber that now takes pride of place in my cookbook.

Do 5 minutes, not including the stage of freezing.

You will need 1 large ripe(!) banana, 200 ml coconut milk (can be cream if you like it meatier), juice of a quarter lime/lemon, 1H.l. ground vanilla (or the seeds of half a vanilla pod), a pinch of sea salt.

Optionally you can put the sweetener (but believe banana is enough) and a few mint leaves, if you love her.

1. Banana wash, peel, slice and freeze much.

2. In a blender to immerse all the ingredients and punching until smooth. Can eat immediately or freeze until more solid (like me).

How to freeze ice cream:

Method 1.

Shake all the ingredients in a blender and put into the freezer straight into the bowl(!). Then every hour to get and mix a lot, especially the fact that froze on the top and on the side of the Cup. Once the consistency of your ice cream will be quite thick, but still viscous (it also obviously there will be small pieces of ice, which can not be avoided and I really don’t like), then remove it and punch in a blender. After that my ice cream may be placed in storage container and put into the freezer.

Method 2.

If you remove the freezer in the bowl of a blender not possible, then just put ice cream in a storage container and put it in the freezer. Carefully stir the ice cream every 30-60 minutes, so that eventually his consitency was tender and not an ice block.

3. Feed. Ice cream and so delicious, but absolutely brilliant it becomes, if the top sprinkle with cocoa/carob and the coconut chips. Direct wow!

Mango sorbet with coconut and lime

This is a post about the recipe for mango ice cream and my two life hacks on how to make fruit sorbets without ice cream maker not with a piece of ice, but creamy and delicious;)


  • 2 ripe mangoes (400 g of pulp), ideally Thai,
  • Juice of half a lime (do not replace with lemon),
  • 1 tsp dry ginger (you can use the root, but its fibers will disrupt the creaminess of the consistency),
  • Optional sweetener, its amount depends on the sweetness of mango (I put 2-3 tbsp Jerusalem artichoke syrup),
  • Also optional 250-300 ml coconut milk / Greek yogurt.

That is, you can make sobet completely fruity, or you can with the addition of milk/yogurt. Tastes are quite different, try both options.

Life hacks in cooking:

Method 1.

Whisk all the ingredients in a blender and put them in the freezer right in the bowl(!). then every hour take out and mix the mass, especially what is frozen on top and along the walls of the bowl. As soon as the consistency of your ice cream becomes dense enough, but still viscous (there will also clearly be small ice floes in it, which cannot be avoided and which I really do not like), then take it out and punch it again in the blender. After that, the ice cream can already be transferred to a storage container and put in the freezer. You can eat after 1-2 hours, after slightly holding it at room temperature.

Method 2.

Mango must be pre-cleaned, cut and frozen. Next, as in Method 1, beat all the ingredients in a blender, and put the ice cream in the freezer in a storage container. When you punch frozen fruit, the ice floes are already broken and do not form again.

Important 1. Method 2 is similar to powerful blenders, in which there is an ice pick function, otherwise the device may not withstand the load.

Important 2. when you add sweets or decide not to do it at all, keep in mind that in cold form ice cream seems less sweet.

I recommend serving with mango slices, sprinkling them with lime juice, and a little coconut chips on top, mmmmmmmmm

Strawberry soup with homemade vanilla ice cream

Refreshing, fragrant, light and incredibly delicious dessert. I recommend to try even those who do not like soup, and even more so does not represent how the soup can be strawberry))


  • 500 g strawberries (wash thoroughly, remove tails, dry a little),
  • Mint leaves with 4-5 stems,
  • 100 ml of dry white wine (I do not know what to replace, you can not use it at all if you want to make it without alcohol),
  • 3 tbsp. L. Jerusalem artichoke syrup or any other sweetener of neutral taste (the amount of sweetener depends on the sweetness of strawberries, put it to your taste, while the soup should not be sweet – for this there is ice cream, but it should not be sour either).

Whisk everything in a blender until smooth, try, straighten the taste (just keep in mind that after the refrigerator all tastes will increase, especially mint), let it brew in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

Ice cream (do in advance).

  • 500 ml cream (from 20% fat and above),
  • 5 tbsp Jerusalem artichoke syrup (or to taste),
  • 1 vanilla stick or 2-3 tsp ground vanilla / vanilla extract,
  • 1/2 lemon.

I must say right away that there are 10 servings of ice cream here, it’s just more convenient for me to do a lot at once. Its still possible with Apple/Berry crumblom is, also very tasty.

Add Jerusalem artichoke syrup, seeds of one vanilla pod and the vanilla stick itself to the cream. Warm up a little (5 minutes), without bringing it to a hot state, let it cool and brew. Remove the stick, add lemon juice, stir, taste, if necessary, balance the taste and put in the freezer

If you use vanilla extract, then you do not need to heat anything, immediately mix everything and that’s it.

Every hour(!this is important) stir the contents so that it freezes evenly without forming ice. You can eat the next day.

The dish itself is quite simple to do: pour the soup into a plate, spread a ball of ice cream, wait until it melts a Little, Mix a little with the soup and eat.

The combination of the acid of berries and lemon, the sweetness of sugar, the aroma of vanilla, the freshness of Mint is a bomb)

Berry sorbet

The recipe is simple, fast, tasty and healthy;)

For 2 servings you will need:

  • 1 frozen ripe banana (wash, peel, cut into pieces and freeze 2-3 hours not to stone)
  • 150-200 GR. any berries
  • A pinch of cinnamon
  • Optional-2 tsp. almond paste or fat coconut milk,
  • Optional honey or any other sweetener / dates (banana sweetness is enough for me).

Whisk everything in a blender, and you’re done. Bon Appetit!