Granola «Salted caramel»

If you don’t already make granola yourself, then I’m coming to you)

The advantages compared to purchased muesli are obvious: much tastier, only your favorite ingredients.

I always make granola by eye and based on the number of products at home, but it tastes best like this:


* 200g of oat flakes (necessarily long cooking, otherwise you will get porridge),

* 100 g of unroasted cashews,

* 100 g of non-roasted pecans (can be replaced with walnuts),

* 10 grams of cinnamon.

* 100-150 ml. hot water,

5 tbsp syrup (Jerusalem artichoke or maple),

1-1. 5 tsp sea salt.

You can add dried fruits or other nuts here. Spices can also be added to your taste (nutmeg, vanilla, cardamom, etc.). but I like the option that I described above.

How to do:

1. Wash nuts, dry a little. Mix oatmeal, nuts, cinnamon, stir.

2. in a separate container, mix boiling water with syrup and salt. After the salt dissolves, you need to try the water. It should be with a pronounced sweet and salty taste. If the taste is weak-add the ingredients to a high concentration of taste.

3. Pour the sweet and salty syrup over the dry ingredients, mix and let the liquid soak in the nuts and cereals for 5-10 minutes.

Important. The more flakes absorb liquids, the more airy and crispy they will be after baking. Conversely, if you like harder granola, then use less liquid to just dissolve the Salt.

At this stage, you can again try the mixture for the amount of sweetness and salt. Add them if necessary. And then bake at 120-140C with convection until ready (usually 35-40 minutes), be sure to mix and break large lumps so that nothing burns and does not stick together.

4. after cooking, remove the granola from the oven and cool completely. At first it will be moist, but then it will cool down and turn into crispy. After that, you can add dried fruits to your taste. I keep it in a glass jar in a closed form. Granola is stored for a long time, but I do not know the exact term-it ends quickly)


It is more convenient to bake on baking paper, slightly greased with vegetable oil. Previously, for some reason, I did not do this and was very tormented, tearing the granola from the sheet.

I always wash nuts and, if necessary (if they are not fresh, old) soak them in water until they stop being bitter.

Another important point. Nuts are sometimes cooked a little faster than oatmeal, in the middle of the process they can simply be removed.

Oatmeal is needed the roughest

If you plan to use dried fruits, then they do not need to be fried. Just rinse, dry well and mix with the finished granola. Otherwise they will be inedible dry.

You can also experiment and replace the water with banana/pumpkin/applesauce, but in this case I would not use the sweetener, and threw only a pinch of salt, that is, this is a slightly different recipe.

I make granola at low temperatures with a fan. Rather dry than fry. About 120-140C.

There are many options for serving granola, here are some of my favorites:

Greek yogurt with homemade granola, honey and lavender.

Honey and lavender are a great combo, by the way. It can be attributed to the” ideal combinations”, just do not overdo it with the spice, it can become too annoying in taste if you make a mistake. Hint: I have a lot of lavender in my photo, but that’s because I love it so much.

Matzoni, strawberry, granola, honey.

Simple and breathtakingly delicious! Matsoni is good to combine with berries, and with granola, and with honey, but when it’s all together-just a bomb)

Lay out layers oatmeal/granola your favorite yogurt (I have Greek unsweetened), fruits, berries, nuts, dried fruits, spices. You can add maple syrup or any other that you like.

Do 5 minutes, and such beauty is obtained.