Shortbread dough using buckwheat flour and vegetable oil

This option is suitable not only for vegans and fasting, but, because the dough composition can be varied, adapting it to their preferences. The main thing – to observe the basic proportions.

Thus, the ingredients (enough for 3 cake thickness of 0.5 cm for the mould 26 cm in diameter):

• 300 g of flour. Variations: it’s either the flour from green buckwheat, or 2/3 quinoa flour + 1/3 oat flour or half buckwheat flour and whole wheat/spelt.

• 2 eggs, or 2 “flax eggs” (2 tbsp flax seed to grind into flour + 5-6 tbsp of water, stir, leave for a few minutes until thickening).

• 70-90 g of nuts or coconut flakes (you can use your favorite nuts or those that are more suited to the dish, which you cook).

• 60-70 g of vegetable oil (I olive),

• 0.5 tsp. salt,

• Sweetener if you make the dough for sweet pastries – to taste.

• Water/any dairy product like kefir or yogurt – a few tablespoons if necessary to bring dough to the desired consistency.

How to do:

1. Mix all dry ingredients, add all wet ingredients (except water). Stir until smooth, if the dough will seem dry, add 1 tablespoon of water. The dough should turn into a homogeneous moist crumb, which can be collected at kom.

2. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and allow to soak in the refrigerator for a couple hours, at least at least 30 minutes. Actually you can just to cook from it, it just is not as supple as the fridge.

Because this dough I mostly use for making quiche Lorraine, I just divide the whole mass into 3 parts. 2 servings of freeze, and from 1 serving, make cake.

Tartlets with tomatoes, ricotta and Parmesan

Well, they are delicious!

Recipe for about 6 tartlets:

Filling: 150g of ricotta, 150g of grated Parmesan (can be replaced with Gruyere or cheddar), 1 egg, 1 clove of garlic, passed through a garlic chopper, a pinch of nutmeg and freshly ground pepper, salt – optional (depending on the cheese that is added to the ricotta). Stir.

The dough is standard shortbread, but on the whole grain flour and with sesame: mix 220g Tsz flour, sesame to taste and a pinch of salt, add cold, cut into small pieces, oil 100g (I do on ghee) and chop the dough with a knife or spatula until crumbs. You need to work quickly so that the oil does not have time to start melting. Otherwise, the dough will be too dense and hard. Then, with very quick movements, add the cold (!) egg, or 2-3 tablespoons of ice (!) water. Most importantly, don’t work with it for long. The dough should be like wet sand.

Then collect it in a lump, wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 20-30 minutes.

Sometimes I do not have time for proofing in the refrigerator and I cook from the dough immediately, while I practically do not see any differences in taste, only a slight difference in the texture of the dough. From the fridge, it’s denser because the oil solidifies.

How to do: distribute a thin layer of dough on the bottom and sides of the muffin mold, put the filling inside not to the very edge of the tartlets so that the tomatoes fit, cherry tomatoes cut in half on top. Salt, pepper, throw oregano/basil, sprinkle with olive oil and 25 minutes in the oven at 200C, and then 5 minutes can be on the grill mode, so that the tomatoes are fried.